JWA Tournament: 10+% Critical Hit Tournament

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When it comes to restrictions, we’ve had restrictions that are based on abilities, classes, and just creatures themselves. This weekend, we now have a restriction based on stats. Luckily this is probably the least important stat, but it does cut out some big players. In order to compete, your critical hit percentage must be over 5%. Other than that, it’s a tournament that includes all creatures minus apexes. So, what are the best creatures to use this weekend?

Tournament Format and Rewards

Before we jump into the creatures, first let's go over the Tournament itself.

This tournament has all creatures minus apexes with critical hit chances over 5%. This is a brand new format and this type of tournament is a welcome change by many players like myself to mix things up a bit. The rewards are boosts, so you'll want these. 

boost rewards

Best Creatures to Use

First up, let’s start with some of the biggest bans in the format. The biggest 2 being Monolorhino and Testacornibus. These 2 are very popular picks in a unique format, but unfortunately do not make the cut with their crit chances. The newly buffed Stygidaryx will also not see any usage this weekend either. There are a few other lesser uniques that are banned like Geminititan and Mammolania, but the rest of the bans are not as relevant compared to the top of the meta.

First up is a creature that was also just buffed. Andrewtops is looking quite promising with its high output and revenge abilities. In fact, on revenge, Andrewtops is able to deal up to 6400 damage without any crits, the highest in JWA history. Not only does it have a lot of output, but it also can deal with the many bleeders in the format as well as use its rending abilities to break through tanks. This is a creature best saved for its revenge abilities, but it can still be deadly without it thanks to its counter and cleansing impact. If you want to take down Andrewtops, Albertospinos is a great option to do so thanks to its trapping and priority attacks. However, if it has revenge up, now you’re in a tighter spot. Something like Skoonasaurus can brute force its way through whereas Indotaurus can use cloak and rampage to kill it.

Next up is Parasauthops. This is the swapper in the format and has no competition now that Monolorhino is out of the picture. With high base damage, good hp, and a kit that allows it to keep healing, this thing is a pain to take out. And on the field, it can also be an issue with its resilient rampage and cunning strike. If you have this, you should use it as swappers are an important part of the meta and really come in handy. If you want to take this thing down, there isn’t much that can really stop it from swapping out. Testa is banned and so you’re really left with Indotaurus. But after some time, it will be worn down into a manageable position.

So Indotaurus is up next. Unboosted this thing is slow, but it has great offense thanks to cloak and its rending counter. It also has access to cleansing rampage and intimidating impact for a good turn 1 option. It also has a good set of resistances like stun and pin. This thing is a 1v1 beast. However, it is slow and can be whittled down quite quickly. Creatures like Phorurex and Quetzorion can pick it off.

Skoonasaurus is up next, and it still does quite well up here. It’s got bulk, offense, and a good kit. It is able to still take on most of the meta and win in a 1v1 matchup. You have the counter, 2 group moves, a priority move, and resilience all wrapped into one. Like Indotaurus, you’re going to probably have to whittle this thing down rather than trying to kill it outright. Spinoconstrictor is one of your best bets if you want to actually 1v1 this thing. Albertospinos is better at 1v1ing Skoonasaurus however.

Next up is Albertospinos. Albertospinos got a nice buff recently and has become a force to fear in a unique meta. With its bleeding options and good multipliers along with its good damage, higher base speed, and priority attacks, Albertospinos is a creature to heavily consider. It is able to either take down a good chunk of the meta. However, like many bleeders, this may mean Albertospinos goes down with the ship. That being said, if you remove a counter to your sweeper, you can easily win a match. Albertospinos is the creature that can do that thanks to no escape and swap in wound. If you want to take down Albertospinos, Scorpios Rex gen 3 is a good pick to do so with cunning rampage, a stunning move, and ambush.

Speaking of Scorpios Rex gen 3, let’s talk about that next. Scorpios Rex gen 3 is knows for its swap in and quill move. Swap in critical ambush is a great defensive swap that also provides Scorpios with a bit of offense so that when it uses its toxic quills, that impact is now dealing 25% more damage most of the time. And when it comes to toxic quills, nothing is safe as most of this meta is either easily stunned or easily bled. But when it comes to this thing, you know the drill. If you want to stop it, Troodaboa is one of the few creatures that can not only resist bleed, but also stun as well.

Up next is the feathered serpent Troodaboa. This thing is Majundaboa on steroids with better attack, a better and more defensive kit, and more speed. It may lack stun immunity, but it has so many attributes that make it a good creature. Ferocious strike with cleanse, a precise impact that distracts, a group attack rampage, and a shielded strike that can have priority. And on top of all this, it has a good counter too. This thing also deters swapping that’s to its on escape move being a better dust cloud that can cleanse. If you want to take down this snake, use something like Indotaurus who can easily break through those shields and cleanse that distraction.

Up next is a creature rejoiced when it got nerfed. Phorurex took a very big hit, but it is by no means dead. Anything with an instant rampage dealing over 3000 damage demands heavy respect. It sits at a high speed tier as well, so odds are you won’t be able to block that rampage. And then it can also run with its lethal rampage and run to deal big damage and bleed. And if you want to run from this thing, odds are you can’t thanks to stunning obstruction. If you want to take down Phorurex, Quetzorion or Skoonasaurus are your best options.

Another speedster that you should expect to see is Quetzorion. It does really well against anything not named Skoonasaurus. It has high damage and good immunities in distraction and bleed. Long invincibility helps it soak up hits that cannot bypass shields while sidestep helps it soak up a hit from fierce creatures. As stated, the bane of Quetzorion is Skoonasaurus. You can swap Skoonasaurus in on Quetzorion and win. But other than that, nothing really wants to swap on Quetzorion.

Spinoconstrictor is still clinging on thanks to its great offensive abilities and counter. Bleed is a very good tool to use and being able to deal 33% of your opponent’s hp in damage over time is a very powerful weapon. You can also use evasive wounding strike to deal even more passive damage. Precise rampage is a good burst option, and instant distraction is a good stalling tool to get a free counter. If you want to kill this snake, Quetzorion can do it while taking no damage at all. Troodaboa can also do the job.

Finally, we have Ardontognathus. This is a rare sight to see, but a deadly one for sure. It can swap in and rally heal, it has a frenzy move to rally heal, it has a rampage with good damage, decent speed, and a decent on escape. It does really well against almost all the meta minus a few creatures like Spinoconstrictor and Skoonasaurus. These guys always can swap out and come back in to heal, so take that into account.

Parting Words

That’s really it. There are few other options out there like Antarctovenator or Poukandactylus, but these are the biggest threats to watch for. Thank you for reading and I hope you all had a happy St. Patrick’s Day. Also don’t forget to  dart your epics and uniques this weekend. Happy Playing.

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