Beginners Guide #1: Leveling (Experience Points and How It Works)

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Leveling (Experience Points and How It Works)


Welcome to Jurassic World Alive. If you're a brand new player, this is the place to start -- our beginners guides. We've got a bunch of them here at GamePress and you can check out the full suite of them below. But to get started, let's talk about how to level up your character in the game and why you should do it!

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The Dino Protection Group Basics

If you're at all familiar with Pokemon Go, the core game mechanics of Jurassic World Alive are very similar. You open the game being placed on a map while your phone or device connects to your actual real-world GPS location. Around you, there will be three dinosaurs.

Don't get too concerned about what you dart first. You'll see plenty more Velociraptors, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and all manner of other wild creatures as you play. Your goal in the beginning is darting dinosaurs, collecting DNA, and getting your character level (from 1 to 20) up. We'll talk about Darting Tips, Sanctuaries, Alliances, Daily Missions, and all the rest when we get there. Let's stick to the basics for now and talk about how to gain experience points in Jurassic World Alive.

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Leveling Guide Basics

The reason your player level is so crucial to Jurassic World Alive is because each level you increase, you actually increase the DNA you can collect for each single dart. So the primary focus when you first start playing should be gaining experience points.

You can gain experience points in a few ways in Jurassic World Alive, but the most basic way to understand it is to think of it like this.

You gain experience any time you use DNA.

But there are a few ways you can use DNA.

Creating Dinosaurs

Creating Dinosaurs is the first way you can gain DNA. The table below shows you the amount of experience you can gain by creating a dinosaur, but the formula is based on the following.

XP gain = DNA cost X [rarity tier value]

Using the below table, you can see that creating a Rare creature with 100 DNA will award 500 Experience Points.

Creation Experience
Rarity Tier DNA Multiplier
Common 1
Rare 5
Epic 10
Legendary 25
Unique 50

Fusing Dinosaurs

Fusing Geminititan

The second way you can earn experience is by fusing two sets of creature DNA into hybrid DNA.

Hybrids in Jurassic World Alive are often more powerful than the components - and the rarity of the components generally shows you how powerful the hybrid will be. The more rare the components, the stronger the hybrid (generally speaking).

To create a Hybrid, however, you'll need to first get your component creatures to a certain minimum level, and then you'll need to fuse enough Hybrid DNA to create the Hybrid.

Fusing will cost you DNA and coins, and will earn you experience with the following formula:

XP Gain = ([DNA Requirement for Dino #1] X [rarity tier value]) +  ([DNA Requirement for Dino #2] X [rarity tier value])

Fusion Table
Rarity Tier Rarity Tier Value
Common 1
Rare 3
Epic 10
Legendary 30

Evolving Dinosaurs

Evolving Dinosaurs

The third and final way to gain player experience points is to evolve a dinosaur (once you've fused enough DNA). The formula for determining how much you gain is below:

XP gain = DNA cost X [rarity tier value]

And the table for the multipliers is below that:

Rarity Tier DNA Multiplier
Common 1
Rare 3
Epic 10
Legendary 30
Unique 100

DNA Per Dart As You Level Up

As you progress in player level, you'll get more and more DNA per dart depending on how close to the center of the target area you hit. If you get a direct hit, you'll end up with the max amount listed below (by player level and by rarity tier of the creature you are darting). If you don't hit the center dot, you'll end up with a percentage of the maximum total you could get.

We'll talk more about darting in our darting guide.

DNA Per Dart
Player Level XP required Cumulated XP Max DNA per Dart
Common Rare Epic
1 0 0 11 7 6
2 50 50 12 8 7
3 850 900 13 9 8
4 4,300 5,200 14 10 9
5 11,100 16,300 15 11 10
6 15,200 31,500 16 12 11
7 30,800 62,300 17 13 12
8 51,000 113,300 18 14 13
9 74,300 187,600 19 15 14
10 120,800 308,400 20 16 15
11 152,000 460,400 21 17 16
12 186,400 646,800 22 18 17
13 223,900 870,700 23 19 18
14 264,500 1,135,200 24 20 19
15 308,300 1,443,500 25 21 20
16 355,300 1,798,800 26 22 21
17 405,500 2,204,300 27 23 22
18 458,800 2,663,100 28 24 23
19 515,100 3,178,200 29 25 24
20 646,600 3,824,800 30 26 25
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