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So this article discusses a datamined creature, so if you're not into that, please look away. Also remember that this is a datamine. It's NOT CONFIRMED to come to the game. But if this thing does, then let's just say I'm not the only one who will be quite disappointed.


So recently our lovely and beautiful/handsome dataminers found a few creatures that may be on their way in, and some of them looked cool. I won't mention them because again, I don't want to possibly ruin someone's experience, but they're floating around. However one stood out. It was called 'Tyrannomat'. I'd never heard of an animal with that name, but then again I hadn't heard of Eucladoceros or Rinchenia either, so maybe it was some Tyrannosaur I'd never heard of, so I looked it up, and nothing showed up. I got confused. Maybe it was a hybrid. I looked to see if any combination of creatures could result in such a name. Nothing. However, then a bit later, the creature description was also datamined, and my heart sank.

"This bright red and striped variant of the Tyrannosaurus rex has brought children lots of fun (and fear) over the years!"

This was the red Tyrannosaurus Mattel TOY. So, a toy is potentially coming into the game.

What Does This Mean?

There are many issues with this. The first one that obviously comes up is that if the game is resorting to deals with Mattel, then either Jam City milking this game for everything it's worth like Disney with any franchise they get their grubby little fingers on or are just so much in the red because people have become so fed up with Jam City's greed they're THAT desperate for cash. So, they made this deal to rake in a bit of extra money. Not a bad idea right? The issue is that player feedback to this will be poor. In fact, it's already been very negative with many calling JamCity a sellout and desperate, which is a very understanding assumption. Now, this doesn't apply to the named creatures like Bumpy and Beta because within the Jurassic Universe, those are real animals and fit into said universe like how Spinosaurus and Velociraptor look so different than their real life counterparts. However a TOY does not. Another issue with this is that it's stealing a roster spot from a real-life dinosaur or animal in general.

Being Robbed

Odds are this creature will end up being an Omega because there has to be an Omega with the Tyrannosaur animations. But there are many different dinosaurs that could use the Tyrannosaurus animation rig like Carcharodontosaurus, Torvosaurus, Saurophaganax, Mapusaurus, Daspletosaurus, Tyrannotitan, and Yutyrannus as big names, but other lesser known dinosaurs like Thanatotheristes, Bistahieversor, Nanuqsaurus, Teratophoneus, and Qianzhousaurus could also fit the bill.

But that's just for if a creature with that animation set is needed. You still have other big prehistoric names missing like Pachyrhinosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Corythosaurus, Brontosaurus (it's a valid genus), Procoptodon, Diprotodon, Shantungosaurus, Paraceratherium, Megatherium, Paleoloxodon, Deinosuchus, and so much more that would make far superior additions to the game, with 2 of those being dinosaurs from the movie that are still missing. So a toy might be making it in before canon dinosaurs, robbing their potential spot in the roster.

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Possible Fix

So, should this 'Tyrannomat' still be added? Yeah, it can be. But not as a creature, but a skin. Tyrannosaurus Rex gen 1 or 2 lacks a skin, and with the buff it recently got, Tyrannosaurus Rex is actually usable in an epic format. So if you want this thing still in the game, a skin is probably the best way to go, thus leaving the spot open for something else.

Potential Aftermath

JamCity is already on a slippery slope with this game. Many players are leaving because they care about the playerbase as much as a dog cares about its droppings. And if 'Tyrannomat' does come, what's next? Are we getting a Lego Therezinosaurus? The Lego Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor, who fuse to make the Lego Indominus Rex, and later the Lego Indoraptor? There are so many cool creatures that could make it in, and we already have FOUR Tyrannosauruses alone. I would love to see something like Cryolophosaurus or Laganosuchus or heck, a Smilodon gen 2 based off the design of Camp Cretaceous or a flock in Protoceratops. A toy just ruins the vibe of the game. 

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