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Have you ever had a particularly tough match in Jurassic World Alive and wondered "How in the world does ANYONE beat THAT creature."

First time I faced off against Indoraptor, I remember feeling that way. First time I played Trykosaurus and Erlidominus was the same.

Or maybe you are wondering why anyone would use Rajakylosaurus. You just don't get the hype. What matchups does Rajakylo even win, anyways? What is it actually proficient at beating?

Well the battle simulator has helped us run hundreds of thousands of one v one matchups in a short amount of time (it only takes like 24 hours or so), and we're finally adding a tool to our Dinodex to help you with these questions.

Introducing - Counters & Best Matchups

Starting today, you can surf our Dinodex to see what the latest copy of the sim results is saying about any individual dinosaur. 

So if you're struggling with Erlidominus and want to know what our battle simulator has to say about it, just navigate to our handy dandy dinodex (below) and click on Erlidominus and you'll see three of the best counters per rarity! It shows you what the counter is, and how often it should beat Erlidom (assuming you play the right moves in the right order).

Here is Ankylosaurus as an example 

Anky counters

Or maybe you can't figure out what all the hype is about Maiasaura. You get how cool Instant Rampage can be, but what does it beat really in the higher tiers? 

Navigate to Maiasaura's page and look at Best Against to see a few dinosaurs that Maiasaura beats consistently in each tier. Once again as an example, here is Ankylosaurus 

best anky matchups

Updated Information - Swap Outs

In addition to the win, loss, and tie rates, we have added another feature called Swap Out Rate. We have improved the sim to show when a creature swaps out and the battle ends in that case. For example this is the Best Matchups for Bajtonodon. You'll see that while it has a 75% win rate over Thylacotator, there is also a 25% Swap out Rate. That means either Baja or Thyla swapped out to end the match.

Baja swap out rate

You'll only see the Swap Out Rate for the Best Matchups but it should give a bigger picture of those matchups. 

In Conclusion

We are so excited to introduce Dinodex 2.0 to you all, and we'll continue to improve it and make it even more useful as we go! We truly hope you will find these sim results helpful as micro counter guides and possibly as an indication as to where something sits in the meta by seeing what it beats handily.

All our sim data was loaded as of patch 1.10 so you should see a whole bunch of very current and very enlightening results. 

Good luck explorers!

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