JWA Patch Notes 3.5: New Creatures!

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Explorers! It’s time to head up because new patch notes of update 3.5 just came right before our eyes! Although it is a bit of a shame we're only getting 4 new creatures this time, looking on the bright side we’re finally getting a new Rare creature since update 2.20! Let’s take a closer look and see how these new additions to the game behave:

Please be noted that the patch notes mostly didn’t include descriptions of how the new abilities actually behave, so anything relevant shall be double confirmed once the update goes live. For now, ability introductions and how they behave are simply through our speculations from their icons and for the hybrids, via the history of their creature components.

Crichtonsaurus- Rare

Crichtonsaurus is a Cunning-Resilient.


• Group Resilient Strike

• Exhaust

• Cunning Rampage

Scientifically named after the one and only author of Jurassic Park, this cunning-resilient ankylosaur is our first ever Rare in a pretty long time! Its 3 moves also seem to make it a bit more interesting as opposed to the ankylosaurid family: To start off, you’ve immediately received Group Resilient Strike, which can already come in handy when the Rare meta is already filled with flocks that come in with all differenated moves. Exhaust is the new baddie moving onto a standardised creature, and from what this afflicting move can do to Pterovexus with a cool down of 1, seems that it’s gonna make good use of this move when paired with vulnerability as well as it’s Cunning Rampage on distracting the opponent more effectively. 

Through first impressions on its moves, I think it could help this new ankylosaurid stand a chance on defending itself in the Rare meta if Omegas aren’t involved, but we aren’t sure whether the stats resistances may help it furthermore, so who knows? Maybe we’ll see on Tuesday! Hopefully it’ll turn out like how Ian Malcolm once said, ‘Life Finds A Way’.

Scelidosaurus- Legendary

Scelidosaurus is a Resilient.


• Superior Vulnerability 

• Regnergating Bulwark

• Nullifying Decimation

• Resilient Group Rampage

• Reinforce On Escape

Meet Scelidosaurus, another ankylosaur now tied with Parasaurolophus Lux as the second non-hybrid resilient Legendary creature. If Parasaurolophus Lux is a creature one can bring into raids, Scelidosaurus might be the exact opposite. This ‘Tanky Broccoli’ seems to be using Superior Vulnerability to repel cunnings, Regenerating Bulwark to heal itself, gain more armour as well as a shield. Besides as a regular move, Reinforce On Escape also allows it to tank more significant damage aside from fierce moves too. From these 3 moves alone it can already seem to be a very good option for taking on cunning Omega creatures roaming alike.

When you think that everything is almost over, make way for Nullifying Decimation. From what the icon tells us, it seems to have the mechanism of armour reduction and a heal as well. Now this is a resilient even tank users might have to be wary about. To end all this mayhem, Resilient Group Rampage caught my attention. Not only is this a flock endbringer, but what do you think in the meta also uses a dodge, comes with a Cunning Rampage and is prone to vulnerability? Yep, if you’re thinking of what I’m thinking, I believe this ankylosaur is what we’ve been waiting for from a very long time ago.

Crichtomoloch- Unique Super-Hybrid

Crichtomoloch is a Cunning-Resilient super-hybrid fused from Crichtonsaurus and Ankylomoloch.


• Group Resilient Strike

• Instant Dodge Impact

• Afflicting Alert Stun

• Sly Rampage And Run

• Survival Instinct

This hybrid is actually a pretty nice touch to the history of the Jurassic Franchise. Not only because Crichtonsaurus is named after the author of Jurassic Park, but Ankylomoloch requires Bumpy DNA to fuse it, and Bumpy is a character from Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. It’s like a fusion of both history and science fiction. Makes me wanna see an Apex hybrid fused with it and Scorpios Rex in the future...

Anyways back to its moves, Group Resilient Strike is always a plus to have, and here also lies Instant Dodge Impact as well. Allowing it to gain a versatile turn 1 option. Thus, this Unique might actually be a powerful combatant thanks to its signature move: Afflicting Alert Stun. From what its move icon tells us, it seems to be a 2 way round like Ankylomoloch’s Alert Instant Shielded Strike. Thanks to the reference from the former’s past abilities, we believe that combined with affliction and stun, it can almost guarantee a stun when it’s in a secure state, and an invincibility treatment with nullification on alert state. Sly Rampage And Run is also a nice move to keep the cunning attributes and the hit-and-run functionality from Ankylomoloch as well. Last but not least, Survival Instinct was buffed a few updates ago, and with both of its components seem to be relatively tanky creatures to begin with, I’d say it’s like adding wings to a tiger! Whether it’ll be meta relevant or not, we’ll surely have to see how its stats and resistances turn out. But with Ankylomoloch having some mediocre ones, let’s hope it’ll get some improvement on it.

Plateorex- Apex Giga-Hybrid

Plateorex is a Wildcard giga-hybrid fused from Plateopikasaurus and Tenontorex.


• Instant Resilient Strike

• Skirmish

• Double Impact Bulwark

• Precise Devouring Rampage

• Swap In Bulwark Alert

• Slowing Counter Power Heal

Ending off with the Apex of this armoured update, we have Plateorex. It’s a shame that it uses even more Tenontosaurus DNA after Concatoloch as well as using more Plateosaurus after its weekly release even if most of us haven’t even created Plateopikasaurus, but hey-ho, it’s just JamCity being themselves again.

Instant Resilient Strike is a priority move without any cool-down on the resilient attribute, and then you have Thylaconyx’s Skirmish, which now is more compatible to Group Shattering Rampage as it now allows Plateorex to do a cleanse on vulnerability as well if it doesn’t have the resistances to it. Double Impact Bulwark like Plateopikasaurus was also inherited to it, probably further making this double impact a more effective weapon to make the most out of its tank abilities. And for the trump card in this update we have Precise Devouring Rampage. From what we see in the ability icon, it seems to be a deadly combination of Plateopikasaurus’ Precise Dispiriting Rampage and Tenontorex’s Distracting Devouring Impact. We aren’t sure whether it’ll have the same exact amount of effects as the 2 attacks aforementioned, but if it does further enhance them, it could further let Plateorex be a menace on the field with its ‘3Ds’: Deceleration, Devour and Distraction, totally behaving like a modern Wildcard in the most successful way possible. As for Swap In Bulwark Alert, it seems to be like a 2-way round swap in like Compsoraptor’s, but coming along the ride are shields and an increase in armour aside the distraction and regenerating abilities. Lastly, Slowing Counter Power Heal is probably an upgrade to Counter Power Heal with a better deceleration mechanism. 

Parting Words

And that wraps it up for all 4 of the new creatures! For me, I’m surprised that we finally got ourselves a new Rare creature since Dire Wolf back in 2022, and yet it seems usable in tournaments as well. Additionally, with Crichtonsaurus being the Rare choice here and getting a Unique hybrid right away, hopefully it’ll be wild sooner than we expected. We’re also looking forward to seeing how the new Apex Plateorex works in the top meta. By the way, it seems that we’re also FINALLY taking a short break from getting new Omegas since their first appearance back in update 3.0. No offence but I think we really need a break from those critters even if this update was just an exception. What are your favourite creatures in this new update? Let us know and feel free to comment on our Discord server! Thanks for reading and happy playing!

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