JWA Patch 2.17: New Creatures!

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Explorers! Update 2.17 is here, and it brings a whole bunch of creatures, a few changes to some old dogs, and some new mechanics! Be sure to read everything about it in our articles, where we break down everything related to Update 2.17!

In this article, we will be breaking down the New Creatures! We got 3 new epic nonhybrids, one legendary, one unique, and one apex! How will they stack up? While we won't know until the patch drops, we can somewhat infer based off the moveset and the creatures they are made from.

Ghost – Epic

Ghost is a nonhybrid epic


  • Cautious Strike
  • Fierce Impact
  • Berserk Decimation

Ghost is an interesting new nonhybrid. With so many nonhybrid raptors, Ghost easily stands out by being part fierce, similar to Indoraptor. In fact, Ghost is more fierce than cunning as her only cunning trait is cautious strike. Then she has a good turn 1 option with fierce impact, and then Ghost also carries the new move berserk decimation, which sacrifices a third of her hp in exchange for a 2.5 shattering rampage. Being a raptor, she'll probably have low hp to begin with so this is a scary move for her to carry. It's also good to see Ludia not stick to a specific class for a certain group of creatures, like with the Dracorex family.

Beta – Epic

Beta is a nonhybrid epic


  • Evasive Strike
  • Impact and Run
  • Playful Pounce
  • Cower

Beta is another new raptor coming to JWA, and just like her mother, she is an epic. She also relies on dodge and distraction to deal with her opponents. However unlike her mother, Beta has a swap in and swap out move. She can come in with cower and reduce an opponent's damage to 1/6 of its original output. Then she has impact and run to get out and synergize with her team. And to tie her moveset together, she has playful pounce, which allows her to cleanse and speed up while also reducing the opponents output to as little as 1/6 once again. So she can swap in, pounce, and run away. Despite being weaker than her mother in the film, Beta in JWA shows her mother who the boss is.

Microraptor – Epic

Microraptor is a nonhybrid epic


  • Cunning Strike
  • Precise Double Strike
  • Distracting Triple Strike
  • Wingbeat

Microraptor is the new nonhybrid that has nothing to do with Dominion, but it brings a lot to the table that's for sure. With Anurognathus, we were introduced to moves that hit 2 times, and it seems like Microraptor will not only that that concept, but expand upon it with TRIPLE strikes. That's right, you can KO a flock at full hp with distracting triple strike. And with some shields only lasting 2 attacks as well as some distraction effects, Microraptor can easily work around that. Thankfully this flock doesn't have any rally healing abilities it looks like, otherwise it'll be a nightmare to kill.

Segnoraptor – Legendary Hybrid

Segnoraptor is a legendary hybrid made from Microraptor and Therezinosaurus


  • Minimal Speedup Strike
  • Cunning Ferocious Strike
  • Distracting Triple Strike
  • Rampage and Run

Segnoraptor had a few people scratching their heads as there was no Segnosaurus datamined, but Segnoraptor existed. It turns out it's with Therezinosaurus as well as Microraptor. And if Microraptor looked scary, this thing looks terrifying. It has distracting triple strike paired with ferocious cunning strike. It also has access to rampage and run to boast synergy. So with this creature, maybe flocks will have more to worry about than just Fukuimimus! And also, based on the silhouette, it looks like this creature isn't a flock! This makes it the first hybrid that is part flock to not become a flock, which I would think many people are glad about. Less flocks in legendary please and thank you.

Compsoraptor – Unique Superhybrid

Compsoraptor is a unique superhybrid made from Beta and Tarbognathus


  • Alert Surge
  • Alert Shattering Impact
  • Rampage and Run
  • Playful Pounce
  • Reinforcing Cower
  • On Escape Impact

Compsoraptor is the newest unique flock, and boy does it look strong. Not only does it have cower like Beta, but it also rally heals. And to rally heal even more, it has alert shattering impact like Tarbognathus. Also like its legendary parent, it has alert surge as well as on escape impact to trap opponents. And like Beta, you have the insanely powerful playful pounce as well as rampage and run. This thing is looking like it'll dominate unique tournaments and become an instant meta creature if the stats hold up.

Pteranokyrie - Raid Apex

Pteranokyrie is an apex that is obtainable via raids


  • Definite Strike
  • Dispersed Raking Impact
  • Merciless Alert
  • Alert Squall
  • Robbing Wing
  • Robbing Wing
  • Swap in Ferocity
  • Total Immunity on Escape

Finally, we have Pteranokyrie. This new apex brings a whole new mechanic to the table that will definitely shake the meta up. Let's start off with the other moves. Merciless alert is pretty standard as of now, as is definite strike. It also has disbursed raking impact, which is a cleansing impact that is a group move that also removes dodge and cloak. You have the interesting counter that offers a shield, as well as swap in ferocity. Immunity also returns as the on escape on this apex. Will immunity make a comeback? We will see. However this on escape is designed to deal with all the big swappers out there like Albertocevia, Parasauthops, and the newly buffed Utarinex. But the real mechanic that Pteranokyrie brings in is with alert squall. You force your opponent to swap. Now, there are many questions revolving around this. Will it trigger swap in moves? Can creatures resist it, and if so, is it a new immunity/resistances? Do creatures who go second still get to attack or is that the turn? There are so many questions surrounding this apex that we'll need to see when it's finally released.

Parting Words

And that’s it for the New Creatures! What were your favorite new creatures? Let us know in the comment section or in the Discord server!

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