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Explorers, we've got some exciting news for you! Ludia has provided GamePress with EXCLUSIVE information on the 3.1 Update! This update doesn't have a name, but it looks like it has some very exciting features and creatures in store for us! You will see the full Release Notes being released on Thursday, August 17 (barring any last-minute changes). However, Ludia has given us permission to share some teasers wit you all now! Without further ado, let's dive into what they've provided us to share!

Note: Ludia provided the most recent information available at the time. They are not final and subject to change if necessary.

3.1 Teasers

The following information is what was provided to us:

  • Barring any last minute changes, we are planning on publishing the release notes officially on Thursday, August 17th and releasing the next update the following week. As always, these dates are subject to change.
  • We are releasing 6 new creatures in this update. 4 Omegas and 2 new… UNIQUE HYBRIDS!!
  • Get ready, because there are 27 new abilities being released in this update. This includes my personal favourite - Wild Triple Strike!
  • We are releasing a couple exciting new features in this update:
  • The first is a change to how we create ability text. The goal of this feature is to greatly reduce disparities between an ability’s description and it’s behavior. We will continue to make improvements to ability text in coming updates as well.
  • We have made improvements to the friends list in this update.
  • 3 creatures will be modified in this update: 1 very impactful buff and 2 minor nerfs. More details will be in the official release notes. 

We are excited to see some unique hybrids being added. Hopefully, the components are huntable and it's something that people can work towards creating. Some people will not be thrilled with additional omegas being added, but we hope they are also in the wild. It sounds like we will have even more abilities to learn, but the descriptions might make them easier to understand exactly what they do in battle. We are also looking forward to seeing what creatures are getting buffed and nerfed. 

Parting Words

This is some exciting information and we're glad that we are able to share this information with the community! What is your favorite part of this teaser? Let us know in the comments or in our Discord server! 

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