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Article by EDUARDO562
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Boost Tokens!

Hello Explorers! Ludia surprised us today with an announcement about the long awaited Boost Tokens. This is what the post said:

Hello DPG members!

The current boost refund system will be getting a makeover!

In the upcoming 2.14 update, we will be improving Stat Boost usage frequency by introducing Stat Boost Reset Tokens.

The first iteration to get Stat Boost reset tokens will be to participate in Alliance Championships and gain rewards! To increase your chances of unlocking these rewards, participate in all tournaments. The Tokens themselves will only be distributed after your Alliance reaches a certain Championship Reward Tier.

The Stat Boosts Token will have a banked lifetime duration of 30 days. So, be sure to use your collected tokens in order to not lose the consumable! You may only have 1 stat type Token stored in your Inventory at a time. If additional Tokens of the same stat type are collected, they are sent to your In-Game Mailbox instead.

There will be 3 Token Stat types:

Attack Boost Refund Token

This token refunds 100% of Attack Stat Boosts applied to 1 creature with no penalty.

Speed Boost Refund Token

This token refunds 100% of Speed Stat Boosts applied to 1 creature with no penalty.

Health Boost Refund Token

This token refunds 100% of Health Stat Boosts applied to 1 creature with no penalty.

As mentioned, Alliance Championship rewards will be the first iteration of the Token distribution and we will be sure to inform you all when additional iterations or distribution plans have been decided and implemented.

We’re excited for this news and we hope you are too! Happy playing.

What Does This Mean?

So we got a new teaser from Ludia it seems. This is for the awaited stat boost reset tokens! From our understanding, it looks like you can use these on a creature and get all your boosts back that are specific to that type. So if you use the attack token on your Mortem Rex with 18 attack, you get all your attack back. If you use your speed token on your 11 speed Thor, you get all 11 back. That's how we think they'll work based on what's said. We also know that you can only have one on you at a time and that they expire in a month. They did mention overflow going into your mailbox, so we'll need to see how that works, but it sounds like you have a cap that you can use. However, when it comes to obtainability, we're still in the dark. The FIRST iteration of this is coming with the alliance championships, but down the line there is a possibility they could show up in strikes and the market.

Parting Words

It's nice to see that Ludia is giving us an alternative to the removal penalty. We'll need to wait and see where they go with these tokens. I myself have high hopes as it could have the potential to really shake up how the game is played.

What do you think of the changes?! Make sure to join our discord for all of the discussion and latest in JWA News!

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