JWA Patch 2.14: New Creatures!

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Explorers! Patch 2.14 has dropped, and it is one of the most content-filled patches we have had in a long time. Stat Reset Tokens, lots of Creature Changes and Updates, New Creatures, lots of QoL – you get the entire lot. GamePress has you covered on all things Release Note related, so be sure to read our articles for a breakdown of these packed Notes.

In this article, we will be breaking down the New Creatures! Even though there are only 5 of them, they all have a plethora of new Abilities, which you can read a lot more about in the New Abilities article. In this one, I will only briefly touch on them to focus more on the creature itself. And these creatures certainly are interesting!

Preondactylus – Rare

Cunning Dodging Flock

  • Sideflap
  • Evasive Impact
  • Instant Cunning Strike
  • Stuck Landing
  • Low Tide
  • Absorb

This rare little flock is a dodging master. Each of these abilities have some form of Dodge integrated in them, giving Preondactylus a lot of Dodging chances. However, we cannot ignore the fact that this combination of moves forces Preondactylus to take at least one turn of not doing damage due to the Cooldowns of Instant Cunning Strike and Evasive Impact. This will be a bit of a bummer, but this creature will more than likely survive the hit and then attack back. No Rally Healing on this creature might imply that it will focus more on dealing damage than surviving, but we will have to see how it acts when the update drops!

Anurognathus – Epic

Cunning Swarmer Flock

  • Cunning Strike
  • Limited Evasive Strike
  • Alert Frenzy
  • Alert the Flock
  • Wingbeat
  • Minimal Critical Counter
  • Absorb

This creature is the first of two with these Frenzy abilities, and it’s looking good! With this kit, Anurognathus does everything you expect a Cunning to do: Distract, Dodge and Speed up! It also has a touch of Critical in there as well and it can Heal itself with Alert Frenzy and Alert the Flock! This will be a powerful creature if the Stats and Resistances are decent!

Ankylodactylus – Legendary Hybrid

Hybrid Components: Ankylodicurus + Preondactylus

Cunning and Resilient Dodging Flock

  • Sideflap
  • Shielded Evasive Strike
  • Evasive Cunning Impact
  • Superiority Rampage
  • Swap in Shields
  • Low Tide
  • Absorb

They did it, the first Flock that is not a pure Cunning/Wildcard-but-actually-pure-Cunning! Ankylodactylus focuses on reducing the incoming damage as much as possible with Shields, Dodge and Distraction while also slowing down the opponents with Superiority Rampage, bypassing the opponents Dodge while it’s at it! No Rally heal on this creature either, which might be a good thing considering all the ways it has to reduce your damage! While we don’t know Stats and Resistances, it’s bound to get some Armor from its parent Ankylodicurus, as well as some banger Resistances too. We shall see how it fares in Tournaments and the Arena once it comes out!

Ardontognathus – Unique Superhybrid

Hybrid Components: Ardontosaurus + Anurognathus

Wildcard Swarmer Flock

  • Fierce Strike
  • Decelerating Sideflap
  • Definite Alert Frenzy
  • Defense Shattering Rampage
  • Alert the Flock
  • Accelerated Invincibility On Escape
  • Minimal Critical Counter
  • Absorb

This creature introduces the first Fierce flock! Ardontognathus has it out for all Resilient and Fierce creatures, targeting them without care for Armor whatsoever! Decelerating Sideflap and Accelerated Invincibility On Escape will allow it to get a Speed advantage, while dishing out high damage with Defense Shattering Rampage and Definite Alert Frenzy! This creature is looking very powerful, and with its Ardontosaur ancestry, we expect it to have good Resistances and a pretty decent Health stat for a Flock. This might be our new best Flock in the game!

Imperatosuchus – Apex

Fierce Lockdown Expert

  • Fierce Decelerating Strike
  • Death Roll
  • Bask
  • Vulnerability Rampage
  • Defense Shattering Counterattack
  • No Escape Strike

From the most powerful Flock to the most powerful creature – Imperatosuchus looks like an absolute menace to face if it gets anything close to good Stats to go with this insane movepool. Bask and Death Roll in particular are two of the most powerful moves in the game right now, and they are on a creature that specializes in capitaliing off of opponents attempting to swap out. With its Defense Shattering Counterattack, it doesn’t do a full 1x damage, but considering it can buff itself, Slow the opponent 75%, Stun the opponent, Heal, and break Shields – this thing is going to be an absolute menace once it hits the fray. Notes say that there are no components to fuse this one, so we are back to the Raid Exclusive Apexes!

Parting Words

Five new creatures that are bound to bring a new breath of fresh air in the game! What do you think of these creatures, and what do you think the Stats will be? Come join us in our Discord server for a 2.14 discussion! See you in there!

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