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So the tier list of finally here, and by golly it has been a while. Unfortunately our original method of making these lists has been running into some errors, so we'll have to break it up a bit. So, without further ado, here is the tier list for the UNIQUE rarity! We have broken it into 9 different tiers, with tyrant being the cream of the crop all the way to carcass which is less useful to the gum you find under park benches. Also, reactives and enhancements are NOT taken into account. 


Let's look at the greatest uniques in Jurassic World Alive:


Aenocyonyx: You have great bulk, great output, a great kit, great resistances, and you sit in a meta where cunnings are not too dominant. This wolf has everything it could ever want. And with 2 priority attacks and a devour move, it can even take on faster creatures to the point where I’d say sometimes the priority gets in the way.

Atrocodistis: This is a pain to kill. It is probably the best unique in the game, and easily one of the best creatures in the game. It has great stats, an insane kit, and solid resistances with both pin and stun immunity. In the arena, it only has to fear Geminideus and in a unique format, it has almost no counterplay except using 2 different creatures to kill it. And even then that could be a real challenge.

Dsungascorpios: It’s a flock with probably the best move in the game in enfeebling rampage (only competition is enfeebling impact), you have great resistances, solid bulk for a flock that can’t rally heal thanks to shielded lockdown, no escape, a cleansing shattering counter, and a ferocity move. What else can you want?

Pyrorixis: This is a nuke basically. You come in and can berserk decimating wound almost anything that has a big hp stat and just remove it from the field. Meanwhile, you can easily take out fierce and even some cunnings by spamming dispersed cautious strike, letting that broken stunning counter do the work for you. This is the creature that really makes a difference between 75% stun resistance and stun immunity. And to finish off faster creatures, you have an instant precise piercing impact or you have an instant nullifying move that also distracts to pair nicely with a strike. All of this paired with great stats, no escape, and even swap in nullification, which can come in handy.

High Elite

High Elite:


Alankyloceratops: Alankylosaurus on steroids. Sure you lost long invincibility, but dragon’s flight does so much more, and stunning rampage is a really good move too. Paired with invincible alert, it’s basically impossible to take down without a fierce creature. And on top of that, you have a swap in invincibility that heals you a good amount. Even my level 30 max boosted tier 1 enhanced Testacornibus can’t even take down one of these at level 26. It is susceptible to many of those fierce, especially Dsungascorpios. If you have a team of resilients and cunnings and see this thing, give up. It’ll slowly kill you.

Albertocevia: It has insane revenge capabilities, good resistances, a swap with good damage, good hp, decent speed, and a nice little counter to top it off. Albertocevia is really good, but it is on the weaker end in this tier, and not because it’s bad. It’s just the stuff above it is even more insane than it.

Compsoraptor: This is what made the enfeebling moves come into the game. It is decel and distract immune, and it can swap in, distract you, rally heal with a dodge, and then go for a turn 1 cleansing rampage with a great speedup, dodge, and even more distraction. And it also has rampage and run, a rally heal move, and on escape impact. Compsoraptor is understandably one of the most hated creatures in the game for a reason.

Diloracheirus: I think this guy is probably the only unique that can top Compsoraptor in terms of hatred in the community. It has 2 heals, darting counter, and insanely good output. All you do is heal, heal, rampage just like Fukuimimus. However, unlike Fukuimimus, you can 1-turn creatures like Rexy or Tyrannometrodon relatively easily.

Dracoceratosaurus: You have the swap in impact paired with good damage. However, on top of that, you also have a good fielding kit, which is something Dracoceratops lacks. Bristling stun can stall out turns and distract the opponent heavily, cunning rampage for damage, cleansing impact to run immediately, and debilitating strike to soak up big hits. And on top of this, the resistances and bulk are pretty good too.

Lystrosavis: Good output, great survivability, and great resistances. It lacks an on escape and relies a bit too much on dodge, but it is a great pivot tool and also can be deadly on the field. And it has an upgraded swap in stunning strike, which is always a plus.

Tyrannometrodon: Huge output, great bulk, insane devour, and a good kit land Tyrannometrodon here. All of this paired with the on escape strike and you have something that just eats away at almost every resilient around. It does struggle with some cunnings, but it still has a good shot at them. And in the arena, it’s one of the few things around that can take Geminideus.

Low Elite

Low Elite:


Allodrigues: It has good output and can really punish swaps. The issues arise due to things like a bit of reliance on rend, low hp, and that protective alert isn’t the greatest rally heal move. But it has the damage and the insane speed to get the job done.

Andrewtops: The king of damage output. It just struggles with many of the top creatures like Compsoraptor and Alankyloceratops. But it is a bit on the frail side and it can be taken advantage of with swappers.

Ardontognathus: It is a really good creature after turn 1. But that turn 1 is a bit hard on it. And dodge can be a bit of an issue.

Entelolania: It is really good against most other resilients and almost every cunning and flock. But fierce can eat through it before it gets going and it lacks an on escape which could be an issue. And if it goes first, the counter can get in the way by eating up an attack of ferocity.

Erlidominus: Ferocious cunning impact on a creature with this high of attack, speed, and critical hit chance is really dangerous. Erlidominus still struggles with armor and flocks, but being able to one shot Tyrannometrodon is no joke. And the devensive swap in is also a good perk to add to all of this.

Giganyx: Giganyx is a good fierce, but its kit isn’t enough to keep up with these newer creatures like Pyrorixis, and the prominence of stun immunity and high stun resistance can be a real problem. And it also lacks a good on escape. However, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Indotaurus: Indotaurus can deal big damage with that cloak and counter combination, and a cloak on escape is deadly, but rend resistance is a bit too common that it gets hurt in viability. Cleansing rampage is a good tool as well, but after that, it does lack options. And its resistances aren’t the most reliable either.

Parasauthops: It is a bit stally with the heals and it has good output with revenge resilient rampage, but it just doesn’t do enough compared to other revenge creatures. Albertocevia does more and has more swap in damage, and then Dracoceratosaurus got its buff. Now Parasauthops’s swap isn’t as special or unique, relegating it to low elite.

Skoonasaurus: Great output and bulk paired with great resistances. The problem is that is lacks an on escape or a swap and it just is outclassed by other creatures like Atrocodistis and Alankyloceratops. It’s a good unique, but it has been powercrept out of the meta.

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Albertospinos: You have solid stats and resistances paired with a decent kit. Like many of the creatures later featured in this tier, it has just been powercrept out. It’s not a bad creature at all, but everything above is just getting more stuff added on top that these creatures cannot keep up.

Diorajasaur: This unique was at the bottom of the barrel. Now it can compete thanks to its new swap as well as a kit that allows it to soak up more hits. It still can’t do much against many of the top fierce, but it still does well enough to get up here.

Erlikospyx: Great output and resistances along with decent bulk. The problem is that its kit isn’t that diverse and it does struggle against flocks. But it can easily put the hurt on anything.

Mammolania: The loss of PFS was a bit sad as it now needs to rely on the opponent being weak to vulnerability, but it got some love with the new bellowing impact and all of its new ferocity abilities. However, it still falls flat compared other resilients like Entelolania and Alankyloceratops.

Phorurex: Great trapping abilities and cautious cunning rampage really made Phorurex stand out…a while ago. While it’s still not bad, so many creatures do the job better and can take advantage of its lower bulk and can rip through it with precision and distraction resistance.

Scorpios Rex gen 3: You have one of the best moves in the game and a good swap/priority move. But many creatures can resist both bleed and stun, and it does lack some bulk. It’s mostly a case of, once again, being powercrept out of the meta.

Stygidaryx: You have a good swap that pairs well with its counter. And you also have a good pivoting kit paired with pin immunity and no escape. It does rely on bleed a bit and it also can have output issues. But it’s not bad.

Testacornibus: Great output, but it takes a while to get going. And it struggles with fierce and some bulkier resilients like Alankyloceratops. But if you can’t break through it, it’ll slowly eat at you.

Thylos Intrepidus: Good kit, but the issues arise when you realize that rend isn’t the best these days and it also doesn’t really benefit from devour all that much. But with it’s swap in and still solid kit despite the flaws, it can run around up here.

Troodoboa: It has a good kit and decent stats, but it does take some time to get going and that isn’t too great nowadays. Many creatures can immediately break through it and ruin its fun. So it falls here.




Antarctovenator: It has solid tools. Good revenge options as well as a good swap in option too. And the nullifying counter is also really good on it too. The issue is that it tries to do a bit too much and can’t handle it all.

Geminititan: The 1.14 days are over. You have great resistances and a decent kit, but the issue is that is just doesn’t do a whole lot not done by anything else.

Monolorhino: I remember when this was the best unique around. Now it just doesn’t have enough output and the swap isn’t that insane either anymore. The only thing it really has going for it are the resistances.

Quetzorion: It has a decent kit and good stats, but they just aren’t good enough. Almost everything around it can take advantage of Quetzorion and walk all over it.

Utarinex: Its swap is good, but the turn 1 options really hurt it. If it had distracting impact again, it would be much stronger.




Ardentismaxima: It’s basically a worse Geminititan. However it does have a bit more bulk, but that doesn’t make up for the distraction resistance and another turn 1 rampage that Geminititan has.

Poukandactylus: It is very defensive, but it does lack a good turn 3 option, and that can easily be taken advantage of, especially by creatures like Atrocodistis. But fierce can really take a beating.

Spinoconstrictor: The on escape is a bit lacking, and it relies a bit too much on bleed, which can be an issue when so many creatures up at the top of the list resist it. And its main form of damage reduction is a coinflip dodge. It can do well occasionally, but don’t count on it.

Thoradolosaur: You have good output, a good group attack, decent resistances, and a priority attack. However, so much these days does all that and so much more with better cooldowns and less delays. Thoradolosaur is just too outdated.




Compsocaulus: One of the most disappointing flocks nowadays, it lacks output, survivability, and has a worse set of resistances than its epic parent. Restricted group distraction is nice, but it just doesn’t do much of anything, and losing the on escape doesn’t help either.

Indoraptor: Bait was a nice addition, but one slowing move can doom it. Heck, my Ankylodicurus can strike it and kill any Indoraptor. It also lacks other important resistances and just has a sloppy kit to prevent these situations.

Pterovexus: The counter is good, but the kit can be improved upon. The resistances are probably the best set in the game, but like I said, the kit needs serious improvement.

Smilonemys: Delayed rampage and run was just a punch in the gut for this armored cat, and the loss of vulnerability resistance and armor wasn’t worth the extra 100 attack. Compared to Aenocyonyx, its insane how far apart these 2 runners are.

Tenontorex: It has a decent kit and good stats, but these 2 don’t fit well together. It’s too slow to really take advantage of that devour and it is just another outdated unique.

Trykosaurus: The buff was good, but not enough. More bulk is nice as well as the cleansing move, but the severe lack of resistances and a mediocre outdated kit doesn’t help this 1.1 unique that much.




Grypolyth: Unlike Indotaurus, which has other means of damage, Grypolyth SOLELY relies on rend, which is not good at all these days. It’s slow, lacks output, is a bit stally, and struggles against almost everything in the rarity.

Magnapyritor: Jack of all trades, master of none. Magnapyritor just doesn’t excel at anything all that special. It struggles with many of the resilients, almost every cunning, and most of the fierce in the unique meta. It has nothing special going for it.




Tuoramoloch: Only one creature in this tier. This is a classic case of a raid creature stuck in pvp. And unlike Diloracheirus, who was a counter and heals that really help it in both formats, Tuoramoloch has nothing to assist it.

Parting Words

Thank you all for reading and be sure to check out the other rarity lists as well as the apex ranking. Before I end this, I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped to make this possible. The people who helped make the list, then the images, and then the people who proof-read all 13.5 thousand words. Without their help, I couldn't have done this. And head on over to the GP server for a tier list discussion! Happy playing!

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