Epic Indominus GEN2 Strike!

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Epic Indominus GEN2 Strike!

Explorers! Welcome to the Strike Guides, where we cover Jurassic World Alives most difficult Strike Events! Today we have the Epic Indominus GEN2 Strike, starring the Epic Hybrid Indominus Rex GEN2! This Epic Hybrid is accompanied by its two components, making this Strike Event quite difficult, especially after the Boost Reset we’ve had! Let’s take a look at them in more detail. But first, our disclaimer:

These strikes with 3 level 30's are extremely challenging for low level players. If your highest rarity creature is an epic, you are going to really struggle to beat this strike, particularly because any set of three level 30's is going to mean you need to survive a long time to win and teams of lower level creatures generally can't kick out the damage necessary to do so.

Now, with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s take a look at the dinosaurs using this infographic made by our artist Orange Rex!

indom2 strike

As you can see, there is some variety in here. Echo allows for some speedy Distraction, while the two Rexes bring in the heavy damage with big multiplier moves!  Let’s see how we can beat them!


Echo is the only speedster in this Strike and should be relatively easy to dispatch. If you’ve got a solid tank like Tragodistis or Stegodeus that can reduce its damage output. Superiority Strike will also be very useful, as it reduces its Speed. You do have to remember its Cleansing Impact though, so forget to slow it for more than two turns in a row, as it will Cleanse that Deceleration away! Be sure to use your second or first turn to set up a Shield and if you have a faster creature, be sure to Distract Echo as soon as possible! So to summarize: When slower, use Armored and Shielding creatures to offset its high damage. When faster, Distract Echo as soon as possible!

Tyrannosaurus Rex GEN 2

This Rare Tyrannosaurus is all about just dishing out damage. Defense Shattering Impact and Armor Piercing Rampage coming off that high Attack stat will hurt, even when Distracted! You’ll want to employ Distraction, Stunning or Dodging tactics against this monster, preferably a combination of the matter! If you have an Indoraptor GEN 2, use it! If you don’t, try and use creatures with double Distraction effects like Monolophosaurus, Pyroraptor or their hybrids Monomimus and Pyrritator. Bring as much Distraction, Dodging and Stunning as possible!

Indominus Rex GEN 2

This Epic Hybrid is a powerhouse of an Epic. Immunity, TWO boosting moves, a Definite Strike as a basic attack and Armor Piercing Rampage make a good offensive combo. Its high Health and Attack stats also make it quite bulky and offensive, and 108 Speed makes it outspeed some key tanks. This brute should be handled with high damage moves and nullifiers. You’ll want to take this thing out with the highest amount of damage in one turn! Utasinoraptor, Indominus RexForget about Cloaking immediately because of the Definite Strike!

Rewards and Parting Words

If you beat this Strike Event, you’ll be rewarded with the Indominus GEN2 Incubator! This Epic incubator has 200 guaranteed Indominus GEN2 DNA on top of the regular Epic Incubator rewards. These rewards contain coins and DNA. The amount varies on your player level.

This Strike Event is one of the more difficult Strike Events, so be sure you’re going in prepared. With the new Boosts system, there will be more difficulty taking these creatures down! Were you able to defeat it? Let us know how in our Discord server! We hope to see you on there!

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