Mortem Rex Raid Guide - How To Beat Mortem Rex

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Mortem Rex Raid Guide

Welcome to Mortem Rex - the brand new creature introduced with update 2.0 that sports the highest damage in the game and gives us our toughest raid challenge to date!

This Fierce-type creature is an absolute monster, and is the first creature in a rarity ABOVE unique -- making it highly desirable.

But unlike most creatures which can be collected via special event supply drops, via searching the world around you, or via incubators, Mortem Rex DNA can only be collected by beating it in an incredibly difficult raid.

Many of us will try. Few will succeed. But we won't let that stop us from giving you our best tips and tricks for defeating Mortem Rex.

Stats and Moves

Mortem Rex Boss Round 1 Stats

Mortem Rex Boss Round 1 Stats

Mortem Rex sports 3342 base damage and it's all defense shattering, which means anything you have with armor isn't gonna work. And with each Rampage hitting for 6684 WITHOUT a crit, you really need things that can take a punch and distract Mortem.

With Primal Tail Whip - which targets all opponents, shatters shields and armor, and does 3342 damage, every single member has to be able to take that much damage base. Even at 50% distracted, it isn't gonna look good if you can't.

With Defense Shattering Rampage - which targets the highest HP creature and lays on 6684 damage, not a lot of people are gonna make it past that without a distract.

And finally with Random Shattering Strike which targets a random player and lays on 3342 damage, this thing is built to be a ferocious machine.

And if that wasn't enough, Mortem Rex gets two minions. A level 30 Velociraptor and a level 30 Majundasuchus.

I'm afraid to think about what will happen if these monsters get stronger minions...

Setup and Team Usage

Mortem Rex World View

Mortem Rex World View

Our first attempted team was Tenontorex, Tryostronix, Erlikospyx, and Tuoramoloch. 

We wanted a minimum of two distracts and the bonus heal by Tenrex needed to be there too as another healer. It went very poorly. We died turn 1 due to Tenonto soaking up all the attacks and getting immediately dropped. It became apparent that taunts would be important. So we swapped out Tryostronix for an extremely beefy T20 health Ardentismaxima. That gave us a fighting chance.

The decision between using Tuoramoloch or Dilorachierus is a hard one. While both have the same heals, Tuora can get the accelerate going so that the minions get knocked out almost right away. With this combo we got Mortem down to 4000 health but still got wrecked.

So we switched it up once again and tried Tenontorex, Dilorachierus, Ardentismaxima, and Erlikospyx to see if we could make that go better. It went even worse than before. Sadly, using group accelerate is just too important to lose Toura. From there, we had a few revelations. A second group got it done with Tryko, Dilorach, Dioraja, and Tenrex, and we started to see how.

Tricks to Win

What we quickly learned was a few things that helped immensely and seemed to cross over between our win and our friends in Apex Predators.

  • Mortem Rex needs to be almost constantly distracted.

Using 1 turn or 2 turn distracts is fine, but never let MRex hit you with all it has or you won't recover.

  • Heals need to be done on rotation

When using two healers, you need to make sure you're not overkilling your heals. While it may feel great to "top everyone off" what you're really doing is trading a heal on cooldown in a less-than-ideal situation. 

  • Everyone needs to be able to survive hits at around 3300 and potentially they are going to be critical hits.

In round two, Mortem Rex mixes things up with that tail whip that does 1x damage to all opponents also cleansing away all that distraction goodness. No taunt will save you.

  • Group Acceleration saved our bacon

Using Group Acceleration on Turn 1 means that everyone in our party got to go before Velociraptor and quickly dispatch it. And it kept us faster than everything by using it repeatedly for round 2 as well, which meant we could use group damage moves like Greater Thagomizer to do lots of damage and take the minions off the board.

  • Taunting is key because it pulls otherwise random attacks from Mortem Rex and from the minions towards something that can take a hit. 

I preferred Taunt Defense Shattering Rampage from Maxima because it kept the damage very high while still pulling the attention to me. Group Taunting Shields and Instant Invincibility Taunt are great options too but it removes a turn of damage and works better on the Minions than it does on Mortem Rex. 

Mortem Rex Defeated

Mortem Rex Defeated

So what does it take to actually beat Mortem Rex in terms of level and boost? 

A lot.

We did it with the following - 

Maxima level 30 - 20/10/0 

Tenrex level 30 - 15/15/0

Tuora level 30 - 15/15/0

Erlikospyx (level 27) 4/4/7

The other team we heard completed it had the following levels and boosts:

Tryko: L29, 19/10/0

Tenrex: L30, 13/17/0

Dilora: 6873/2643/0

Dio: 7931/1823/0

Another team completed it with the following team and boosts:

Dilorach (30) - 15/15/0

Tryko (29) - 12/12/0

Tenontorex (30) - 14/15/1

Tuoramoloch (30) - 15/15/0

While we're certain a lot of combinations of players may be able to beat Mortem Rex, coordination is absolutely required to do it right - and you really need a team of level 27-30 with some super boosted monsters. We had three creatures at level 30 max boosted and one at level 27 with some boosts to take it down, and in our case the lower level creature was the Erlikospyx who was able to distract it's way through most of the battle and still fell at the end. 

Overall this boss is insanely hard. We must've tried 10 or so coordinated attempts before we got it finished off. It was mentally exhausting, exciting, and everything we hoped raids would be.

We hope you get a chance to try it as well!

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