JWA Datamine 2.14: Devouring Update revealed? Creatures, Achievements and MORE!

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Explorers! Our amazing dataminers Jimbohi and ColoMtn have once again found information on the next Update, which seems to be labeled the Devouring Update! Let's not waste any time and let's dive right in!

Update 2.15 brings new creatures, a new ability mechanic, Raid Matchmaking, and other upgrades and improvements to Jurassic World Alive!

Disclaimer: Everything listed in this article is not guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment.

New Creatures and Creature Buff

We have seen these names before, but now we have a bit more of an insight on what these creatures will actually do. We also found a change to the Unique Troodoboa which will make it a more threatening creature to face.

"Albertocevia is a Fierce, Vengeful Attacker"

"Allodrigues is a Cunning and Fierce Priority Anti-tank Tank."
"Rodrigues Solitaire is a Cunning, Critical Chance Eraser."

"Tarbognathus is a Cunning and Fierce Lockdown Expert."

"Thylaconyx is a Fierce Armor Piercer."

"Troodoboa has slightly lower Stat values than other creatures in its weight-class, and was underperforming in Battles. We’re giving it a bit more of a fighting chance by changing its basic attack to one with Priority."

It seems like we have 5 creatures coming into the game next update. The Dominion creatures we found a while back seem to be reserved for a future update, which makes sense, given the JW: Dominion movie isn't going to release anytime soon. Now that we know this information, our Discord Game "Update Betting" will start up soon as well, so keep an eye on our Discord server for that!

We also found some more information on where we can find these creatures:

"Find the Rare Rodrigues Solitaire on the Map."

"Collect the hybrids Thylaconyx, Tarbognathus, Albertocevia and Allodrigues through fusion and in upcoming events and offers!"

It seems we're getting Rodrigo on the map, which is a welcome sight to see after a lot of Event Exclusive creatures released. It's expected that all the Hybrids will only be obtained by Fusion and Events, but let's hope that the components are easy to get. 

Devouring Section

This Update seems to focus on a new Fierce mechanic called "Devour". We have everything listed here that we could find on it.

"Devour is a new ability mechanic attached to some Fierce creatures. Devour abilities deal damage like regular Strikes, Impacts and Rampages, but also heal your creature with a percentage of that attack damage over a specified number of turns!",
"These powerful abilities will help your Fierce creatures stay in the fray longer, but use them wisely. If your attack damage is reduced by Shields or debuffs, your heal value will also be reduced! All Devour abilities released in 2.15 bypass Armor and Shields.",
"Look for the T. rex gobbling down health on Ability icons to indicate a Devouring ability!

This certainly looks like an interesting way to incorporate some Healing into the Fierce Kit, but make it reliant on their damage output! This means that you can reduce the Healing numbers by reducing the damage that is heading your way! This seems like an extremely interesting ability, and we hope that the new creatures will make maximum use out of it, or maybe even older creatures get reworked to receive this ability!

New Abilities, Raid Matchmaking and Achievements

There are a number of other things we found that weren't exactly big enough to give their own paragraph. So here we have listed everything that we found for you guys.

New Abilities:

  • Alert shattering impact reinforce Target lowest HP: remove Shields and Taunt. Attack, bypassing Armor. Self: Rally Heal. 
  • Instant Ferocious Revenge off: Priority. lowest HP: attack. Self: increase damage 50% 2 attacks, 2 turns,
  • Instant Ferocious Revenge on : "Priority. lowest HP: attack. Self: increase damage 50% 2 attacks, 2 turns.
  • Swap in Devour Strike : Target all opponents: precise attack : Heal devour percent  direct damage dealt over devour duration turn(s)

Raid Matchmaking:

"Along with the new Raid Matchmaking features, we’re improving Raid invitation Push notifications! Push Notifications for Raid Invites will now include information on the Rarity of the Raid and the Boss you will be fighting!"

New Achievements:

  • Win 3 Apex Raids
  • Participate in 10 Rare Raid Battles
  • Mystery Achievement
  • Puzzle Achievement
  • Have Tarbognathus at Level 25 or more in your Collection
  • Win 1 Tournament battle with Albertocevia as your final creature.

Parting Words

That was everything! We're getting close to the next Update if things like this get revealed, so be on the lookout for hints towards the next update on Ludia's social media! Thank you once again to Jimbohi and ColoMtn for datamining for us! What do you think of this datamine? Let us know in the comments or in our Discord server! 

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