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So the tier list of finally here, and by golly it has been a while. Unfortunately our original method of making these lists has been running into some errors, so we'll have to break it up a bit. So, without further ado, here is the tier list for the RARE rarity! We have broken it into 9 different tiers, with tyrant being the cream of the crop all the way to carcass which is less useful to the gum you find under park benches. 


Let's look at the dominant rares in Jurassic World Alive:


Albertosaurus: You have pin immunity, slow immunity, great damage, a good priority move, and solid base stats. Albertosaurus has a good chance to kill almost everything in the format in a 1v1, and if it set up, the ones it does lose to like Megalonyx suffer greatly.

Dracorex: You have insane bulk with a good amount of damage on a swapper that imposes vulnerability. Even the creatures that should in theory win like Andrewsarchus or Marsupial Lion actually end up losing on the field. It is already a solid creature on the field, but that swap carries it to tyrant.

Dreadnoughtus: Great bulk and a good kit to deal a good amount of output while also dealing with flocks as well as extending your bulk even more. It has great base stats and 2 really good immunities. And while many fierce can swap in and kill many resilients, Dreadnoughtus isn’t one of those resilients.

Suchotator: This is how a jack of all trades should be. It has lethal wound for tanks like Doedicurus, good damage paired with superiority strike for cunnings like Preondactylus, and Instant distraction to stall out turns of bleed (or cycle back to it) only to finish the job with a null impact.

High Elite

High Elite:


Compsognathus gen 2: Good bulk for a flock, a decent kit that offers team synergy, and a decent swap make this flock still viable. It has fallen a bit in times, but thanks to alert swarm and its other solid attributes, it’s able to stay up here.

Doedicurus: Insane bulk, good output, and decent resistances make Doedicurus a beast. Heck, many times you can swap it in on something and just win. The issue is the turn 1. Something like Albertosaurus can easily abuse this and take it down.

Majundasuchus: I would never have thought to see this guy up here. But with the buff it got to give it a new priority move, it deserved the jump. It does well into many of the tanks and also sets up for swappers like Dracorex with that armor debuffing counter. And with ferocity, it can do a ton of damage. And the swap isn’t that bad.

Preondactylus: You have one of, if not the best defensive swap in abilities in the game in stuck landing. You also have a good kit combined with good damage to help soak up hits from even big hitters like Albertosaurus, with one of its moves having priority. The issue holding it back is the low hp and the poor turn 4.

Purrolyth: Good kit and ferocity paired with a rending counter and healing move. You also have a shield to extend your bulk and decent stats to stick around. Fierce like Albertosaurus and creatures with pin immunity can give it issues, but it can eat a tank in a heartbeat.

Rodrigues Solitare: This is what the Dodo birds should be. You have good stats, decent resistances, and a good kit. Unlike the Dodos however, you have an on escape move that boosts your crit chance and allows you to deal big damage. These birds are a bit frail, but they’ll do big damage before they go down.

Low Elite

Low Elite:


Andrewsarchus: You have a deadly one two combo paired with no escape. The lower hp can be a bit of an issue, but odds are you’re taking a kill before then. Flocks are also a pain as are cunnings like Therizinosaurus, but when you see a big beefy creature like Doedicurus, it’s a free kill.

Einiasuchus: You have a good swap and paired with a decent kit. Vulnerability helps increase the output, and a stunning move or dig in allow it to wait out its lockdown after the swap. It is a bit frail and can be ripped apart by fierce. Other than that, it is a pretty good swapper.

Megalonyx: It is really good against fierce, but resilients like Dracorex slaughter it. It has a good kit, but if dodge fails or it is hit by a resilient attack, it’s going to flop.

Nasutoceratops: It’s much bulkier than Einiasuchus, but the issue arises  because it lacks a turn 1 cleansing move. The other big pro to Nasutoceratops is pin immunity, which is the immunity swappers covet the most to come back again and again. However, on the field, it lacks serious output to go any higher.

Titanoboa gen 2: The best swap abuser in the format, this rare can lay on some serious damage if you try to swap on it thanks to on escape dust cloud. Dodge, stun, or distraction doesn’t work on it and trappers can’t pin it down either. It does lack output when you don’t swap on it, but its shields make up for that by extending its bulk.

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Ankylocodon: While it lacks output compared to resilients above it, it has great bulk paired with bleed immunity. It also has a decent group attack and can also deal with thanks. The issue is that it, again, lacks output.

Archaeopteryx: Unlike the other flocks around it, Archaeopteryx’s gimmick is that you have to swap on it to rally heal, which can be a pain on something like Argenteryx. But unlike its hybrid, it lacks output and bulk where creatures like Dracorex can abuse it. But it can use its dodge and distraction to rip fierce apart. Also the pin resistance is really good too.

Argentavis: Another cunning that can rip fierce apart, Argentavis has good resistances and great bulk when paired with its cunning kit. It does lack some output, but it can make up for that by sticking around for a while.

Cervalces: It got a slight buff, but it wasn’t enough to jump a tier. It can deal good damage with its solid kit, but it’s a bit frail. It also has good resistances and it stomps all over flocks. But a fierce will shut it down.

Dimetrodon: Good immunities paired with a solid kit allow Dimetrodon to hang out in this tier. It lacks diversity in the kit, but its stats and resistances do help make up for that.

Elasmotherium: Good output and great bulk. The issue is that with the lower speed, a lack of speed control isn’t the best. However, if you’re faster, you’ll demolish anything in your path.

Fukuisaurus: This hadrosaur is a hadrosaur that can work. The persistent counter pairs well with the heal and the impact, which comes in handy against all the flocks running around in the format.

Giraffititan: A worse Dreadnoughtus due to a lack of output and the fact that bellow isn’t that good of a move on it. It does have good turn 1 and that’s really it.

Kelenken: Bleed immunity is alright, but the damage is pretty good. You also have a good swap in and a decent priority move with 100% dodge.

Marsupial Lion: The hayday of this creature is long gone. With rend resistance becoming very commonplace, it suffers bigtime. Flocks gang up and kill it with ease. But against a tank, it eats them up for breakfast.

Ornithomimus: Like Kelenken, it has great output and a good priority move. You also have stun and pin immunity, which is really big on a runner. It has fallen a bit to the wayside in recent times, but it can still pack a punch.

Oviraptor: It got a bit of a buff, and it has a good new move to take down flocks. Devious strike is a good defensive tool, and it has decent damage. However it does rely on dodge a bit much and the loss of sidestep isn’t the greatest.

Spinosaurus: Lethal wound and no escape is a deadly combination. You can just come in and 1 for 1 something. The lower hp stat does hold it back.

Therizinosaurus: Great output and good resistances, but its second move is a bit of an issue. The threatened range isn’t the greatest, but ferocity with that damage stat is really good still.




Arctodus: It really only has 2 good moves to use in its kit. It has good bulk, but its just a mediocre rare.

Arctops: Cunning strike didn’t help it. It is a bit frail and rampage is the only real tool it has. It just doesn’t do much compared to Kelenken or Ornithomimus.

Carnotaurus: It has a decent kit, but the stats just fall flat.

Deinotherium: It has a good kit, but it lacks the damage to really take advantage of ferocious impact. Instant rumble is not bad, but again, the low attack stat hurts.

Dilophosaurus: Probably one of the better creatures in the tier, this cunning can stick around for a while and lay on a good amount of damage.

Dsungaripterus: Good kit, but it lacks the bulk to really stick around with the counter. Majundasuchus got a pass with the armor buff, but Dsungaripterus still suffers with the lack of bulk.

Erlikosaurus gen 2: Precise rampage and debilitating strike are good, but it lacks a good damage stat and the resistances are a bit lacking.

Gorgonops: Great speed and revenge rampage is good. The output isn’t amazing and after that, it has nothing else really.

Gorgosaurus: Beef this thing up to 142 speed and chomp chomp. But like many other creatures like this, a few nullifying or cunning moves here and there can just ruin your fun.

Moschops: Good bulk and a decent kit. The issue is the lack of serious output. But not bad.

Purrusaurus: Like Deinotherium, it requires too much setup to really take advantage of ferocious impact. The potential is there, but it’s very situational.

Pyroraptor gen 2: Good kit and decent stats, but it just lacks anything special to move up a tier.




Amargasaurus: Good speed control, but it lacks any serious bulk and the output isn’t the most stellar on Earth either.

Arambourgiana: The swap is good, but the stats and the kit don’t back it up that well.

Baryonyx gen 2: Good stats, but the kit doesn’t help it out at all.

Charlie: Too frail that she can drop in one hit. The output she provides doesn’t really make up for this.

Delta: Like Charlie, she’s too frail. The synergy is nice, but no pin resistance is not.

Diplotator: It stretches itself a bit thin. It wants to do too much, and it can be good. But it doesn’t excel.

Dire Wolf: Good trapper, but the kit definitely leaves a bit to be desired. Pin immunity is good however.

Echo: Like her rare sisters, Echo just doesn’t have anything to really allow her to excel in the meta.

Meiolania: A resilient take takes a bit too long to get going. If you want something with 50% armor, use Doedicurus. At a base level, it can do 6600 damage in 3 turns while Meiolania can do 7000, which isn’t bad at all. But in 2 turns, Meiolania is only capping at 2500 while Doedicurus is at 4800.

Quetzalcoatlus: The extra resistances did nothing to help it. The kit is mediocre as are the stats. The only thing it has is synergy, but it lacks the most important resistance to do this: pin.

Triceratops: A strictly worse Einiasuchus. Low hp, poor bulk, and a poor kit don’t help it. There are 3 swappers that are far superior to it.

Tuojiangosaurus: Below average bulk and mediocre output despite the counter. The counter is the only thing that puts it up this high however.

Tyrannosaurus Rex gen 2: A standard chomping kit with nothing special about it. Gorgosaurus and Albertosaurus at least have resistances to back them up.

Wuerhosaurus: Good bulk and decent output. It just doesn’t do a whole lot either, and whatever it does, something else does better.




Diplocaulus gen 2: The swap is nice, but it just does nothing when its on the field.

Entelodon: It lacks any good form of bulk or output really. Mutual fury isn’t bad on this guy.

Inostherium: Good speed and decent output, but it is a bit frail and mutual fury on a creature like this is a waste.

Koolasuchus gen 2: Good bulk, but like Diplocaulus gen 2, it just doesn’t do much when on the field.

Megaloceros: Good kit, but it lacks any serious bulk. And unlike Cervalces, its moves and resistances just aren’t as good.

Nodosaurus: It just sits on the fields, soaks up a couple of hits, but doesn’t dish out anything in return.

Postosuchus: Just a mess of a kit. Some of its resistances aren’t bad, but it just lacks a lot of good qualities other rares have.

Proceratosaurus: Decent kit, but the stats do not hold it up.

Tupandactylus: Sloppy kit combines with poor stats means Tupandactylus lands here.

Utahraptor: Bad stats, a mediocre kit, and no resistances make Utahraptor a poor choice. And its speed for a raptor is also pretty embarrassing.




Argentinosaurus: The hp is good, but the kit is horrible. Absolutely no reason to use this thing over something like Dreadnoughtus or even Apatosaurus.

Bajadasaurus: Meiolania already struggles enough, but now this is Meiolania without the armor and the heal.

Haast Eagle gen 2: Good defensive kit, but the output is just terrible. Argentavis is a large flying bird done right.

Kaprosuchus: Poor output and it has no gimmick to back it up. It just doesn’t do anything.

Scaphognathus: Easily the best creature in the tier, no escape on a bleeder is always nice. But when on the field, it lacks the kit, stats, or resistances to really do anything.




Edmontosaurus: A raid hadrosaur in pvp is going to not perform well. But the best creature in the tier for sure.

Irritator: Bad output. Basically a worse Kaprosuchus as Kaprosuchus can cleanse and take better advantage of its ferocity move. Another raid creature suffering this fate.

Tenontosaurus: Saving the best, er I mean WORST, for last. Terrible stats, a bad pvp kit, and no gimmick relegate it to the worst rare in the game without a doubt.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the other rarity lists as well as the apex ranking. Before I end this, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped to make this possible. The people who helped make the list, then the images, and then the people who proof-read all 13.5 thousand words. Without their help, I couldn't have done this. And head on over to the GP server for a tier list discussion! Happy playing!

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