JWA Exclusive: Update 2.16 Teaser

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Article by Kelly


Explorers, we've got some exciting news for you! Ludia has provided GamePress with information on the 2.16 Update! As it stands, we will see the full Release Notes on Friday, May 27th. However, Ludia has given us permission to share some teasers with you all now! So let's see what we have to look forward to. 

Note: Ludia provided the most recent information available at the time. Nothing is final and anything is subject to change if necessary.

2.16 Teasers

The following bullet points are what Ludia shared with us. This is the only information we were given but you can also check out some of our datamined information on our discord to try and guess some of the new creatures! 

  • They are introducing 7 new creatures in this update… 2 Rare, 2 Epic, 2 Legendary Hybrids, and 1 Unique Hybrid!
  • They will introduce around 14 new abilities in this update!
  • They are introducing a brand new feature in this update: The Pass! Keep an eye out on the forum for more info coming soon!
  • They are also introducing another brand new feature in this update: Raid Lobby Chat! This will not be a traditional chat function, but rather a special menu of pre-made texts that you can use to communicate with teammates on the kinds of creatures you need to win the raid battle!
  • They are also introducing a brand new collectible in this update: Creature Skins! These Skins can be used to modify the visuals of your favorite creatures!
  • There will be some creature rotations coming with this update, as well as a new raid boss: Fukuimimus.
  • They are also revamping the Mission System in this update! Details will come with the full release notes.
  • 4 Creatures will be modified in this update (3 Uniques and 1 Apex). 

This looks to be an exciting update, and we're very curious about so many things! We look especially forward to having the last of the Regional Legendary hybrids as a raid boss. Perhaps the creature rotations means some Event Exclusives will be released to the wild. We'll be ready and waiting with all the details once notes drop on May 27th!

Parting Words

This is some exciting information and we're glad that Ludia has allowed GamePress to share this information on their behalf! What is your favorite part of this teaser? What do you think the new creatures will be? And which creatures do you think will be modified? Let us know in the comments or in our Discord server! 

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