JWA Daily Missions – Have We Cracked The Code???

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Hello Explorers! How are you enjoying these Daily Missions helping you get 100 extra DNA every day? Well we at JWA GamePress love them! This Month, Ludia is giving us the Epic Woolly Rhino, last month it was BLUE... and if you are like us, you want it! In order to get it, you need to complete and collect your daily missions, each day. Now for many of us, this is a simple task. If you are an active player and exceeds the standard exploration and defense tasks set out for you each day, this may not be an article you need. Many players however, don’t have the ability to play JWA for 8+ hours a day and would like to be able to prepare for what your missions will be tomorrow (stack up on incubators, hold your Daily Battle Incubator, etc.)… We can help!

The Research

Quite a few of our staff and discord members have been tracking Daily Mission data for months. Staff members have been posting screenshots of their personal missions, discord members have been saving data, and a few of us crazy people have made state of the art SPREADSHEETS! (And if its on a spreadsheet it must be accurate, right?) While there are still some things we don’t know about daily missions, we do know A LOT! Let’s start with the basics…

The Missions

First off, we know that the following are the possible Daily Missions available:

  • Daily Defense (Open 1 Daily Battle Incubator) OR Defense Training (Complete 12 battles) *These rotate
  • Advanced OR Common Extraction (Collect DNA)*These rotate
  • Creature Engagement (Fire Darts)
  • Creature Feeding (Use Feed Items in Sanctuaries)
  • Creature Play (Use Play Items in Sanctuaries)
  • Creature Training (Use Interact Items in Sanctuaries)
  • Dart Acquisition (Collect Darts)
  • Extraction (Collect DNA)
  • Fund Acquisition (Collect Coins)
  • Marksmanship (Get Direct Hits)
  • Open Incubators (Open Incubators)
  • Seek Supplies (Open Supply Drops)

While we are certain you have SEEN all these missions at some point, the purpose of collecting this data was to help you determine which missions you would get, and when! Chatter throughout our discord seemed to revolve around people thinking they were just totally random, but after faithful tracking, we disagree…

The Results

Reeb Missions

Unfortunately, the distribution of Daily Missions can not be found in the code (that we can see) so that is no help. We don’t know how they are originally disbursed by day (we would need a reset for that), but we do know that YOU should have your own distinct pattern of daily missions. Here is Mine… It has not deviated since I started faithfully tracking (and claiming all rewards) in early November:

Castal Missions

Another staff member @Castal has been faithfully tracking for months has just a slightly different  mission distribution than me (extraction and seek supplies are reversed), but hers also does not change: Day #1 as expected, Day #2 as expected, then restarting at Day #1 as expected, Day #2…

Other faithful trackers from our Discord have a slightly different distribution of missions as well, like our friend @GizmoTheWizard shows below (his is an even 6/6 distribution!): 

Gizmo Missions

How Does This Help YOU?

TRACK YOUR MISSIONS! Every morning (evening/afternoon) first thing when your Daily Mission reset happens, screenshot your missions before completing any. Then, complete them all and collect your daily DNA, every day. (The primary discrepancies we have seen are when you don’t complete all the missions, and/or you don’t collect the Daily 100 DNA.) After doing this for two days, the third day should be a repeat of Day #1.

Now, YOU know what to expect! Your mission distribution may not be the same as mine, but there should be a pattern. Knowing your Daily Missions tells you when you can use all your Feed, Interact, Play (FIP) items in sanctuaries or when you should hold some. Knowing if you have to open incubators or a possible DBI tomorrow helps you to stack up on some today... We all have our own play styles and “real life” schedules, and knowing your missions could help you to better plan your JWA play!

What We Don't Know...

If you know me at all, you know there is plenty I don’t know, and I am not ashamed to admit it! But regarding missions, here is what we don’t know:

We don’t know how these were split to start with. Did we all start with 12 and then they split evenly if we completed them all? Is it truly random how they are split? If you miss a mission and some carry to the next day, but then complete them all, does it revert or do the missions just move over a day (we have several conflicting reports on this and will keep testing). How many days in a row do you have to complete and collect until YOUR pattern emerges and everything gets to the day it is supposed to be on? Why do some of us have 7,5,7,5, others have 6,6,6,6 and some have 8,4,8,4.. Clearly it has to do with missing some, right? And how come we have someone who is absolutely certain that they regularly get 8 one day and 5 another day (because that equals 13!)... but it does happen!

Is there a pattern to whether or not you will get Daily Defense OR Defense Training and Advanced Extraction OR Common Extraction? As far as all of us can tell this is completely random, BUT there could be a larger cycle that rotates them that we just haven’t seen yet. We don’t know why we haven’t been able to precisely duplicate this on brand new “baby” accounts yet, but the majority of us with experienced accounts have patterns – Does it have to do with levels? Clearly, there are a lot of things that we still don’t know about missions, and our data collection is not complete – but what we have shared could be a great help to some of you!


Even More Importantly… WHAT DO YOU KNOW? We would love to hear your experiences with these Daily Missions and see if you can either help us provide more answers to the JWA community, or will you perhaps create more questions! We are always looking for players like you to join our discord below, join our discussions and help us track topics like this!

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