JWA Exclusive Early Info: Camp Cretaceous Week!

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Explorers! We’ve got another round of Exclusive Early Info for you! Ludia has sent us the next Weekly Event for next week, and boy is it an exciting one! We’re receiving a Camp Cretaceous Event! What’s in it you ask? Read on to find out!

Disclaimer: Ludia provided the most recent information available at the time. They are not final and subject to change if necessary.

Camp Cretaceous Week

The Camp Cretaceous Week was already great, but this time it got updated to include creatures from Season 2 and 3! This makes this week one of the most appealing weeks we’ve had in a while! We now have more Epic options, more Legendary options, and a solid selection of Commons and Rares! We’ve got the full list right here for you!


  • Dilophosaurus G2
  • Monolophosaurus G2
  • Stegosaurus


  • Carnotaurus
  • Spinosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex G2


  • Bumpy
  • Kentrosaurus
  • Scorpios Rex G2
  • Smilodon


  • Ankylomoloch
  • Parasaurolophus Lux
  • Scorpios Rex

As you can see, this week is filled to the brim with very useful creatures! Dilophosaurus G2 and Spinosaurus are used for the Low Tyrant Spinoconstrictor, Monolophosaurus G2 is used for Scorpios Rex G2/3 and Monolorhino, both powerful Low Tyrants, Carnotaurus has a ton of hybrids it feeds, Bumpy feeds into the very useful Ankylomoloch, and last but not least, Parasaurolophus Lux feeds one of the best swappers in the game, Parasauthops! This week is filled to the brim with creatures you’ll definitely want to go out for! Be sure to look at our Weekly Event article on Wednesday to find out what you should dart!

Parting Words

What do you think of this Weekly Event? We think it’s amazing, as it is filled to the brim with creatures needed for Tyrant-Tier creatures, as well as some hard-to-get DNA! What are you going to dart in this Weekly Event? Let us know in our Discord Server

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