JWA Exclusive News: June Daily Dino and Alliance Championship Information

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Explorers! Even though it's already June, the new daily dino and Alliance Championships won't start until Monday, June 7th. There has been a lot of speculation on what these can be and we are excited to share the information with you! This information comes directly from Ludia. They provided the most recent information available at the time. They are not final and subject to change if necessary.

June Alliance Championship

They seem to be following a pattern with the Alliance Championships. Or so we thought. Everyone assumed that next month would feature Ardentismaxima, but it looks like we are getting another long neck instead. 

The June Alliance championship creature will be Geminititan!


The event will run from June 8th, 2021 to July 5th, 2021. That means we will be getting Koolasuchus Gen 2, Arambourgiania, and Diplodocus as rewards in the tournaments! We aren't sure what those formats are yet but we will let you know as soon as they are announced. 

June Daily Mission Reward

Right now we have Diplodocus as our daily mission reward. You get DNA for a creature for every day you complete all of your daily missions. For the month of June we are super excited to see Bumpy as a reward! 


Bumpy is an exclusive creature so make sure you complete all your missions every day to get all the DNA you can. We are happy to see them sticking with exclusive creatures for daily rewards and hope they continue with this. 

Parting Words

In addition to the information they provided above, they also included this little teaser.....

keep a lookout on our socials for the news on the week of June 7th! Let’s just say, it's gonna be...Legendary.

So we are assuming those will be creatures from the Legendary Poll we did last month and we can't wait to see what that looks like! If you are hyped about June's rewards, make sure to head over to our discord and chat about it and make sure to keep an eye on our website for more exclusive JWA content! 

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