Jurassic World Alive: Kentrosaurus Strike Guide!

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Welcome to the Kentrosaurus Strike Guide, where we cover this Epic Strike in full detail! This Strike Event features some powerful Stegosaurids, all capable of slowing you down and with high damage as well! Let’s see how we can beat this Strike Event!

Disclaimer: This is a very powerful set of dinosaurs that are high on our tier list. They do massive damage and have awesome speed control. If you aren’t at a point in the game where you’ve gotten some Legendary creatures, there’s a good chance you might fail against this one.

kentro strike

Huge thanks to our incredible artist Orange Rex for providing us with this infographic!

So as you can see in this infographic, we’ve got some incredibly powerful creatures facing us. They’re so powerful, that I highly recommend you think of a solid strategy to face them and NOT to go in blind! Their damage output is insane and they got loads of ways to slow you down! Therefore, I’m breaking my own rules here. I will be featuring Legendaries and Uniques in this Strike Guide, just because I believe that this Strike Event will be near impossible to do without them, even when you’ve boosted them like crazy. So, I’ll be using Legendaries and Uniques in this Strike Guide. With that out of the way, let’s get into the strong and weak points of each of them!

Miragaia Strengths and Weaknesses

Miragaia is one of the most powerful commons there is in JWA, if not the most powerful. Its easy access to Shields and Speed control in Shielded Decelerating Strike mitigates the lower Health it has, and with the Armor Piercing counter, it can really hurt you as well, even if you’re rocking a powerful armored tank. And its good base damage allow it for a T1 damage of 3282 against anything with no armor. Pretty high. So Distracting it would be a great thing! Stunning it would also reduce the damage you take, by not making it move for a while.

However, Miragaia has one glaring weakness: The low Health. If you’ve got any chomper that can survive a hit and hit it with a Defense Shattering move, it’s got a solid chunk of HP removed. Tryostronix is also able to set up a Ready to Crush on it and not take the Counterattack, and then hit Miragaia with a giant DSR afterwards. It’s also kinda predictable what move it’ll go for, as the AI almost always uses the highest damage move. So you probably won’t see it using Regeneration at all. Still, keep in mind that it is a possibility that it might use it!

Tuojiangosaurus Strengths and Weaknesses

Tuojiangosaurus is the only dinosaur with a Swap-in Ability this Strike Event, so it’ll probably swap in on you to activate it. Its Swap-in Slow ensures that it outspeeds you the next turn, except if your dinosaur either has Immunity or slows it back. It’s able to slow you down with Thagomizer and Superiority Strike as well, the latter also giving it Distraction Cleansing abilities. And it can Distract you too with its Distracting Strike. And with good Health, this dinosaur will take a while to be KO-ed!

However, Tuojiangosaurus’ Speed isn’t as high. So if you’ve got a boosted chomper or high damage dealer in general ready, you’ll most likely be able to take a big amount of HP away before it does some damage to you or slows you down. It also doesn’t have the high damage the other two Stegosaurids have, so that makes it a bit easier to deal with than the others.  And any creature with Immunity is immune to every effect Tuojiangosaurus can throw at it. So bringing an Immune creature or two might really help against it!

Kentrosaurus Strengths and Weaknesses

Kentrosaurus is the Star of the Show, and it delivers. It has awesome Speed control in Thagomizer and Superiority Strike, high damage that’s only amplified by the 0.5 Counterattack it has! With Thagomizer it also has a great damage output on T1, which most lower level dinosaurs won’t survive! The Health it has is also phenomenal, allowing it to live many hits thrown against it that aren’t coming from a high Attack stat!

Kentrosaurus does however have a weakness: Rending and DoT. These attacks are very good at crippling it down. Suchotator in particular does a great job, being able to Instant Distract the Thagomizer and then use Lethal Wound on the next turn. Or Purutaurus/Carnotarkus who could Instant Distract the Thagomizer and hit it with a Rending Counterattack and Precise Rampage. Keep an eye out for that Counterattack though, it hits harder than you might expect!

What do I bring?

As you might have seen, our opponents are pretty powerful. So we have to bring some power as well. Use hard hitting creatures, preferably with Defense Shattering to deal with Miragaias Shields. These creatures come to mind: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tryostronix, Indominus Rex, Tyrannolophosaur, Allosinosaurus, Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex, Trykosaurus, Magnapyritor and Erlidominus. 

Another way to go is with DoT or Rending Attacks. Powerful users of those attacks are: Suchotator, Purutaurus, Carnotarkus, Dimodactylus, Spinotasuchus and Erlikospyx. Beware of the low health some of these creatures have though, you might want to distract them first before you bleed!

Rewards and Parting Words

If you’re able to beat this Strike Event you’re rewarded with a Kentrosaurus Themed Epic Incubator! In it you’ll find 200 GUARANTEED Kentrosaurus DNA, along with the regular Epic Incubator contents: loads of DNA and a lot of coins! The amount varies on your player level. 

This is probably one of the hardest Epic Strikes we’ve had so far with the Epic Boss Strike rework. Be sure to think of a strategy before you enter, and don’t waste your Hard Cash on a retry if you lost badly! If you did beat it, tell us how in our Discord Server, which you can join by clicking the button down below! We’d love to see you on there!

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