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Tournament Schedule

Feb 1

Idols de Runeterra 7 Portuguese https://discord.gg/mqAKKyNmQp https://battlefy.com/central-k-games/%5Bck-g%5D-idols-de-runeterra-lor-2800-moedas-7/600f75310629a952b26915d7/info?infoTab=details

CALOL: Runeterra 2 Portuguese https://discord.gg/qjjQv9K https://battlefy.com/sc-esportes/calol-runeterra-2/6006e4bc6390746abac9806a/info?infoTab=details

Feb 2

Idols de Runeterra 8 Portuguese https://discord.gg/mqAKKyNmQp https://battlefy.com/central-k-games/%5Bck-g%5D-idols-de-runeterra-lor-2800-moedas-8/600f77ba6c6ae811b8c96283/info?infoTab=details

Feb 3

Nicecactus English - https://compete.nicecactus.gg/tournament/146782

Idols de Runeterra 9 Portuguese https://discord.gg/mqAKKyNmQp https://battlefy.com/central-k-games/%5Bck-g%5D-idols-de-runeterra-lor-2800-moedas-9/600f77db1bf47457ab73caca/info?infoTab=details

Feb 4

Idols de Runeterra 10 Portuguese https://discord.gg/mqAKKyNmQp https://battlefy.com/central-k-games/%5Bck-g%5D-idols-de-runeterra-lor-2800-moedas-10/600f781f1f2dc011a748de0a/info?infoTab=details

Feb 5

PCS Conquerors Cup 34 English/French https://discord.com/invite/VsJjJcZ https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/4206556987636318208/information

Feb 6

Nicecactus English - https://compete.nicecactus.gg/tournament/146959

Feb 7

Nicecactus English - https://compete.nicecactus.gg/tournament/147031

r/LOR s6w1 slot A English https://discord.com/invite/qnCaRJt https://www.reddit.com/r/LegendsOfRuneterra/comments/keb5ko/rlor_tournaments_season_5/

r/LOR s6w1 slot B English https://discord.com/invite/qnCaRJt https://www.reddit.com/r/LegendsOfRuneterra/comments/keb5ko/rlor_tournaments_season_5/

Deck Reviews

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Ezreal Draven Midrange

Ezreal Draven Midrange

Zoe Lee Karma Control


TF Go Hard


Fiora Shen Midrange


Viktor Ezreal Go Hard


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