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So, when it comes to JWA, usually you unlock a creature and then fuse it with another to get a stronger creature. The tradeoff being that you need 2 or more different creatures to make a stronger hybrid. Pretty simple. However, there are some scenarios where this is not the case. Instead, it's actually a component that's better. And I'm not talking about how Diplodocus is a better investment than Geminititan, but like if Diplodocus was actually overall stronger in pvp than Geminititan. So, let's jump on in.

No one cares about these 2

Now many of these occurrences happen with lower-tiered creatures. One of those creatures being Edmontoguanodon vs Bajatonodon. Wow what a great way to start this off. But seeing as Edmontoguanodon has group resilient impact to help against flocks like Argenteryx, it's overall better because it can actually have readily available output while Bajatonodon is unable to do more than x1 damage at a time. Now in raids, Bajatonodon is probably better, but seeing as this is a pvp analysis, these 2 fall here.

Very Irritating

Next up we'll take a look at an old rare. Diplotator was a pretty good rare back in the day, and while it may not be as good now, it's still got some decent tools to play with. However, I think many players were quite disappointed when Scaphotator came out as it was even worse than Diplotator and even arguably worse than Scaphognathus. Scaphotator does have some swap tools, but Diplotator has a far more offensive moveset and 400 extra attack along with distraction resistance. Sure a heal is nice, but it's not that useful when you only have 3000 hp to work with. Now with no escape from Scaphognathus, Scaphotator would be the better option for sure. But for now, just go for Diplotator.

Movie Star

Next up is our first comparison between a nonhybrid and it's hybrid. And that nonhybrid is the star of Jurassic Park III: Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus is a pretty decent rare. It's got good speed, a good kit with no escape and lethal wound, as well as other offensive tools. Meanwhile, Spinotahraptor was not so fortunate. It lost 750 hp, but gained 400 attack and 4 speed. So, what's the big deal? Well, the kit is what does this epic in. Gashing wound isn't bad, but it's more for a bulkier creature that can constantly spam it, which Spinotahraptor is not. It also lost no escape, which is the real issue. Now swappers and counters can come and go at their leisure. And with pinning abilities getting stronger and stronger, this gap only widens.

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Controversial Marsupial?

Now we'll look at another Spinosaur, but this time it's Suchotator. This one is more debatable than the others now, but in my opinion, Suchotator is the better option when compared to Thylacotator. Why? Well first up, it has a priority move in instant distraction, which is a really good tool against fierce creatures. Meanwhile, it can bleed out resilients with lethal wound. And finally, it can also slow down cunnings with superiority strike. And null impact is the icing on the cake. So, why is it better than Thylacotator? Well, one of the biggest reasons is Thylacotator relies too much on bleed and rend. When you lead Suchotator in an epic format, odds are it's gonna do something. Thylacotator on the other hand can excel in some areas, but fall flat in others. And with the scorpions, Thylacotator needs a critical hit to kill a member while Suchotator has the attack to do so. Now like I said, this is debatable. Thylacotator can crush the tanks like Ankylodicurus that can trouble Suchotator, and has a good swap as well as immunities. So unlike the last few, this one is pretty close, but I lean in the direction of Suchotator.

Land Crocs

Let's go back to some examples that aren't as close like Gorgosuchus vs Megalosuchus. Both of these creatures suck, but with Gorgosuchus's speed and access to a rampage with ferocity, it's slightly better in the end. This group needs a major rework as both of them can't take advantage of their ferocity moves, but seeing as Megalosuchus's counter can get in the way, Gorgosuchus wins out here.

Wasssssssted Potential

Now let's look at a good epic. Titanoboa has been a top epic ever since it was released. With its stats and kit alone it's already solid, but then the resistances buff it up even further. Dilophoboa has almost the same resistances, but a more cunning kit, which isn't bad at all. Where it starts to get bad is that it's stats don't offer much more. It gained quite a bit of speed, but at the expense of 200 attack and 900 hp. Now I will say Dilophoboa almost has the superior kit, with one exception. Titanoboa has on escape rampage, which is a stupidly good on escape move. Meanwhile in escape evasive strike isn't that great, especially when some creatures can easily deal more damage to you with a counter after the strike. The two things Dilophoboa has that I like are sidestep and the counter, but the reduction in bulk and the on escape downgrade make it worse than Titanoboa.

I forgot this thing existed

Another nonhybrid epic that's doing better than it's legendary counterpart is Woolly Rhino. Everyone knows Monolorhino, but we all forget Keratoporcus even exists. Heck when making this list, I forgot about it until the last minute because you never see it. Why? Well it sucks. It's got a decent field kit in all honesty, but it's stats don't really work well with it. It's attack and speed don't work amazingly well with Mutual Fury as you're already faster than most resilients, but slower than most faster creatures like Dimodactylus. Meanwhile Woolly Rhino can come in and deal a solid 1500 damage and stun on the swap. That swap instantly makes Woolly Rhino a better option.

Are you flocking serious??!!

This is the only entry where there's a rarity in between the hybrid and the component. Compsocaulus is the worst unique flock hands down, with quite a few epic flocks outclassing it. One of those is Compsognathus itself. On one hand, Compsocaulus has better bulk, better attack, restricted group distraction, and deceleration immunity. Meanwhile it loses stun immunity for a 50% resistance, it loses more pin resistance, less distraction resistance, and less speed. However, the 2 biggest differences that make it worse now are the swap in moves both have as well as Compsocaulus lacking an on escape move. Being able to let your opponent swap freely is not great, and Compsognathus can work around this with alert swarm. Compsocaulus has nothing. As for their swap in moves, swap in distraction is not bad at all. The issue is that alert the flock is much better. Flocks need to rally heal as much as possible, and this swap in honestly gives Compsognathus more bulk despite the lower hp stat. So at the end of the day, it's best not to waste your DNA on a unique that's arguably worse than the epic.


Let's continue with epic cunnings vs their legendary cunning counterparts. Dakotaraptor was the most interesting raptor before the introduction of the Atrociraptors. With 2 attacking moves and sidestep, Dakotaraptor was the best raptor for a while thanks to distraction immunity and it's access to a priority move. Dakotanops was a bit of a letdown however. It has slightly better stats, but it has no priority and a worse turn 1 outside of revenge. And then, it has to give up precision. Again, a really close one, but Dakotanops is not as flexible.

You are NOT the Father!!

Now normally when you create a hybrid, they inherit traits from their components, just like how when 2 parents have offspring, that new individual inherits traits from its parents. And one of the most common traits inherited in JWA is resistances. Albertosaur is immune to deceleration and resistant to bleed, and both of its hybrids gain that resistance. Sometimes resistances get even stronger when you hybridize, like how Pulmonoscorpius's stun resistance becomes an immunity when it is fused into Dsungascorpios. Meanwhile some resistances are lost for a tradeoff. Ankylos Lux loses stun resistance, but gains pin immunity when it's created. Compsoraptor loses Beta's pin resistance and Tarbognathus's stun resistance for deceleration and distraction immunity. And then sometimes creatures just gain immunities from nowhere, like Thylaconyx. However, you then have the one creature that never passed anything onto its hybrid. Ovilophosaurus has some of the best resistances in the epic rarity, with many of them working really well for a cunning. Meanwhile, its hybrid Ovilophomoloch has 50% distraction resistance and crit reduction immunity. That's it. It gained a bit of hp, 50 attack, and 2 speed at the expense of 275% worth of resistances. And these were good ones too like distraction immunity and deceleration immunity. Stun resistance is super nice to have and shrugging off rending attacks is a nice touch. Ovilophosaurus can make it to top 10 in an epic format. Ovilophomoloch may have the better kit, but you slow it down and it won't recover.

Wu's Failure

Let's look at our other movie star and penultimate entry on this list. Indominus Rex has not one, not two, but three hybrids. 2 of those are out of the question. And that leaves the star of Fallen Kingdom: Indoraptor. Like Ovilophomoloch, Indoraptor didn't inherit many of Indominus Rex's resistances, but it gained more than Ovilophomoloch. And for the increase in speed, it's a much better tradeoff. The issue is however that Indominus Rex can just do more damage. Indoraptor needs to rely on soaking up hits with bait and dodging attacks to really get going. Indominus Rex can just come in, cloak, and kill something. It has more bulk, and it's niche is clearer. Indoraptor is still all over the place, and it's why Indominus Rex is a better creature overall.

Who's the Alpha?

Finally, like Suchotator vs Thylacotator, this last one is a debatable one. This is between Indolycan and Aenocyonyx. Now, just based off stats and kit alone, Indolycan is probably the superior one, right? You have more attack for less hp, better resistances, and a far better swap in. There's just one tiny little problem, and by tiny I mean it's got 6600 hp, 30% armor, and a counter that increases its armor. Without Geminideus, this isn't a debatable topic. However, Aenocyonyx can take on Geminideus while Indolycan just can't. One matchup isn't that bad, right? Well, it's the most important matchup in the game. And the 4th best creature in the game is another issue for Indolycan. Atrocodistis is very hard for anything to take down, so it helps if you have abilities to bypass shields and armor. And with access to priority attacks, you can better get the jump on this thing when it speeds up. Again, this one is debatable. I personally like Aenocyonyx, but Indolycan is just as good, and if the meta becomes more fierce-oriented, then Indolycan will probably come out on top.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading. There are arguments to be made for most of these at the end of the day, however this also shows that these guys need some love (except the wolves. Don't give them more). And if you haven't already, go to our other article that we released last week for the tier list voting. The more data the better! Again, thank you all and happy playing!

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