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Hello, again Explorers! Today we are going to be talking about the JWA Field Guide App. This app is your must-have resource for all things JWA on the go. It allows you to look up stats of dinos, save your team and boost information, and even calculate the cost to level up a dino. Here are some tips and tricks on the best way to utilize this incredible resource. Huge shout out to the developer, Matt Ellis, who created this app! It’s available FREE of charge on Google Play and iOS.

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Customized Search

You have the app downloaded? Great. Let’s get started. When you launch the app, you will see the main screen where you can search for the dinosaurs. You can search for and group creatures based off of  Alphabetical Name, Move Name, Spawn Location, GamePress Tier, Rarity, Health, Damage, Speed, Armor, and Critical Chance. You can sort the list by clicking on the appropriate icons at the top. 

Full-Text Search
You can search for any part of:

  • Creature Name (e.g., Rex, Indo)
  • Move Name (e.g., Shatter)
  • Creature Rarity Type (e.g., Unique, Leg)
  • Tier Type (e.g., Tyrant, Apex)
  • SpawnLocation (e.g., Area 1, Park, School)

Expression Search

You can also do an expression search using any of the following Fields andOperators:
Fields: Health, Damage, Speed, Armor, Critical
Operators: =, <, >, <=, >=

This allows you to answer questions such as the following:

Who are the fastest armored Dinos in the game?

  • Search for “Armor>5” while grouping by Speed

What Tiers are the Dinos with the highest Critical Chance from?

  • Group by “Tier” and then search for “Critical=40”
expression search

Creature Details Screen

After you are done searching, you can click on a creature to see it’s profile. It looks very similar to the stats screen you see in the game, but the cool part is you can see the actual damage for each move based on levels and boosts. So if you want to know what damage a level 30 Indoraptor Gen 2 will do (since we will see one of those on Thursday for the epic strike event), you can navigate to that dinosaur’s profile and change the level to 30and see what the statistics will be. This can be especially helpful when you are planning for epic strike events.

indo2 stats and moves

You can also see what the stats of creatures are based on boost levels. I use this a lot when facing dinos in the arena and I want to know what their boosts levels are. Here is an example of a level 30 Dracoceratops (since that’s a popular one to boost). This is also helpful for me to see what the highest level HP and attack that creature has so I can boost my creatures accordingly (to counter it usually). 

DC Boosted stats

Comparing Creatures

Speaking of strike events. Another feature that can be useful is the creature compare screen. Going back to that Indoraptor Gen 2. If you click on the “compare” button you can choose another creature you want to compare directly. You can include boosts on both creatures for direct comparison. If you are wanting to see how your creatures will do against the monsters in the strike tower, this can help with the planning and strategizing.

creature comparison

Creating Loadouts

One of the coolest features of the app is the Loadouts. Loadouts are essentially different ways to organize your creatures into “teams”. You can do different loadouts for your arena team, tournament team, and even your dream team. You can add a creature to a Loadout by clicking on the “Loadout” button and selecting which Loadouts you would like to add the creature to. It will save the current boosts and levels as well.

procera loadouttournament team loadout

You can edit these various Loadouts and add more by clicking on the Loadout button from the bottom of your screen. Now if we can just get Ludia to implement something like this in the game, we won’t have to worry about going in the arena with our Tournament Teams! 

Evolve Cost Calculator

If you need to know how much DNA and/or coins you need to get to a specific level you can do that in the Evolve Costs screen. Click the Evolve Costs button at the bottom to pull up the calculator. There, you can input the current level of your creature, and what level you want to evolve it to. You can also include the DNA you have to see how far you can actually evolve it. This tool is especially helpful once new hybrids are announced so you know how much DNA you need to collect to get it to hybrid level. 

evolve costs


If you don’t already have this app, we highly encourage you to download it! While GamePress is a great resource for some of this information, the JWA Field Guide app has some awesome features that we just can’t host on our site. Matt said he is working on even more features for future updates so keep an eye out for those! And if you have any questions or suggestions for the app, head on over to our Discord where we have a channel specifically dedicated to the JWA Field Guide. Have fun out there explorers! 

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