JWA Early Info: Wild Card & Smiling Day

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Explorers! Ludia has shared the following information with us so we could share it with you. Next week will bring dual themes of Wildcard Week & Smiling Day. They have provided the most recent information available at this time. The information is considered not final and subject to change if necessary. Let's see what we have to look forward to! 

Wild Card Week

The main theme next week will be Wildcard and will feature Wildcard and Wildcard Hybrid components. 

Below is a list of creatures that will be featured under the green supply drops during this event. There is an asterik about the unique creatures so we aren't sure if they will actually be dartable or not. We'll have our usual article out on Monday with information on what you should be darting once the official schedule is released this weekend. 

Wildcard Featureds

Smiling Day

Though Smiling Day is officially October 1st, JWA will celebrate on October 5th and 6th. We aren't exactly clear on their plans for these creatures, but we'll speculate they will be found in strikes and/or trials as well as store offers.

Below is a list of creatures that will be featured for Smiling Day. 

Smiling Day

Parting Words

This looks like a pretty exciting and wild dual celebration to make us smile! As always, we will have the weekly guide out on Monday letting people know more information and what we suggest you should go after. Stay tuned to the Ludia forums for more information on Friday, October 1st. In the meantime, if you want to chat about it more, make sure to head over to our discord! 

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