JWA Datamine 2.14: Long-awaited Hybrid, Jurassic Pass info and MORE!

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Explorers! We've got another datamine for you, thanks to our expert dataminers jimbohi and ColoMtn! It gives us more information on the Jurassic Pass, info on the April Fools Event, but also more information on new creatures coming into the game, including one for a creature that has been longing for a hybrid for a very long time. What creature is it? Find out further into the article!

Disclaimer: Everything listed in this article is not guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment. 

April Fools Event

We have more information on the April Fools Event that is coming in a few weeks! It seems that Ludia has already planted some code for several Strike Events and Trials, and the Trial in particular seems like an absolute troll! 

April Fools Boss Strike 

"Fight against special April Fools' creatures in the Fool's Strike!
"Take on a team of April Fools' creatures to earn the Fool's Scent in this Strike Event!",
"Fight against a team of specially selected April Fools' creatures in this Trial! Bring only Common, Rare or Epic creatures with their level reduced to 11!",

So every creature's level will be reduced to 11, meaning that your levelled up Epics or Rares won't be of any use here! Ludia is truly levelling the playing ground for this trial, setting everyone to equal levels! It remains to be seen what creatures we will be facing, but we are very intrigued to see what is going to happen on April 1st!

Jurassic Pass Information

We have found more information on the Jurassic Passes, including a confirmation that these Passes will get you more value if you purchase different upgrades to your pass. It seems you can purchase two upgrades to your Jurassic Pass, transforming it into either the Premium Pass, or the Grand Premium Pass, each upgrade getting more exclusive content for you to obtain.

Take your pick! Players with a Premium Pass can pick their favorite reward from the list below, then claim it by making progress in the Jurassic Pass. Not sure which reward to pick? You can always make or change your pick later

"The Jurassic Pass has ended! Pick the reward you want to claim now.",

Don't want to complete this Mission? You can replace it with a different one!
Free Mission Replacements left:
Paid Mission Replacements left:
Special discount for Premium players only
Automatically advance to and claim even more bonus rewards with the Grand Premium Pass!",
Jurassic pass I
Jurassic pass II 
Jurassic pass III
Jurassic battle pass unlocked

 "Unlock a second reward track, and make Jurassic Pass progress even faster by upgrading your Pass! This experience is available by purchasing the Premium Pass, or Grand Premium Pass for even more exclusive content."

We are not sure what the rewards and pricing will be, but we expect it to act similar to VIP. We do not know if VIP members get an update for free or if they have to pay extra money on top of their VIP, but once we know we will update you as soon as possible!

Alliance Championship Changes and next AC

Some time ago, we updated you all on the changes to the AC. Now we have confirmation on the matter, as Ludia included this line of code to further clarify what got changed to the AC collection system:

Are you sure you wish to leave this Alliance? Any active DNA requests and unclaimed Championship rewards will be lost.

This further cements the fact that you NEED to be in an alliance by the end of the Alliance Championship, so if you leave without collecting your rewards, they will be forever lost. So be sure to collect your own AC rewards in your alliance before hopping out to share Sanctuaries or more to another alliance!

The next Alliance Championship was also revealed, and it will be the first ever Unique Flock: Compsocaulus! This is an unique AC, as Compsocaulus is the first ever Unique to not have a hybrid component, so it will be interesting to see how Ludia will tackle this AC rewards-wise!

New Creatures

Finally, we have the big reveal of the new creatures. This one will be particularly exciting as one creature that lots of people want a hybrid for is finally getting it. I will just let you read it for yourself to find out.

Albertocevia: "The mottled stripes of the cold-blooded Albertocevia are a good indicator of its mood. Never approach when these stripes are at their brightest blue. This is when the superhybrid will be most aggressive! ",

Allodrigues: "Like the Alloraptor, the Allodrigues hunts alone, stalking prey it can easily transport back to its flock. Though small, Allodrigues are fiercely territorial, competing with other flocks for the best hunting grounds!",

Rodrigues: "Closely related to the Dodo, the Rodrigues solitaire is native to the island of Rodrigues, near Madagascar. Like the Dodo, this flightless bird went extinct in the 18th century due to colonial extermination. ",

Tarbognathus: "Each flock of Tarbognathus, no matter its size, will sport only one specimen with an orange-scaled cranium. The development indicates this particular creature is the flock's Alpha. ",

Thylaconyx:  "The dorsal stripes and sandy tone of this mammalian-reptile hybrid make it excellently camouflaged for its preferred grassland habitats."

That is right, ALLORAPTOR will finally get a Hybrid! It also seems like Thylacotator will get a new hybrid, and we will be seeing the Rodrigues Solitaire in the game soon! A lot of new creatures will come this update, as we also have last Datamine revealing lots of new creatures! It seems like the next update will be a BIG update, so we're excited to see what will come next update!


This has been a very informative datamine, so thanks to jimbohi and ColoMtn for sharing this information with us! What do you think of this datamine? Let us know in our Discord server or in the comments below! 

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