The Buck And Doe Update Patch Notes: New Creatures!

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It’s been quite some time since we’ve gotten something extraordinary coming right before our eyes, and this time, it seems like a familiar creature or 2 are roaring towards JWA - That’s right folks, because the patch notes of update 3.6, aka The Buck And Doe update are here! Not only these 2 formidable Tyrannosaurus Rexes are approaching from Isla Sorna towards the mainland, but coming along for the ride are 3 more creatures; including an Apex hybrid! Without further ado, let’s break them down!

Please be noted that the patch notes mostly didn’t include descriptions of how the new abilities actually behave. So anything relevant shall be double confirmed once the update goes live. For now, ability introductions and how they actually behave are simply through speculations from their icons, and for the hybrids, via the history of their creature components. 

Tapejara - Rare

Tapejara is a Cunning.


• Group Afflicting Strike

• Evasive Rampage

• Instant Distraction

• Swap In Wound

I recalled making a creature suggestions community article last year, and Tapejara was one of those creatures included. In hopes that it could finally join the game as a Rare creature and it seems my predictions have come true. I'm delighted to see another Rare creature joining the roster of JWA, especially when Tapejara is arguably one of the more famous pterosaurs in the prehistoric fanbase. Anyways, let’s move on to its moves, which look pretty decent.

Starting off it has Group Afflicting Strike. Which seems to strike all opponents as hinted by its name. Affliction seems to be a really good pair up on this aerial terror, as it also has Instant Distraction to further make use of its cunning distracting ability to disrupt opponent’s attacks properly. Finally, it also has Evasive Rampage being put into the mix as a last resort to deal damage, and Swap In Wound as an alternative for cautiously swapping in to deal a fair bit of bleed damage right off the bat. Funny enough, it doesn’t have a counter-attack unlike other pterosaurs in the same rarity it's in. Despite that, I believe Tapejara would be a neat Rare creature that would work perfectly for starters that are still learning to get the hang of affliction well. Besides, it also has a hybrid too. So let’s hope it’ll be wild soon. 

Tyrannosaur Buck - Legendary

Tyrannosaur Buck is a Wildcard.


• Group Fierce Strike

• Alpha Intimidation

• Immobilize

• Fierce Devouring Rampage

• Counter Ferocity 

Coming straight from Isla Sorna from the film The Lost World: Jurassic Park, he definitely won’t go on a rampage in San Diego unless you know how to control his grumpy attitude. That’s right, here’s Tyrannosaur Buck! And from what his moves look and could potentially act like, they’re probably gonna wreck even more havoc than he did in the film.

Similar to Rexy, he also has a group attack in the name of Group Fierce Strike, but this time, it’ll probably be more oppressive than before as Buck would deal damage to flocks anytime possible. Next up, he also has Alpha Intimidation. From the looks of this move, Buck would seem to increase his attack stat, slow the opponent down while increasing his armour as well. Overall speaking, not only it seems like more of a defensive version of Rexy’s Dominant Roar, but it could help Buck tank some hits by increasing his armour too. Speaking of ferocity, it seems Buck could further increase his attack stat with Counter Ferocity by a bit before hitting hard with Immobilize. Since this move received a buff on its overall attack stat not long ago, and with it being a priority move along with his increased damage stat, Buck can really deal some serious blows immediately on whatever’s on the battlefield. Finally, from what we’ve seen from Rexy, Fierce Devouring Rampage just never lets us down. 

Through our inspections, Buck seems to be a slight improvement to what we would like to see on Rexy, especially when he has not 1 but 2 priority moves that could help him control his game on the battlefield. Although that still doesn’t stop him from being snow leopard bait, he still definitely will be a worthwhile opponent in Legendary tournaments for sure. 

Tyrannosaur Doe - Legendary

Tyrannosaur Doe is a Cunning-Fierce.


Fierce Double Strike

• Greater Nullification

• Instant Precise Impact

• Maternal Roar

Defense Shattering Counter-Attack

She might be just the caring protective Mum Junior has back on Isla Sorna, but still look out for her maternal instincts if you get too close to her infant. Besides the Tyrannosaur Buck, his mate: the Tyrannosaur Doe has also jumped in for the fight as well!

The new Fierce Double Strike would seem to be the new double hit smack down for the Legendary meta. As this move would probably function similarly to Plateosaurus’ Resilient Double Strike. Besides that, it seems like Doe has also learned a few cunning moves with Greater Nullification and Instant Precise Impact as well. With reference from fellow Cunning-Fierce ally Pyrorixis, who has both of these moves in the Unique meta, we believe that these 2 moves being paired up together would allow Doe to act more like a cunning cannon to different creatures alike. This would even work properly on Rexy if Doe is the one slower than the senior Tyrannosaurus Rex as well. And with her signature move, Maternal Roar seems to be a shield breaking rampage with possibility of it being a guaranteed critical hit too. Additionally, if the Doe has resistances to distraction, then this move would probably be a devastating threat towards anything left on the battlefield. Lastly, Defense Shattering Counter-Attack is always niche to stack some extra damage upon being hit.

Through our inspections, Doe would seem to function slightly differently from other tyrannosaurids in the game, as she turns out to be a Cunning-Fierce creature instead of a pure Fierce. So we believe that she could be more compelling towards pesky creatures alike, such as the snow leopard that’ll probably terrorise her mate, and the Omegas that infest the tournaments nowadays. 

Quetzaljara - Unique Super-Hybrid

Quetzaljara is a Cunning-Resilient super-hybrid fused from Pteraquetzal and Tapejara.


• Cunning Strike

• Group Afflicting Impact

• Aerial Dominance

• Alert Harpy

• Wounding Counter 

• Safe Arrival

Pteraquetzal is one of the more underrated Legendaries for sure, and its moves have never really been that great either. Thankfully it finally received its long-waited second hybrid treatment ever since its release. In the meantime, Quezalijara’s second component is the new Rare Tapejara! Looks like we’re gonna get a triple pterosaur fusion that I believe most of us have been waiting for some time, especially it can be said as the ultimate pterosaur trio of Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus and Tapejara combined! 

Back to its moves, from first glance, this aerial terror seems to have the good old Cunning Strike to play tricks on opponents, Group Afflicting Impact to hit that affliction hard on the opponent, and then deal more bleed damage on Wounding Counter and Alert Harpy as a result, especially with the latter being an outstanding move that regenerates some health back when Quetzaljara enters its alert state, but that’s not all folks, as Aerial Dominance is the real big move that you should be aware of. We aren’t exactly sure how much the amount of dodge Quetzaljara could receive upon using this move, but since it's a priority rampage, let’s hope it’ll at least get a 75% chance of dodging 67% damage dealt by the opponent in order to make it like a true menace.

Finally, from the looks of the icon of the new swap-in move Safe Arrival, chances are that this pterosaur hybrid could swap in, gain a shield and distract the opponent properly. Although this move from what I mentioned above is just the same as with Swap In Shielded Distraction, perhaps there might be a difference or two in between? Either way, Quetzaljara definitely seems to be a pretty decent Unique. In order to have it be viable though, we’ll first have to acknowledge the stats and resistances first. As Pteraqueztal in fact is lacking both of them now, and we aren’t sure whether Tapejara would receive some good ones either, so whether it be viable in tourneys or even in the current meta, it’s down to its stats and resistances once the update goes live.

Gryganyth - Apex Giga-Hybrid

Gryganyth is a Fierce giga-hybrid fused from Giganyx and Grypolyth.


• Healing Fierce Strike

• Skewer

• Maximum Ferocity

• Fierce Devouring Rampage

• Greater Rending Counter-Attack

• Crushing Alert Showdown

• Reinforce On Escape

Thanks to the buff it received in update 3.4, Grypolyth revived from the dead and receiving the hybrid treatment in this update? Totally expected. But the hybrid’s other component being Giganyx? Totally unexpected. Be wary of this interior crocodilian spinosaur hybrid, because from what its moves look like and could potentially behave, it could become the next big Fierce baddie in the current meta.

Healing Fierce Strike seems to allow Gryganlyth to regenerate some health back after attacking the opponent. Although it lost the full cleanse ability from Giganyx, the amount of health regenerated would probably be more than that of the devour heal once did. So it's a win. Next up it has Skewer. This move here is practically a combination of Immobilize and Obstructing Fierce Impact, thanks to the lockdown and stunning abilities of the former, and the fierce abilities of the latter. If this move turns out to be a group attack, which I believe everyone is hoping for, then it’ll be much of an improvement to what Giganyx was when dealing with flocks. Moreover, Maximum Ferocity is the next powerhouse of Gryganlyth’s moves. From the look of the icon, we believe that it would be a priority move that applies bleed damage, regenerates and probably a full cleanse as well. Although the move itself didn’t really mention how it can do, from what the newly upgraded Ferocious Defense and Ferocious Restore tells us, this is definitely a move that you won’t want to mess with. Finally, retaining Fierce Devouring Rampage like Giganyx is again a major plus.

Aside from its main abilities, Gryganlyth is not without some additional passives. Greater Rending Counter-Attack was an unexpected surprise; considering it being a rend based counter, and if one also includes the increased damage stat and Fierce Devouring Rampage into the mix, we might be looking at the Concatoloch and Plateorex counter in the best way possible! Meanwhile, also having Crushing Alert Showdown from the Giganotosaurus bloodline signifies that an alert state Gryganlyth could swap in, heal itself back to full health, and increase its critical chances as well. So, if it has swap prevention immunity, it would make a Gryganlyth that is down to 1 health as dangerous as a same individual at full health. To sum up its abilities, Reinforce On Escape is also a part of this hybrid’s initial moves. Which ensures that it could survive another day from non-Fierce related swap-ins.

Overall, from what its moves tell us, we’d like to think that Gryganlyth would probably be an instant add, or at least a filter choice for top teams in the meta. Thanks to the Fierce elements it had received from both its hybrid components, it can really dish out some huge damage if it ever wants to. Although it would struggle against Sah Panthera and Magnaraptor in an unfortunate way, I could foresee high hopes for this Apex hybrid making its way to Nublar Shores!

Parting Words

And that wraps it up for the 5 new creatures in this update!

To me, I’m glad to see the pterosaurs receiving the attention they finally deserve with the addition of Tapejara and Quetzaljara, which both seem to be interesting new creatures to be used in different game modes as well. In addition, we’re also excited to see how the Tyrannosaurs Buck and Doe work in the Legendary meta, same goes for Gryganyth in the top meta. Additionally, it seems that Gryganyth would have to require more Dimetrodon DNA after Skoonametrodon and Magnaraptor. Does that mean Dimetrodon might have just become one of the more valuable Rares alongside Marsupial Lion and Tenontosaurus?

We’ll see how it goes once the update goes live. What’s your favourite creature in this update? Join our Discord server and let us know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates!!!!!

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