JWA News Roundup: Alanqa Season, Alliance Rewards and Weekend Tournament!

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Welcome back Explorers! We’ve had yet another busy week in JWA so we have a lot to cover: The start of the Alanqa Monthly Season, the Superior Hybrid Weekend tournament has started, and the ongoing issue with Alliance Rewards this week! Let’s go over them all!

Alanqa Monthly Season

We’ve mentioned this previous week too, but now that it’s official, we felt we needed to quickly touch upon it again. This month’s Seasonal Reward is the Epic Arena Exclusive pterosaur Alanqa. We’re starting to see a trend in the rewards, being the fact that now we’ve gotten every single Jurassic Ruins Arena Exclusive as a reward! Does this mean that we’ll get Mt. Sibo’s Arena Exclusive Arambourgiania next time? Or are they going to do something else? When it is announced, we will let you know! But for now, we’ll show you the infographic with all the rewards for the Alanqa Season.


Weekend Tournament!

The Superior Hybrid Weekend Tournament has gone live! This Skill tournament features Legendary and Unique Hybrids, at equal levels and no boosts equipped! We think this is one of the most exciting tournaments yet, as there are many Legendary and Unique creatures that can really shine in this format! We have used our Battle Simulator to find out what win percentages each creature has, and here are the top 25 of all eligible creatures!


Alliance Rewards

Early in the week, there was a mistake with the Alliance Rewards and the distribution of them. Ludia mentioned at first that they would push back their new Alliance Reward system to 1.11, but accidentally implemented them this week, with last week’s Featured Creatures still being there, and not this weeks Irritator. To fix this, they reset everyone’s progress for the Alliance Missions, causing a big outrage on the Forums and our Discord because people who didn’t claim their rewards before the reset would lose their rewards.  Soon after this, the Developers came to the Forums and mentioned that they would compensate the rewards people might have lost. We’ve heard reports of people not receiving a full compensation, only getting one of the two of Exploration or Defense, but the developers mentioned on the forums that you need to send in a ticket to receive the remainder of your rewards.

Mission Rewards

Strike Event and Themed Scent

Today we’ve gotten the Epic Alanqa Strike Event on the map! If you are struggling, we’ve got a Guide for you that you might want to check out! There has been a Stegosaurid Scent for sale last two days, but there hasn’t been another one on sale for Friday! Has Ludia moved the sale time for these Themed Scents to line up with the Themed Scent Strike? We’ll find out this weekend or next week!

Noteworthy reads

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Wrap Up

This has been an action-packed week so far, and it’s not even done yet! We still have a day to dart some Irritator or Argentinosaurus (don’t forget it!) before the Epic Creatures start to replace them. We’re also hard at work on our 1.10 Tier List and we hope to get that out soon! As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information, and join our discussion on discord. Have fun out there, explorers!

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