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Jessica Behringer

Wife, mother, native Texan, taco lover, book lover, dinosaur lover and self-proclaimed nerd. I hate cold weather and the book is always better than the movie. 

Articles Worked On
JWA News Update: Megaloceros is Coming, Battle Balancing Survey, and Your Chance to be Featured!
JWA Common Skills Tournament: Top Dinos in the Sims
JWA Small Update: Cute Dino Poll and Christmas Dinos Revealed!
Alliance Missions Update: Rank Requirements & DNA Rewards
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Epic Regular Skills Tournament: Best Dinos based on the Sim
JWA Datamine: Patch 1.11
1.11 Patch Notes: New Moves and Creature Updates
1.11 Patch Notes: New Creatures & Hybrids
JWA Weekly Events Dec 2 - 8: Nullify & Self Increase
JWA News Update: More 1.11 Teasers, December Season Reward Announced, a Thank You and a Giveaway!
Thank You JWA Players
JWA Weekly Events Nov 25 - Dec 1: Thanksgiving
JWA News Update: Birds coming to Sanctuaries, Indoraptor Gen 2 Pursuit, and 1.10 Tier List!
Jurassic World Alive: 1.10 Tier List!
Rare Skills Tournament: Best Dinos based on the Sim
JWA News Update: New Alliance Rewards, Crack Down on Cheaters, Increased Supply Drops
JWA Weekly Events Nov 18 - 24: Fast & Debuff
CR Non-Hybrid Skills Tournament: Top 25 Dinos according to the Sims
An Open Letter to Ludia and JWA Players: What we can both do to improve the game we love
JWA Weekly Events Nov 04 - 11: South America & Europe
JWA News Roundup: November Daily Dino, Alliance Reward Changes, New Season Rewards
Guide to the JWA Field Guide App
JWA Boost Update: Boosts Now Available in Arena Incubators
JWA Weekly Events Oct 28 - Nov 3
JWA News Roundup: Patch 1.10, Themed Scent, Updated Dindex with Sim Tool
JWA Op Ed - Boosts 2.0 Make the Arena Great Again
JWA Boost 2.0 Q&A - More Information on the upcoming Boost Changes
JWA Weekly Events Oct 21 - Oct 27: Pterosaurs, Halloween & Asia
JWA Weekly Events Oct 14- Oct 20: Counter Attack and Immune
JWA News Update: CR Tournament, Epic Strike Tower, Bird Scent, and new Boost Calculator Tool!
Rare and Common Skills Tournament: Top 25 Dinos according to the Sims
JWA Weekly Events Oct 7 - Oct13: Armor and Counter Attack
JWA News Update: New Tournament, Themed Scent, New Daily Mission Dino, and 1.9 Tier List!
Jurassic World Alive: NEW Tier List (Update 1.9)
Epic and Rare Skills Tournament: Top 25 Dinos according to the Sims
JWA Weekly Events Sept 30 - Oct 6: Stunning & Flee
Jurassic World Alive Stat Boosts 2.0 - Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Boost Changes
JWA Sanctuary Guide - Shared Sanctuaries
Dynamic Skills Tournament: Top 25 Legendary and Epic Dinos according to the Sims
JWA Datamine version 1.9.34 - Small update with BIG changes
Jurassic World Alive: New Matchmaking Announced
JWA News Update: New Alliance Mission Rewards, Smilonemys Nerf, and 1.9 Tier List Update
JWA Weekly Events Sept 23 - 29: Hybrid Legacy and Swap In
JWA Pop Quiz Main Event Tournament
JWA Weekly Events Sept 16 - 22: Spelling Bee
1.9 Datamine Article
Battle at Big Rock Announced
JWA: 1.9 Winner and Losers based on Sim results
JWA 1.9 Patch Notes - QOL Updates
JWA 1.9 Patch Notes: Creature Rebalancing
JWA 1.9 Patch Notes - New Abilities & Ability Updates
JWA 1.9 Teaser - New Super-Hybrid!
JWA News Update: PVP Season updates & 1.9 Teaser Recaps
1.9 Speculation - New Hybrids
JWA - 1.9 Hybrid Leaked? Unconfirmed reports about a new Hybrid
JWA Weekly Events Sept 02 - Sept 08: High HP & Lockdown
New Dinos Released in the Wild! Allosaurus Gen2 and Nasutoceratops added to JWA
1.9 Speculation - Creature Rebalancing
Battle at Big Rock Coming Soon? Naustoceratops released in Jurassic World Evolution
Jurassic World Alive News Update: Themed Scent, September Daily Mission Dino, and PVP Season Ending
JWA Weekly Events Aug 26 - Sept 01: Lockdown & Hybrid Showcase
Rare Skills Tournament - Where Dinos rank based on Sim results
Battle Basics - Swap In Abilities and Counter-Attacks
Jurassic World Alive News Update: New Tournament Announced, Ankylosauridae Scent, and is Patch 1.9 coming soon?
JWA Weekly Events Aug 19 - Aug 25: Wound & High HP
Alliance Recruitment & Seeking
What to expect when faced with the unexpected #2: Edmontoguandon
Jurassic World Alive News Update: New Tournament Announced, Sauropoda Scent, and Alliance Rewards Mix-Up
GamePress Jurassic World Alive EMOJI Design Contest
JWA Weekly Events Aug 12 - Aug 18: Debuff & Fierce
Alliance Mission Advice - Part 2 (Defense)
Alliance Mission Advice - Part 1 (Exploration)
Community Tier List Results
JWA Weekly Events Aug 05 - Aug 11: Cleanse & Wound
JWA Lesser Hybrid Skills Tournament Announced
Ludia House Party Event: Exclusive JWA Event for Montreal
Weekly Events July 29 - Aug 4: Stunning and Fast & Themed Scent
JWA State of the Arena - Part 2
JWA State of the Arena: Part 1
1.8 Community Tier List
Weekly Events July 22-28: Featured Creatures and Scents on Sale
Jurassic World Alive: Alliance Rewards Change
Jurassic World Alive Weekly Events (July 15 - 21) - Fast & Pterosaurs
Changes to Dodge and Evasive Mechanics and How it Affects Gameplay
Jurassic World Alive Celebration Tournament
1.8 Updates - Sanctuaries and Season Trophies
Dealing with Dracoceratops
New Jurassic World Alive Seasons Underway
Sanctuary Guide
Beginners Guide #5: Arena Incubator Cycle Mechanics