Beginners Guide #4: Understanding Dinosaur Stats

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Beginners Guide: Understanding Dinosaur Stats


Welcome to Jurassic World Alive. If you're a brand new player, this is the place to start -- our beginners guides. We've got a bunch of them here at GamePress and you can check out the full suite of them below.

If you haven't yet checked out our other guides on how to Level Up and on Drones and Darting, be sure to check those guides out first!

One of the first things you see when you unlock a dinosaur is the stats. These stats play a vital role in the Arena Aspect of the game. So in this Beginners Guide I want to talk about each of them and what they mean.


In this picture you see the stats of a level 10 Miragaia. These stats are represented by 5 different icons. From left to right these Icons are: Health, Attack, Speed, Armor and Critical Chance. I’ll quickly go over each of them now.


Health, which is assigned the + symbol, stands for the amount of damage your creature can take. If it drops to 0, it can’t battle anymore. So the higher the Health, the more damage it can take! Health increases with every level up and it can be boosted up to even higher levels! We’ll go over boosting in another article, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!


Attack, shown with the claw marks, is how much damage your creature deals with a regular 1x attack. So if this Miragaia used a regular 1x attack, it would do 618 damage! So the more damage in the damage stat, the more damage your dinosaur deals to the opponent!  The Attack Stat also grows bigger with every level up, and it can also be boosted.


Speed, shown with the three yellow arrows, is how fast your creature is. Speed is one of the most important stats to keep note of, as it determines when your creature will act in the arena. For example, this 117 Miragaia will be faster than a 104 Speed Allosaurus, so the Miragaia will attack first. However, the 117 Miragaia is outsped by the 132 Speed Velociraptor, so Velociraptor will attack first in that case. In the Arena, a yellow arrow will appear next to the fastest creature to indicate that it’ll move first. Speed can be raised with Stat Boosts. This is currently the only way to increase Speed, as it doesn’t raise with a level up.


The next stat, represented by the shield, is Armor. Armor is a natural way for your creature to reduce damage. Take a look at this Euoplocephalus. It has 40% Armor. This means that if a 1000 damage attack is directed at it, it takes 40% reduced damage! This means that from the original 1000 damage only 600 is inflicted! Some attacks bypass Armor though, like Armor Piercing, Rending and Defense Shattering. But most of the attack will be reduced by Armor! There is currently no way to increase the Armor Stat, even with level ups the Armor Stat remains the same. It’s a natural thing for a creature to have or not, and it is at its maximum the moment you unlock it!


Critical Chance

Finally, there is the Critical Chance, represented by some sort of explosion icon. Critical hits are a feature in JWA that sometimes, the creature inflicts a Critical Hit when attacking the opponent. The damage from that Attack is then multiplied by 1.25, or 25% of the damage! So for example if an attack would do 1000 damage, with a Critical Hit it would do 1250 damage! The Critical Chance shows the chance that you’ll get a Critical Hit with a certain creature. For example, Euoplocephalus has a 5% chance of landing a Critical Hit, while the Tyrannosaurus Rex has a 30% chance of landing a Critical Hit!

In Conclusion

This should help you to better understand your creature! As for the Arena itself, the game has a tutorial for you the moment you first enter the Arena where Owen Grady will show you the basics of battling. We’ll cover Battling in another Beginners Guide too.

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