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Explorers! Today is a great day for all Sanctuary enthusiasts! We’ve been working on a tool which will help you find out how much DNA you will get for your Feed, Interact and Play interactions, and now it has finally been completed!

Some words of gratitude

Before we even go into the tool itself, we want to take the time to thank a couple of people. First off, we want to thank Sublimpingvin from our Discord server. They approached us with the sheet she had compiled with some FIP data and asked if we wanted to help finish it to make it public. Secondly, we want to thank our dataminer Origamirobot for formulating a way to extract all the FIP data from the game code. With this code we are able to calculate all the creature values very quickly, allowing us to update this tool with every new update!

But most importantly we want to thank everyone involved in this process. People and alliances sending us their creature data, helping out to make this tool as perfect as it can be. Without you guys, this tool would not have been made. So from the bottom of our hearts: thank you very much for helping us!

Sanctuary Tool

The Sanctuary Tool is very easy to operate. First off, you select the creature you want. All eligible creatures are listed in rarity, going from Epic to Common in alphabetical order. Then, after the creature has been selected, you select the Sanctuary level you want to know and you’ll get the results! It’s as easy as that!

Dinosaur Sanctuary Level
Feed Interact Play
Last Updated: 05/23/2020 00:45 UTC

Player Levels

While you can instantly search the FIP DNA values in the tool, one thing that we also get asked a lot about is level requirements to finally use your FIP items on a certain creature. While we couldn’t fit those in the tool, we are able to share them! Below you will find a table with all creatures listed in rarities and the player level you need to be to start FIP-ing them! A general rule of thumb is that the more exclusive it is, the higher the player level needs to be. So for example, a Common Velociraptor can be FIP-ed from Level 1, but the Epic Lockwood Estate Exclusive Pachycephalosaurus requires you to be Level 20 to FIP it!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: while creatures may list as being available at a Level 1 player level, Sanctuaries themselves will only be available to you once you are at a Level 3 player level. These requirement levels for the creatures are ripped directly from the game code, so this might be a bit strange to you. But any creature of level 3 and below will be available for you once you are able to go into Sanctuaries! 

Player FIP Levels

Dino Player Level
Allosaurus 1
Ankylosaurus II 1
Apatosaurus 1
Archaeotherium 1
Deinocheirus 1
Dilophosaurus II 1
Dimetrodon II 1
Dimorphodon 1
Diplocaulus 1
Dracorex II 1
Einiosaurus 1
Euoplocephalus 1
Hatzegopteryx 1
Iguanodon 1
Inostrancevia 1
Irritator II 1
Lythronax 1
Majungasaurus 1
Monolophosaur II 1
Nundasuchus 1
Ophiacodon 1
Parasaurolophus 1
Purussaurus II 1
Sarcosuchus 1
Stegosaurus 1
Suchomimus 1
Tanycolagreus 1
Tarbosaurus 1
Triceratops II 1
Velociraptor 1
Amargasaurus 6
Argentinosaurus 6
Bajadasaurus 6
Carnotaurus 6
Dilophosaurus 6
Dimetrodon 6
Diplocaulus II 6
Dracorex 6
Edmontosaurus 6
Elasmotherium 6
Entelodon 6
Erlikosaurus II 6
Giraffatitan 6
Gorgosaurus 6
Kaprosuchus 6
Kelenken 6
Koolasuchus II 6
Marsupial lion 6
Megalosaurus 6
Meiolania 6
Moschops 6
Nodosaurus 6
Ornithomimus 6
Postosuchus 6
Quetzalcoatlus 6
Scaphognathus 6
Spinosaurus 6
Tenontosarus 6
Titanoboa II 6
Triceratops 6
Tuojiangosaurus 6
Tupandactylus 6
Utahraptor 6
Wuerhosaurus 6
Phorusrhacos 6
Charlie 7
Delta 7
Echo 7
Proceratosaurus 7
Stygimoloch II 7
Arambourgiana 8
T-Rex II 8
Brontotherium 8
Scolosaurus 8
Gallimimus 9
Miragaia 9
Ankylosaurus 10
Baryonyx 10
Brachiosaurus 10
Carbonemys 10
Concavenator 10
Darwinopterus 10
Erlikosaurus 10
Gryposuchus 10
Kentrosaurus 10
Koolasuchus 10
Maiasaura 10
Monolophosaurus 10
Ouranosaurus 10
Pteranodon 10
Pyroraptor 10
Rajasaurus 10
Scutosaurus 10
Secodontosaurus 10
Sinoceratops 10
Smilodon 10
Spinosaurus 2 10
Woolly Rhino 10
Arctops 10
Dsungaripterus 10
Megaloceros 10
Purussaurus 10
Alanqa 11
Irritator 11
Nasutoceratops 11
Trex 12
Allosaurus2 13
Blue 13
Diplodocus 13
Eucladoceros 13
Stygimoloch 13
Titanoboa 13
Woolly Mammoth 13
Baryonyx II 13
Pachycephalo 20
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