Buffing the Little Guys 3: Omega Time

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So Omegas. In higher rarities they’ll do well, but thankfully there are already existing creatures that can compete with these powerhouses and come out on top. However, that’s for the upper rarities. Unfortunately the lower rarities are a different story. I mean what common is supposed to stand up to 6000 turn 1 damage? Well I’m here to fix that. Odds are Jam City isn’t going to nerf the Omegas in any way shape or form, so instead, let’s buff some rares and epics (as well as 2 legendaries and a unique) to do better in this new environment with these Omegas.


Let’s start off with the rares, and our first one is a bit of a bomb. I wanted to make something to combat Toro, who really doesn’t have any real counters in the rare meta with the exception of Megalania IF it lands the stun. So I decided to add another creature that can take it on. This version of Baryonyx gen 2 is one that acts very similarly to Pyrorixis as it’s a rare that functions as a nuke to anything really. With definite decimation, you can take down a lot. Preondactylus has to think twice before coming in on it, while tanks like Toro and Yuxisaurus can instantly drop. I also played with the crit damage boosts as well as that is now a feature as it gives creatures more personality. Is it broken? No. Fukuiraptor and Clever Girl still slaughter this rare, as do other creatures like Rodrigues Solitare, Dilophosaurus, and Megalania. And other rares could take it on like Andrewsarchus, Suchotator, and Ornithomimus has a 50/50 chance to kill it without taking damage. And if does manage to take a kill against something like Doedicurus or Diabloceratops, it's setup fodder at the end of the day as it gets locked down.

Next up is an old favorite. Ever since flocks hit the field, Marsupial Lion has been on a downward spiral. And now with the Omegas, it is doomed because it can’t even tickle creatures like Megalania and Stegouros with their rend immunity, as well as Toro and Diabloceratops with their rend resistance. So that’s where affliction comes in. Marsupial Lion still loses out to flocks and other cunnngs, but all this rend resistance won’t keep this predator down. And with fierce getting access to devour, I felt a rending devour move could be interesting. Long prowl helps against Fukuiraptor while the extra speed gives it the jump on Megalania, but it still loses to it. The resistances are also there for Yuxisaurus and Diabloceratops.

Next on the list is a rare that has basically never been good and has just been hybrid material. Nodosaurus needs a time to shine, so that’s what I’ve done. I reworked the whole kit so that it can stack up well against the two raptors, as those 2 are the biggest problem in the rare and common formats. First is the strike. While it may not do full damage, it does allow Nodosaurus to tank a pounce and bite while also making up for the lower speed stat. Next up is bracing impact, which is brace paired with impact to allow Nodosaurus to deal damage while regaining some hp and prepping for more big attacks from these cunnings. Shielded strike and run allows it to be a useful pivot tool as well, especially with the act last feature available to it. And one of the most annoying things about Fukuiraptor is that nothing can really switch in on it safely, not even Dreadnaughtus with its shields thanks to a prediction with strike, so Nodosaurus also gains swap in invincibility to top it off. And I gave it a damage increase so that it wasn’t free to swap in on. However, it is still kept in check with few multipliers and can be taken out by creatures like Baryonyx gen 2, Gorgosaurus, Albertosaurus, Megalania, and Purrolyth. But to be safe, I reduced the hp and speed while also giving it a 0% critical hit chance.

Next up is another favorite rare of mine that has been forgotten. Wuerhosaurus was once a top tier rare before 2.0, but then it lost its great stats along with the stegosaur’s signature Thagomizer move, so I decided to bring it back, but in a new way. Instead of slowing the opponent down, I decided to have it inflict vulnerability before attacking while also nullifying the opponent of any positive effects. This allows it to match up well into creatures like Toro and Fukuiraptor with their dodge and armor boosts. And to pack that extra punch, it has a 1.33 multiplier as well. So when you pair it with the medium resilient counter, the damage racks up. But for the signature move, Wuerhosaurus now has intimidating plates, which allows it to slow down those 2 Omega raptors. And with distraction resistance, they’ll struggle against this Stegosaur. And to give it the extra boost, it now has distraction immunity and a bit more attack. Luckily this rare can’t run wild thanks to Dreadnaughtus, Doedicurus, and Elasmotherium being able to out-bulk it as well as others like Megalania and Albertosaurus. But just to be safe, some speed has been removed as well.

Our last rare is a hybrid that doesn’t see much play. Ankylocodon isn’t offensive enough to be used over something like Doedicurus despite its great resistances and bulk. So I decided to change that with a revamped moveset. It keeps resilient strike, but it now gains superiority rampage to bypass evasion and have a better multiplier. To keep things on the field, it also gains shielded lockdown to also help tank cunning hits from the raptors as well as Toro and other resilients. And to keep it fierce and allow it to deal with armor, it gains disarming counter, which will drastically reduce an opponent’s armor in a pinch. Now onto the really important move: regroup. This is a move that will regain all of your hp, but at the cost of your speed stat. Basically it would work like a swap in move, slowing Ankylocodon down to 0 speed despite the slow immunity (like how creatures with pin immunity still get locked down). The key is to remove this rare as quick as you can, which is easily accomplished with any sort of Tyrannosaur like Gorgosaurus or Albertosaurus, as well as the new Baryonyx gen 2, Andrewsarchus, Megalania, and the new Marsupial Lion. And to allow it to do something, the attack has been increased, but at the cost of speed.


Kicking off the epics, we have Baryonyx gen 1. Unfortunately, this epic is not good. Believe me, I have tried and used it on my arena team. It needs a setup and it sucks that it lost ready to crush for a garbage move. I wanted it back. Now I wanted this Baryonyx to match up well into Fukuiraptor, and the whole kit is designed that way. You have crushing stun, to set up against it and (hopefully) land that stun. Then it becomes a mind game. You win if you strike on anticipation or if you rampage if they don’t anticipate. It also allows Baryonyx to punish creatures like Argenteryx swapping in or counter creatures like Megalotops. You’ll still lose to creatures like Megalania, Argenteryx, Velosracos, and Beelzebufo, but you have a shot against Fukuiraptor and other Omegas like Yuxisaurus and Diabloceratops.

Next is another creature that I played around with in the arena, and this one is much better, but still needs help. Concavenator struggles with Pulmonoscorpios and Dimodactylus on top of the Omegas, so this buff should help it. It gains stun immunity as well as some bleed resistance for Pulmonoscorpios, but the real hero here is taunting defense, which allows Concavenator to better tank hits and stick around for longer. It also received a damage buff as well as better resistances over the 25% vulnerability resistance, which was a joke to begin with. Precise fierce impact allows it to deal with both vulnerability and anticipation. Now you may be scratching your head with the affliction immunity. This is for Megalania. Megalania is a beast with affliction paired with stun and bleed, so Concavenator is designed to shrug it off while also being able to cleanse that bleed and resist that stun. However, it’s still a counter-attacker, and it’ll drop to Ailurarctos, Giganotosaurus, Secodontosaurus, and the new Baryonyx.

Well we have another Stegosaur here. Kentrosaurus got a buff through Jam City, but that still hasn’t helped it at all, so I stepped in and made this thing completely offensive. With thagomizer and counter vulnerability, anything touches you is about to lose about 3000 hp in one turn. Frail Clever Girls will just drop to this thing immediately. And to prevent creatures from swapping freely on this stegosaur, I gave it strike on escape to keep creatures like those pesky raptors on the field at all times. And while I took some speed away, I think the new counter and damage boost is justifiable. And while this may be doing big damage, this Kentrosaurus drops to the new Baryonyx as well as other fierce like Secodontosaurus, Ghost, and Thylacotator. But it’s nice to see a resilient that isn’t bullied by either Dimodactylus or Pulmonoscorpios.

When I was younger, I remember walking through the woods and all of a sudden some dog came running after me. It looked to be a pitbull mix of some kind, but it was a big dog and let’s just say my underpants turned a darker shade. Luckily it was a friendly dog, but what if it wasn’t. Well then it would be this new version of Megistotherium. I looked at Panthera and said “hmmm, not enough revenge damage” and made this epic the new top dog in revenge killing. The kit is the same minus the obvious move, but to make it really pack a punch, I buffed the attack and reduced the hp to 3000 to make killing this dog easy. The issue is that if its on the field, there’s a good chance it may delete you. The revenge move is only supposed to work on revenge, and then after that, you’re done for. Even Phorusracos can revenge kill you as you still lose 50% of your hp and are pinned. However at the same time, you can one shot Panthera B. And while boosted, some may say doing over 7000 damage with priority on a 40% critical hit chance may be too much, but that’s the price you pay for possibly being the best creature to revenge kill Rexy and Geminideus. As for the precision part, that was for Fukuiraptor, but works for other dodgers too. Thankfully it can’t kill flocks and it can still be distracted.

Our last epic is another old favorite. Brontolasmus has been in a bad spot with both Dimodactylus and Pulmonoscorpios ruiningits day along with the omegas. Time to fix that. For the raptors, it also shares the same strike I gave Nodosaurus, allowing it to tank cunning hits with ease. It also gets access to healing rampage, which is like payback rampage, but it trades in the turn 1 for cleansing and no act last, which works nicely with its new decelerating strike, which brings back the fierce nature of this epic from long ago. And group resilient impact is just a better move in general. Also a few new resistances were added along with some hp. So to compensate some attack was removed. However this rhino should be putting these raptors and some other Omega in their place. Also, the two big bleeders are still an issue, but Brontolasmus is able to fight back against them this time.

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First up is one of the most dreaded creatures of the days before 2.0 ruined it. Indoraptor gen 2 was once a menace, but now it’s a bit of a joke. It can do things, but not very well. And it can’t hope to compete with Alloraptor or Ankylodactylus for a cunning slot, and Omegas just make it harder, so let’s fix that. Upper Claw is a big upgrade over distracting impact, especially with its higher critical hit chance. Or you can play risky with mutual fury and cunning fierce impact to remove your opponent’s gifted attack bonus while firing off a ferocious impact or a priority upper claw.

The next legendary used to be a solid pick, but it has fallen to the wayside. Smilocephalosaurus needs a revamp, and it could help put the lid on Rexy’s fun, along with other Omega like Fukuiraptor. First up I gave it a counter to limit the need to use evasive strike as it isn’t a good move. So with the new counter prowl, it is going to be hard to hit. And since it has this new counter, deliberate prowl is a waste of a move, so it gets evasive cunning impact instead to get the jump on the much faster creatures. And finally, it got crit reduction immunity as almost everything that can boost its critical hit chance via a counter seems to have it, and I also gave it pin resistance as it is a runner.


Our last buff is to an old unique. Tenontorex just doesn’t do anything, so I decided to rework it and make it counter some annoying uniques. First up is Dsungascorpios. With bleed resistance and skirmish, these arthropods are no match for this hadrosaur. Also the heal isn’t that great, so I decided to combine its parents’ traits into something that would work better, like Diloracheirus but without the annoying counter and priority, which has its pros and cons. However, gaining 8 speed points really doesn’t come with any cons. However, to not go overboard, the attack was reduced by 100 and the resistances were shuffled around, but this version should do far better than current Tenontorex could ever dream of doing.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading. These took some time and I appreciate you making it this far. Also a special shoutout to those who helped me with this. So, what was your favorite of these buffs? Let me know. Also I have some more important game-related articles coming out soon so stay tuned for that. As always thanks for reading again and have a great day!

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