Jurassic World Alive: Update 1.10 And Boost Theory

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What To Boost In A New World


It's out! It's official. The Google Play version of patch 1.10 is now out and people are getting into the action. So as we figure out what this boost bonus looks like and what in the world we should be doing in game, let's talk about some general boost theory to accompany the awesome work that OrigamiRobot did with the sim results.

But before you do that, hopefully you've used our boost calculator below and calculated your own boosts, or read Origami's article that shows by the numbers what you should be considering boosting in the top tier dinos.

Dino Boost Calculator Tool

The advice we've given before (which is confirmed based on most of the findings in the simulator) shows us that because boosts are based on percentages, you want to boost a dinosaurs strengths over its weaknesses.

Sure, giving more health to a Dilorachierus may sound like a pretty solid idea, but when it already has a very low health value, each boost in health is significantly less than something with a lot of health (like Gemenititan). So boosting a weakness may not always be beneficial.

Second, some slower creatures end up having an instant move (or two) which are primarily beneficial when you are slower rather than when you are faster. Slow creatures tend to have an entire kit full of moves that are intended to benefit when you are slower -- like slowing moves which have no use when you're very fast. So boosting speed on slow creatures has less benefit.

Another really interesting consideration (and what we're seeing in the sim results) is how the simulation doesn't prefer a speed build for most creatures. In fact, in most cases, focusing on health or damage was by far more beneficial. But the reasoning for this makes perfect sense.

If you are 100 points faster in speed, you go first. If you are 1 point faster in speed, you also go first. Which means being faster matters, but there's no incremental benefit to being WAY faster. Whereas every point of health or damage will benefit you regardless.

This actually might mean a pure speed build on a creature just isn't a great idea for stat boosts. Because while you may be fastest, you won't be balanced. And with the new shared limits of boosts (where even at cap you can't have a creature at 20/20/20) you will have to split some boosts into something else.

Lastly, we know damage builds are doubly beneficial for things that have damage boosting mechanics like Ferocious Strike, Ready to Crush, Ferocious Impact, etc. These benefits were existent in the previous boost world, but they're even more existent now that we have a shared cap. Because now people can't take a creature and boost it to maximum in all three areas.

In Conclusion

As always, finding any guide that specifically tells you what you should boost is entirely dependent on team synergy and what you have at max level (or closest to max level). But we've got an excellent discord server full of people who can help you sort out these considerations and more.

Good luck Explorers.

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