Rounding Out 2020

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Explorers, we are rapidly approaching the end of 2020, a year which many of us feel ready to move on from. Fortunately, we’ve had JWA to keep our lives and minds occupied as we shuffle on through. Let’s look at some current happenings as we round out the last couple weeks of the year.

Ludia Offices Closure

It was announced this week the Ludia offices will be closed from 12/24/20-1/3/21. Their suggestion is to visit their FAQ page if you experience any issues ( ). You might also try emailing support ([email protected]) or contacting via in game support. Always have your support key available and be kind in your words. We know it’s extremely frustrating when we experience issues, but that isn’t a reason to be unkind. It’s entirely possible you will not receive a response until the new year, so also be prepared for that. A last resort might be the forums, but the moderators can only do so much in trying to contact game reps for support.

12 Days of TRex

The special event, 12 Days of TRex, is running from 12/14-12/25. Be sure to check your inbox daily for a special gift compliments of TRex! Through 12/18, we have received a Scent of Claws, 10 Interactions, 2,500 coins, 200 hard cash, and a rare scent capsule. We look forward to the remaining days of special surprises!

12 Days of T Rex!

Gamepress Team Thanks YOU

We also want to take a moment to thank you, dear reader, for your continued support. We vow to continue working hard to bring you the best content possible. Safe and happy holidays to you and yours!

Dino Hug

Free Cash Link

GamePress is excited to be able to provide weekly cash links worth $50 cash in game! The code can only be claimed once a week and you must click on it using the device you play JWA with. It will be active from Monday, 12 PM EST - Sunday, 12 PM EST every week. This is a promotional code provided courtesy of Ludia, Inc and is exclusive to GamePress. We will post this link in an article we publish each week. We will post all articles on our Twitter so follow us at NewsJWA on Twitter so you don't miss out! 

The link below is available from Monday, December 14th at noon EST -  Sunday, December 20th at noon EST. 

Click Here to Claim Your 50 Hard Cash!

Parting Words

2020 has been quite the year, and we all look forward to what amazing things 2021 can bring. Visit us on Discord and let us know your JWA holiday wishes! We just hit 10,000 members, so make sure to also bring a friend to keep that number growing 😊

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Kelly resides in Scottsdale, AZ, proud cat mama of her girls, Payton & Cat Tillman. A JWA player since about day one, she spends much time hunting in the park outside her home and thrives in leading the great folks of Kelliance.