JWA Tournament: Rare - Unique All Skills Tournament

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Hello explorers! Luke AKA Lucus1355 here from GamePress and welcome to “Tournament Talk”.

This week’s tournament will be the 3RD in this, the Atrocodistis Alliance Championship Alliance Championship and it is a Skills Tournament with no restrictions so it’ll be featuring all, yes, all the Rare, Epic, Legendary and Unique creatures.

Your rewards of course will be boosts, a much-needed necessity for all growing teams.

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, here’s the format and rewards report.

Tournament Format and Rewards

Each tournament match is a 4v4 full battle. Whoever defeats 3 of their opponents 4 creatures will be the winner. In addition, all creatures will be set to level 26, will have no stat boosts and there are no restrictions on which Rare, Epic, Legendary and Unique creatures you can use. In the case that both sides lose their 3rd creature in the same turn, then the bout will be declared a draw.

It has not been determined by Ludia yet as to whether Enhancements will be active or not in this and future Skills tournaments. Although, there is evidence that Enhancements are being used in friendly battles.

With all this in mind, there will be available to use:

  • 74 Rare
  • 89 Epic
  • 71 Legendary
  • 48 Unique

With the rewards being boosts. These will be important to power up your plethora of creatures to do well and better in Advantage Tournaments, assist with campaign battles and missions; the Isla Events, raids and in the Arenas themselves. So, be sure to try your hardest and build a team to take down the likely foes you may face.

These are the number of boosts you'll be able to get for each placement in this tournament:

Boost Tournament Rewards

Best Creatures to Use - Uniques

Rexy’s hybrid Tyrannometrodon has 2 abilities with devour heal, one that is a group attack. It also has 2 abilities giving it damage increases, one of which can increase its speed also, becoming a priority and group attack when threatened. Finally, it can cleanse itself of all negative effects and cause damage to escaping opponents.

Pyrorixis could be one of the strongest creatures in this group, purely on its ‘Ferocious Counter Stun’. This allows a chance to stun the opponent while also raising Pyrorixis’ damage stat. It’s also quick, but it can increase its speed a little and have a chance to dodge, while lowering the opposing creature’s attack. It has 2 priority moves; one purely for damage, the other for nullifying the opponent’s positive effects and lowering its damage. Finally, its nastiest ability, ‘Berserk Decimating Wound’. This move will ‘Act Last’ and cost 33% of Pyrorixis health however, it will inflict damage over time and cause very high damage to the opponent precisely.

Compsoraptor can be a strong opponent most of the time, especially with its priority attack, 100% resistant to damage and speed reduction, and its two ways of rally healing. It’s also able to distract its opponents, cleanse itself and speed up, and lastly ‘Rampage And Run’. Its final trick is if you try to switch out against this creature, then Compsoraptor will bypass armour with a strong hit.

Dracoceratosaurus received a buff fairly recently and this has given it a priority move that removes the opponents damage and critical chance increases, lowers the damage and speed of the opponent, and has 2 100% chances to stun its opponent. It’s swap in ability was updated also, still causing damage on swapping in but also removing increases and decreasing the opponents damage and critical chance stats. This, coupled with its 120 speed, 20% armour and its ‘Cleansing Impact’, makes this a diverse opponent.

The heal attack creature known only as Diloracheirus. It’s ‘Darting Counter’ not only causing damage but also making Diloracheirus quicker. It can target all flocks members and it can be so difficult to knock out with the wrong creature due to its 2 healing abilities; one can heal and boost speed, the other can heal more, is a priority ability and reduces the opponents damage.

Dsungascorpios preys on those that are low and non-resistant to stun or damage over time. Using ‘Enfeebling Rampage’ causes both these effects and nullifies the opponent’s positive effects. It is also able to put up shields, lockdown its opponent and increase its own attack. Finally, for a counter attack, it causes speed loss and damage to the opponent, then Dsungascorpios cleanses all its negative effects.

Possibly one of the highest chosen creatures in this tournament format with be Atrocodistis. It’s able to hit all members of flocks with its ‘Tough Group Cunning Strike’ and its nasty ‘Berserk Resilient Rampage’ which causes Atrocodistis to lose 33% of its health but nothing, other than a shield stands in the way of that ability. It is also able to put up its own shield and at the same time, speed itself up and reduce its opponent’s damage. If attacked itself, it has 25% armour and will counter attack with a precise hit. Finally, it can attack with a priority ability that also cleanses and heals Atrocodistis as well as increasing its speed a little.

Aenocyonyx is a howl of an opponent, able to increase its attack and critical chance while giving itself a chance to dodge, just like its predecessor. However, it has 2 priority moves in its arsenal, of which one has a 2-turn delay but deals huge damage and causes Aenocyonyx to switch out. It also has a devour move afflicting the opponent with damage over time. Finally, when hit, Aenocyonyx will respond with its counter attack and if the opponent were to escape, then it will receive damage with Aenocyonyx gaining increase in speed and damage.

Alankyloceratops can be a pain to deal with its 40% armour and shield abilities. It is able to cause damage over time and heal with one of these abilities. Furthermore, it can heal on swap in and obtain a 100% shield also. Finally, with ‘Stunning Rampage’ causing a high chance to stun and several reduction resistances, it could be a hard creature to knock out.

You may feel like your team is missing something, is unbalanced or you have yet to obtain some of these creatures. Perhaps the following creatures may fill a space in your tournament 8:

Lystrosavis - Albertocevia - Ardontognathus - Skoonasaurus - Entelolania – Erlidominus - Diorajasaur

Best Creatures to Use - Legendaries

Ankylodactylus has 2 priority abilities: ‘Sideflap’ cleanses all negative effects, gives it a chance to dodge and a speed increase, whereas ‘Evasive Cunning Impact’ cleanses damage over time and gives Ankylodactylus a chance to dodge while also lowering the opponents critical chance and damage. Its ‘Superiority Rampage’ causes precise damage, slowing the opponent. It gets a chance to dodge and shields when using its ability ‘Shielded Evasive Strike’ On swap in, Ankylodactylus puts up shields and on opponents escaping, gets a chance to dodge and a speed boost.

Panthera Blytheae is 100% resistant to stun and having its critical chance, damage and speed reduced. Most of its abilities look to cause reduced damage including its ‘Debilitating Strike’ and ‘Cunning Rampage’ which also cleanses damage over time. Panthera Blytheae can attack twice when using ‘Precise Double Strike and when hit, it counter attacks, nullifying all opponents’ positive effects. On swap in, Panthera Blytheae reduces the opponents speed and causes damage over time. Finally, ‘Evasive Hunt’. This priority ability increases its speed and damage, giving it an 100% chance to dodge opponent’s attacks.

Spinoceratops causes damage and a chance to stun, both on swap in and the opponent swapping out. It can dish out damage over time and has a priority 60% rend attack. Using the precise ‘Heavy Strike’ cleanses Spinoceratops of vulnerability and reduced damage, while bypassing armour and removing opponents speed increases. Lastly, its ‘Brace’ ability cleanses all of Spinoceratops negative effects, increases its armour and heals some of its health.

Rexy’s swap in, will slow its opponents down and then using ‘Dominant Roar’, will increase Rexy’s speed and damage while hitting all opponents. ‘Alert Fierce Strike’ also hits all opponents, breaking shields and bypassing armour but is depending on Rexy’s health at the time. ‘Defence Shattering Revenge’ breaks opponents shields and bypassing armour, which can hit all opponents too if Rexy is on revenge. It can devour heal using its ‘Fierce Devouring Rampage’, causing a lot of damage in the process. Lastly, if the opponent swaps out, then Rexy will cause damage, breaking shields and bypassing armour while cleansing vulnerability.

Thylaconyx on swap in causes rend damage and will counterattack when struck. It is also able to increase its attack and critical chance while giving itself a chance to dodge. Following this with its ‘Skirmish’ ability will not only do damage, but hits all opponents. Finally, it can devour heal and cause damage over time.

You may also want to consider the following Legendary creatures also:

Lystrosuchus – Tarbognathus - Fukuimimus - Alloraptor

Best Creatures to Use - Epics & Rares

Megalotops has 100% chance to stun when it’s swapped in, providing its health is above 50%. If you haven’t got reduced damage resistance and a way to deal with dodge, then Megalotops will chip away at your health with its “Armor Piercing Counter” and barrage of distracting abilities. It’s also able to cleanse reduced damage and damage over time, along with causing vulnerability all in one move. If you want to escape, then Megalotops will gain an increase in speed, a critical chance boost and a dodge.

Pulmonoscorpius can cause 100% chance to stun and a 25% damage over time. If you don’t become stunned and attack, this scorpion trio will leave you with a “Poison Counter” of 20% damage over time. With “No Escape”, if you haven’t resistance to swap prevention then Pulmonoscorpius will be keeping you in for the long haul. These are the worst of your worries with this scorpion, but they’re not the last. Its weakness is after using “Enfeebling Impact”, as then you only need to worry about the damage over time which can make it more manageable.

Alternatively, just knock it out in one hit. Enter Panthera. This one of four lethal Atrociraptors is at its best on the revenge when all of its abilities become priority attacks. But even without the priority, “Berserk Clawed Revenge” goes through all opponents with a precise hit and bypasses armour. “Berserk Biting Revenge” however, breaks shields and bypasses armour with a precise hit. However, using both of these moves causes negative side effects such as sacrificing 33% of its max health points. Best to revenge hit and “Retreat” as there’s no stopping Panthera when swapping out.

Dimodactylus is able to switch in, causing damage over time and again when switching out using ‘Cleansing Swoop’. Also, when it switches in it gets an armour increase. It’s has the ability to put up shields and when attacked, counters with damage and the lowering of the opponents armour. 2 of its abilities are also able to reduce the armour of the creatures it may face.

Suchotator is without doubt the top of the Rare creature food chain, with a 20% crit chance, high damage output and an even higher level of health. Its abilities make it able to take on many different foes. ‘Superiority Strike’ is precise attack that slows its opponent and cleanses Suchotator’s reduced damage. Then there’s its ‘Lethal Wound’ causing 33% damage over time for 3 turns. Also, able to nullify all positive effects before attacking with ‘Nullifying Impact’, and its priority ability ‘Instant Distraction’ can reduce the opponents damage by 100%.

Purrolyth counter-attacks with 25% rend damage and its ‘No Escape’ stops opponents swapping out. ‘Ferocious Strike’ makes Purrolyth able to increase its damage output and with this, it makes its ‘Heal’ ability go from 1500 health healed to 2250 health. Purrolyth can gain shields with ‘Short Defence’ and finally can break shields and bypass armour with ‘Defence Shattering Strike’.

Preondactylus is immune to speed reduction and swap prevention, along with 33% rend resistance. It’s a flock and it’s the fastest Rare in field at 133 speed. If the opponent swaps out, Preondactylus gets a chance to dodge and a speed boost and on swap in, it gets the same but 100% chance to dodge. Its ability ‘Evasive Impact’ gives it a chance to dodge. Using its priority ‘Sideflap’ cleanses all negative effects, increases its speed and gives a chance to dodge. Its other priority ability, ‘Instant Cunning Strike’ reduces opponents damage, cleanses damage over time and gives a chance to dodge.

This will be Majundasuchus’ first Rare tournament since its buff: an attack and health increase, now with ‘Taunting Defence’ and ‘Disarming Counter Strike’. Majundasuchus is immune to speed decreases, has average health and is one of the quicker Large and Medium Theropods. It’s able to increase its damage on swap in, and also using its ‘Ferocious Strike’ attack. It can impose vulnerability and cleanse all negative effects using its ‘Cleansing Impact’. Now for the new bits. ‘Taunting Defence’ is a priority move that gives Majundasuchus shields, but also a 50% boost to its armour. ‘Disarming Counter Strike’ on the other hand, still bypasses armour causing 1100 damage. However, not it also reduces the opponents armour by 25% also.

Parting Words

Well, that’s the end of this article and the start of your team building. OR, maybe you already have your team sussed and just reading for comparison or to get ideas of how to move up the tournament table a little more. Whatever your plan, the very best of luck to you! May even see one of us on the battlefield!! If you have any questions or strategies of your own, join our Discord and get in the discussion today!

And leaving you with that, from Luke here at GamePress, thank you for reading and have a great weekend!!

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