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With the recent changes to sanctuaries and the amount of DNA you can receive from creatures that you interact with, there has been a recent push to work together as an alliance to level up sanctuaries. Prior to 1.9 there were alliances that were able to reach the coveted level 20 but many didn't feel the rewards were worth the effort. Now, level 20 sanctuaries give double the DNA you would receive from a creature in a level 1 sanctuary and that difference starts to add up fast. Because of that, people are wanting to know how they can get a sanctuary to level 20 to maximize the use of their sanctuary items. We have already covered how Themed Sanctuaries work, but that isn't the best way to get that high level sanctuary. Especially if you have a smaller or not as active alliance. Right now, a very good option is Shared Sanctuaries. 

What are Shared Sanctuaries?

Shared sanctuaries are basically one sanctuary that is shared between 2 or more different alliances. This option is a great alternative for alliances that are having trouble getting one sanctuary past a certain level (we always stalled out around level 15 for example). The benefit of shared sanctuaries is you have more than 50 people feeding, interacting, and playing (or FIP) with dinos so it will level up faster. We will go over the tricks and tips you need to make a shared sanctuary successful.

Before we get into the specifics, let me preface this by saying this strategy is not for everyone. Shared sanctuaries take time and coordination in order to work, but if you are willing to put the effort into it, the rewards can be very satisfying. Before you think about starting a shared sanctuary make sure you have an alliance that is willing to do it, and you have a way to communicate outside the in game chat. Set your goals and expectations early so everyone is on board with it. 

The Rules

As we mentioned, coordination is key with this sanctuary strategy so it is best to form some rules before you even have the sanctuary set up. These are some rules we came up with to maximize our FIPs and get the sanctuary leveled as quickly as possible. Obviously you can come up with your own rules and regulations based on your needs, but if anything there is 1 rule that is imperative that everyone follows if you are going to be successful:

  1. Don't place a dino in a targeted sanctuary unless specifically asked to

I cannot stress this rule enough. This is the most important rule for a shared sanctuary because if you have someone place a dino at the incorrect time it is possible for one of the alliances to lose that sanctuary (more on that later). This is also where your sanctuary organizers come in handy. 

Here are some of the other rules we came up with for our shared sanctuaries or "targeted sancs" as they are called here:

  • Only have 2-3 "targeted" sancs at a time. Ideally you want 2 shared; starting a new one every week. That way you always have a higher level one and always have an upcoming high level one
  • ONLY FIP with targeted sancs. You are free to place a dino in any sanc you want for the minimal DNA you get in return, but don't FIP with them. 
  • Don't allow any other sancs to level up above level 5 (except for the targeted sancs). 
  • Only have a maximum 2 of each type of dino between the 2 targeted sancs. Some of the higher needed dinos like Irritator might up to 3, but only once it is at a higher level. You want to maximize the FIP from everyone so you want a variety of dinos represented so everyone will FIP with it.

Obviously you can't control or track where people use their sanctuary resources, but the more they FIP with the shared sanctuary the faster it will level and in the end that is what everyone wants so they can maximize DNA. 

Setting up a Shared Sanctuary

As we previously mentioned, a shared sanctuary is one that is shared between multiple alliances. So you might be asking yourself - "how do we do that?". This is where it become very helpful to make friends. What you need is 2 or more different alliances that have access to the same local sanctuary. So that means people living in the same household that are members of 2 different alliances or go see if there are any occupied sanctuaries in your city and see if you can connect with that person or alliance. The JWA discord has an "in search of channel" that might help you find someone, or reach out to someone on the forums about it. 
You don't even have to meet up in person or tell the other person where you live, but you do need to be able to both initially place a dinosaur in the same local sanctuary. 

After you find someone you can share with you will need to make a list. We polled our alliance to see what everyone's top 5 dinos were. Then we found the top 10 most popular and compared the list with the other alliance. After that we compiled a big list between the 2 alliances of the top 10 dinos we would be placing as the sanctuary leveled up. The higher level sanctuary you have, the more dinos you can place so you can continually place dinos as you have space.

Starting and Maintaining the Sanctuary

So you have your alliance partner and your list. What do you do now? Your next step is for each of the local players to place a dino in the same sanctuary. This will share that sanctuary with both alliances and all 100 people will be able to interact with it through their respective alliance menu. You should place dinos that are at the top of both alliances lists so you have the most people interacting with them.

Previously, sanctuaries were only shared with the alliance for 24 hours so that made coordination difficult at the beginning. Now we have a 3 day share and that has tremendously helped relieve the stress of an alliance losing a santuary. In fact, you can fill it up at the very beginning without much worry as long as you are able to continue to level it daily. Having a group chat where sanctuary organizers can communicate with each other will help tremendously since you can't see how much time is left on each other's sanctuary. Stagger the placement of dinos so you have some coming out at different times instead of all at once and make sure to give yourself time to place before it is no longer shared with the alliance. 

The sanctuary organizers will be the ones to coordinate with members of the alliance to make sure dinos are placed correctly. Ideally, you get to a point where the person that places a dino will just place it again when it comes back and keep repeating the process until the sanc is expired. If you ever "lose" the sanctuary you will need to try and have the other alliance level it up as quickly as possible to open up another spot. Then you can place again locally or have someone place through their Dinodex. 

Leveling the Sanctuary

Once you have the sanctuary started it's time to level it as fast as possible. With the adoption of Boosts 2.0 there was a change to sanctuary points and how much each creature will give. Here are the sanctuary points needed for each level up of a sanctuary comparing the old system to the new system (thanks to SaytheMagicWord on our discord for this information):

sanc point

Sanctuary points are gained each time someone FIP with a dino in that sanctuary. When you long press one of the options (such as feed) you will see how much DNA you will get from that dino and above that is how many sanctuary points it gives as well (no matter what the level of the sanctuary is). The higher the rarity, higher the level, and even the number of boosts on the dino determines how many sanctuary points it gives. We don't have a full list of every dino since they can vary so much but below is an example of what a level 30 Blue will give.

Blue in Sanc

113 Sanctuary points. That's a lot! So as you compile your list of dinos that people want in a sanctuary, you might also poll your alliance to see who has that random overleveled dino. Does someone in your alliance have a lvl 18 Ouranosaurus because they used it before it had a hybrid? They are the perfect candidate to place that in a sanctuary! Focus on what people need, but also try and get as many high level dinos in there as you can. We had a level 28 Tany that gave great sanc points and while people didn't necessarily need that dino, we had enough people use their interact item on it just for the points. 

The Rewards

Coordinating a shared sanctuary is hard work. We aren't going to lie about that. It takes time and effort and the buy in from everyone in the alliances. But what you can get from it can really be worth the effort. If you have people hesitating just show them this. This is what 1 Feed, Interact, and Play on an Irritator will get from a level 20 sanctuary.

irritator FIP

That is 54 DNA per FIP. Which equates to over 300 DNA per day if you maximize your resources. So is it worth it? We sure think so. 

In Conclusion

Sanctuaries are an incredible resource especially for that exclusive DNA that you can't otherwise hunt for. I have personally been able to put 2 levels on Magna faster then it took me to get one level prior to sanctuaries. And now that the rewards are even better, it has gone even faster. Now that we have been able to get a sanctuary to level 20, we can't wait to keep doing it again and again to maximize that DNA. If you have some dedicated alliance members that are willing to help out with the management of it, it is to the benefit of all involved. If you are looking for an alliance to share with, head on over to our discord where we have a channel completely dedicated to sanctuaries. 

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