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Hello everybody!! My name is Lucus1355 and welcome to another article about Jurassic World Alive. This article goes through the Weekly Event Calendar, explaining all about what each part of the calendar means.

Weekly Calendar Explaination

Encase you're not familiar with a Weekly Event Calendar such as the one above then here's an explanation on its parts with this as our example:

(Outlined In Light Pink - Located Middle/Top of the Calendar) - Each week has a Theme, starts and ends between the dates shown and a day begins at 10am Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is when event creatures and strike towers will change to what the calendar has on it. Of course, the day start will be different depending on where you live in the world due to times zones. For example, 3pm in England and 8pm in East Australia.

(Outlined In Lighter Blue - Located Top Half) - The number of "ATTEMPTS" on the calendar for a set of Creatures are linked to the number of options in that rarity set, multiplied by these 'Rarity Base Numbers' for Common, Rare and Epic Creatures:  

  • 9 per Common Creature
  • 6 per Rare Creature
  • 3 per Epic Creature

(Outlined In Darker Blue - Located Top Half of the Calendar) - In our example, there are 2 sets of 3 Epic Creatures; Wednesday-Thursday and Monday-Tuesday. The 'Rarity Base Number' for Epic Creatures is 3. So, 3 times 3 is 9 'Attempts' for each set of Epic Creatures in that week. 

You'll get 6 'Attempts' to dart a set of Omega Creatures, with 1 'Attempt' for a set of Legendary Creatures or a set of Unique Creatures, however many there may be in that set. This sometimes strays from that so check the calendar just to be sure, like our example showing 2 attempts for the Legendary Creature Set, on Sunday. REMEMBER: The bigger the number of creatures you can 'Attempt' to dart in 24 hours, means the harder it maybe for you to find the 1 you want most. Especially if there are many of 1 rarity or more than 1 rarity being featured in a day!

Also, you will have to think about creatures despawning and respawning as each rarity has a different length of time for both how long a creature will stay on the map before leaving, and the time between it leaving the map to when it may come back. An approximate guide is:

  • Common’s and Rare’s spawn for 35 minutes, with 5 minutes between leaving and coming back.
  • Epics spawn for 30 minutes, also with 5 minutes in between leaving and coming back.
  • Legendaries and Uniques spawn for 27 minutes, with 3 minutes in between leaving and coming back.
  • Omegas spawn for 22 minutes, with 2 minutes in between leaving and coming back.

(With thanks to Lilikoi of Dom Tuoretto for those cycles.)

Finally, the bottom half of the calendar shows all the rewards that'll be on the map that you could receive during the week. They mostly last for a day, but sometimes can be longer, such as the event Outlined In Pink. They are mostly Strike Events except for:

  • An Event 'Trial' in dark grey boxes (Outlined In Black)
  • The 'Treasure Chase' at the very bottom (Circled In Gold)

Strike Events usually give incubators but there are some special Strikes that give different rewards:

  • Health, Damage or Speed Stat Strikes - Rewards the type of Boost in the Strike Title (Outlined In Grey)
  • Creature Strike Events - Guaranteed Reward of DNA of that Creature (Outlined In Yellow)
  • Title Strike - Rewards a Title (Outlined In Orange)
  • Emote Strike - Rewards an Emote (Outlined In Brown)
  • Scent Strike - Rewards Rare, Epic or Event Scents (Outlined In Navy Blue)
  • Badge Strike - Rewards a Badge (Outlined In Pink)
  • Catalyst Strike - Rewards the Catalyst in the Calendar Image (Outlined In Purple)

Lastly, each event has 1 of 6 difficulties, indicated by the icon next to the Event Rewards (Circled In Green). There is a Key showing the 'Difficulty Scale' (Outlined In Green).

Goodbye and Farewell

I hope this explanation has helped in some way or other in trying to understand all the information that's in the calendar for the 'Weekly Events' of Jurassic World Alive. 

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Thanks very much reading and hope to see you soon!!

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