Alliance Missions Update: Rank Requirements & DNA Rewards

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Alliance Mission Updates

Explorers! For while we have had hints and mutterings about changes to the alliance missions and alliance mission rewards. Specifically, we knew that the DNA received for alliance missions would be based on player level starting today. Also, in our data mine last week, we discovered that there would be 10 alliance mission ranks instead of the usual 5 we were used to. Both of those changes did come about today and thanks to our amazing data miner, OrigamiRobot, we now know exactly what the requirements for each rank are as well as what each level player will receive in terms of DNA based on the rank the alliance receives.

Alliance Mission Requirements

Now that we have 10 tiers of missions what does that mean for the requirements for each tier? Well, we pulled the data and here are the comparisons for the overall totals for each of the different missions in Exploration and Defense. 

Exploration Mission Requirements
Missions Prior Total Requirement New (1.11) Total Requirement
Collect DNA 2,295,500 2,295,500
Collect Common DNA 1,775,550 428,850
Direct Hits 8,050 24,550
Fire Darts 54,100 46,100
Spin Supply Drops 7,725 8,125
Collect Rare DNA 589,300 196,000
Collect Epic DNA 100,150 53,600
Collect Coins 1,172,000 1,014,000
Defense Mission Requirements
Missions Prior Total Requirement New (1.11) Total Requirement
Battle 6,830 5,435
Perform Creature Takedown 3,676 7,425
Open Daily Battle Incubator (DBI) 233 182
Open Incubator 3,238 3,010
Use Interaction in Sanctuary 420 425

So as you can see the requirements have significantly decreased in some of the more difficult missions (like collecting rare DNA and the total number of battles). Since the rewards are more spread out, however, it is going to take a lot more coordination within the alliance to make sure you stay on track (especially with the incubators and DBI). To see the full list of requirements for every rank in the new system, check out the images below. 

DNA Rewards

When you successfully complete the ranks above, you will be awarded specific DNA based on the rank you reach. Previously, everyone received the same rewards, but starting today, rewards will not only be base on what rank the alliance achieves but what player level you are as well. There are also 5 creatures in rewards instead of 3. We will be receiving DNA for  2 common, 2 rare, and 1 epic creature each week. This is the full list of rewards by rarity. Since we are getting double common and rare you will double the amount shown in the chart to figure out the full award. From what we can tell, reaching rank 8 would be equivalent to rank 5 DNA for level 20 players. 

Closing Thoughts

There are a lot of changes happening with alliance missions this week but it seems like some of the more difficult missions might be easier to manage. We'll keep you updated on strategies to reach those top ranks and remember coordination will be even more important with these changes. If you have not joined an alliance, we encourage you to do so! It's a great opportunity to meet other players, trade DNA, and try to achieve those high ranks in missions! We have an alliance recruitment channel on our discord so make sure to check it out. And let us know what your thoughts are on all of these changes. Good Luck out there Explorers! 

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