JWA Weekly Events April 06 - 12: Easter

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Explorers! The weekly schedule is out and it looks like we are getting Easter Theme featuring Egg Protector and Egg Hunter creatures. These honestly aren't the most exciting creatures, but we will get a chance to dart a legendary and Unique and that's always nice. So let's break it down. 

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday -  Wednesday: Commons (18 attempts)



What to Dart

Iguanodon and Parasaurolophus both have decent hybrids so either would be worth your attempts. Iguanodon is a daily creature so you can't scent for it, but can usually find it pretty easily on Fridays. Parasaurolophus is a local creature so you can go for that if you don't have easy access to that area and you need it. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (12 attempts)



What to Dart

Tenontosaurus is probably the better choice of the 2 in the rares since it is park locked and is a component of a very strong hybrid, Tenontorex. Edmontosaurus can be found in local 3. 

Featured Creatures - Legendary

Friday: Legendary (1 attempt)


What to Dart

There is only one choice for the Legendary: Paramoloch. It is a very strong creature in the lower arenas and also has a unique hybrid, Tuoramoloch. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (3 attempts)


What to Dart

There is only one epic to dart so if you have one in range, you might as well collect the DNA. It is a hybrid so you can fuse it, but this will save some DNA and it also has a super-hybrid as well. 

Featured Creatures - Unique

Sunday: Unique (1 attempt)


What to Dart

Tenontorex is a very strong super-hybrid that can compete in the top arenas. So unless you have one at level 30 you are definitely going to want to go out and get that DNA. 

Strike and Trial Events

The theme in the strike events is Egg Hunters! The creatures found in this pool are:

     Common: Gallimimus, Velociraptor

     Rare: Ornithomimus, Utahraptor

     Epics: Pyroraptor, Spinotahraptor

We have 6 Epic Strike Events this week!! There is a Diplodocus themed Strike on Friday and various Easter themed strikes throughout the week.

They are also continuing with the new strike format so make sure you are paying attention to those. Where it shows the double strikes in the picture, those strikes will only be out for 12 hours at a time. The first one will started at the reset and go for 12 hrs and then will change to the other strike. So make sure you are completing the first one within 12 hours. 

We will also have the Trials again with a theme of Easter so keep an eye for those on the map as well.

Themed Scent, Boost Strike, and Treasure Chase

There is an Easter Scent Strike on Monday, Thursday, and a Saturday. There is also a Health Boost Strike on Wednesday and an Epic Scent Strike on Saturday. That is a guaranteed Epic Scent if you are able to defeat all of the creatures. 

There is a special treasure chase that will give out "Egg Protector" DNA. Instead of the coin treasure chases on the map, they will also be sending a gift in your in-game mailbox on Saturday so make sure to check that out! 

In Conclusion

Not the most exciting week, but epic strikes are always nice for the coins alone and a Diplodocus Strike is amazing as well. We are looking forward to the Alliance Championships that start this weekend. and we will also have the tier list up this week as well so keep an eye out for that! Make sure to join our Discord as well for all the latest information in JWA! 

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