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First up I want to thank everyone who partook in the tier list forms. We got a lot of responses and I am grateful for all that. We are currently working on getting it all out. So, to pass the time, here is another filler article (but hey, filler is good sometimes). For the past 2 weeks, I've done a few buffing articles and have taken a bunch of creatures and beefed them up to better compete with their respective metas. Now, I want to do the opposite. I've taken a few creatures and have knocked them down a peg or two. I didn't do a lot, but I took a few creatures and tried to tone them down. Now obviously I could gut them, but that is too easy. Instead, I wanted to make them still decent but more manageable than what they are. So, let's hop right in!


Starting off, we only have one common that really needs attention. Coelurosauravus is a pain in the rear. But by reducing its hp to 1000 per flock, now it cannot safely swap in on creatures like Glyptodon and Triceratops gen 2 without losing a member. Sarcosuchus can also easily 2-shot Coelurosauravus with a lethal wound and a strike if it's pinned. Now, it should be more bearable in a common format. 


Again, there is only one rare. For what it does, Dracorex is a bit too bulky I feel. It's got good speed and priority, with better hp than some other rare swappers like Triceratops. Heck, it has more hp than most swappers in the game. At least Nasutoceratops's output holds it back. I also took 50 attack off. Now you can't just swap in and shut down something like Megalotops or Archaeopteryx. Can you still kill these guys? Yes. But you can't kill it on the swap. Also, you shouldn't be able to 2-shot something supposed to trap and kill swappers. Now Andrewsarchus can actually kill this thing. Is it still going to be good? Yes absolutely. But it isn't as annoying.


Again, there's only one epic really that I see as a huge problem, but for a different reason. Now Pulmonoscorpios I nerfed with the intention of advantage tournaments in mind. Now you can't just bring in a level 11 Scorpion and shut down a level 30 epic. Most epics will be able live long enough to to kill 2 members, so they have a decent shot of being able to get out in time. And "swarm" fits with the arthropod theme. And, seeing how good this move it compared to something like nullifying impact, I wanted to change it. If I put a delay, then it's screwed. So, I decided to extend the cooldown for the enfeebling moves.

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Our first legendary is Panthera B. I want shields to be effective against it, so I took out the nullification part of the counter. I also took out some deceleration resistance and some hp. And in all honesty, we don't need ANOTHER legendary creature with swap in damage, hence why the swap in damage is gone. Yet, I still wanted it to have team synergy, hence defensive swap in. It will still kill things like Rexy and Thylaconyx and shut down fierce really easily, but it isn't as dumb to where it's killing everything outside of 2 creatures.

Next up is Rexy. Let's be honest. She gets the snot kicked out of her in both Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Dominion. So, I feel that her hp stat doesn't match up to what she can do. In all seriousness, for what she can do, that is a bit too much hp. And it's not like she's brute forcing her way through things. Now she isn't a mountainous wall dealing tons of damage. But to be a bit generous, I gave her some attack. I also took out the swap because either you swap in and get pinned or you swap in and do nothing. None of this "free swap-in move" nonsense. And finally, a 45% critical hit chance is really stupid. While Erlidominus does have a 50% critical hit chance, it has neither a group move or a priority damage move, making it a lot more manageable. So while she retains a decent critical hit chance, each attack is no longer a coinflip.

Spinoceratops dominated the legenday format, and as someone who loves Sinoceratops, it pains to nerf this hybrid. However, the only thing going down here are some base stats. The kit is fine. There are creatures it absolutely shreds to bits, but then there are creatures like Indominus Rex that can kick it to the curb. It can still do the same thing as it once did. It just isn't as bulky and can't just eat hits for days.

Next up is Thylaconyx. I decided to mix up the kit a bit. You have a different swap in, which has its pros and cons. But to tone it down a notch, its stun resistance, damage, and hp have been toned down. I also removed the bleed resistance. Thylaconyx is just a 1v1 beast, and this change should allow more cunnings like Ankylodactylus to actually take it down. Meanwhile, tanks are still going to struggle majorly against it.

Balance is important, and I just nerfed a bunch of high-powered offensive creatures. If I left it at that, Fukuimimus would run wild. So, I made sure that this doesn't happen. The drop in hp isn't only to match with the decrease in power from these other creatures, but to also help prevent an infinite mirror. So while it will try to keep healing, it is now more bearable.


To kick off our unique nerfs for today, I'm nerfing a fan favorite. In my opinion, Diloracheirus is really annoying, and not many people would disagree. All the healing and counters just suck. So to help prevent the stalling, the heal has been toned back and the hp has also been reduced to allow you to break through or use a swapper. It can still go on the offense, but it can't just sit there and heal, heal, rampage.

Atrocidistis is up next, and unlike Diloracheirus, this creature is both stupidly good and just annoying. It has the stats, the resistances, and the kit to make it a top 5 creature in the game. I first started with the main issue: sheltering impact. This move is a priority impact that will cleanse you, speed you up, and heal you. So I gave it an extra cooldown turn to not only allow creatures like Tyrannometrodon to better take advantage of it, but also to help in the dreaded mirror. Speaking of Tyrannometrodon, I also removed its pin immunity and distraction resistance. I don't want to hurt it too much, so that's where I left it. It shouldn't be as annoying anymore as you can trap it and have a better time killing it.

The last unique is Dsungascorpios. This flock is tied for the best unique. Why? Well it has enfeebling rampage. That's really it. Well, that combined with its counter shattering antidote. I decided to change up that counter a bit. Now it only cleanses a few negative effects and not everything. The main reason is because how it works against creatures like Tyrannometrodon. Dsungascorpios can swap, get hit with the on escape, then cleanse the pin and swap anyways. Now it can't do that and has to be more careful around creatures like this. It also inherits alert swarm as well and has less armor and damage as well as an extra cooldown turn on its rampage. As a flock this isn't the end of the world, but it still will shut down creatures like Pyrorixis and Compsoraptor.It still keeps its insane kit, but just lost a few things elsewhere.


Our first apex today is Imperatosuchus. It's not as bad in the upper arenas, but a pain for lower ones. So, I just removed the pin resistance. Now you can't freely bring it in and out whenever you'd like. However, it still keeps the deadly on escape and its crazy moveset.

The next apex is a big one. I don't like nerfing fusible apexes, but this is the exception. Geminideus is the best creature in the game. Stupid stats, kit, and resistances. So I made its hp more manageable while also taking off attack as well. Now Pyrorixis can successfully nuke it while also not going down as well. I also took off the bleed resistance because it has a way to cleanse bleed to begin with. However, despite this nerf, I think it would still be an absolute beast in the top ranks because, if you can't bypass armor, you're not doing anything.

This last one gave me joy. I hate Pteranokyrie. Not only is it stupidly strong, but it's easy to get. I wanted to gut this like a fish, but I also didn't want to go too overboard. This is done especially because of how good it is in the lower arenas like the library. First up, I lowered the stats to make it not as bulky and reverted its swap to just swap in ferocity. I also changed up robbing wing to now no longer break shields. It can still come in and do some stuff with its kit, and alert squall is one of the most annoying moves out there, but now it's a lot easier to tackle. An apex with that easy of a raid should not be this strong. It will still speed up past everything and can bypass shields. Again, this is done with the lower arenas in mind.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading. I am not the strongest supporter of nerfs, but I will admit some creatures do need to be re-evaluated, and these are some of those creatures. And these are all my opinion. Some people may see Dracorex as an easy-to-manage rare. If there's anything you want to comment on, just let me know. We can discuss it in the GP server. Just click the button in this article to take you right there. Have a good day and good luck in the rare tournament this weekend. Happy Playing!!

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