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Update 2.17 is now live and that means a new datamine! Thanks to our expert dataminers jimbohi and ColoMtn! There isn't a whole lot of new info, but we did find descriptions for new creatures that could be coming in-game, as well as possible new raids. So let's get to it! 

Important Disclaimer: Nothing listed in this article is guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment. If you share this information, share it responsibly.

New Creatures

New Dinos


Like its hybrid ancestor, the scaly Smilonemys, this Apex predator uses the stony texture of its back to camouflage itself within rock formations. Some specialists believe Indonemys may also be able to disguise its heat signature, further confusing prey!

This was one of the creatures that were available to vote on in the Apex poll that Ludia recently sent out. It was speculated this one would be the winner based on some recently datamined moves. While we did find it in the code, it still doesn't necessarily mean it will come in-game and there is also a possibility that one of the other hybrids featured in that poll could also be the winner. Looks like there's a pretty good chance of it being Indonemys, however. The image from the poll shows Indominus Rex 2 as an ingredient, but the text from the poll shows Indominus Rex Gen 1. As usual, don't level, fuse, or do anything with these creatures until we get official word from Ludia. 



The fiery-plumed Lystrosavis is omnivorous. Its inverted tusks assist this creature in digging for roots as well as rending meals of carrion!

This sounds like some kind of hybrid possibly with Lystrosaurus (that we already have in game). Hopefully we will get more information about it soon. 



First discovered in 2013, this tiny tyrannosauroid dates to the Cretaceous period and weighs roughly 170 lbs!

This is actually a real creature recently discovered. We found an article from the New York Times talking about the creature and it included a rendering as well.

Mors Intrepidus


The Epic Oviraptor GEN 2 bears a unique white coloration across its feathers! Specialists believe this may help it camouflage in sand and surf environments


The Epic Quetzalcoatlus GEN 2 spreads its wings a whopping 36 feet! By catching the right air currents, this toothless pterosaur is capable of flying across continents, or even around the world!


Named for her unique coppery-red scales, Red is one of four lethal Atrociraptors engineered for viciousness.

Another movie creature to go along with Ghost that was introduced this update. We wonder if we'll see the other 2 in future updates as well. This is a rendering of Red from the movie. 



Nicknamed 'the Tasmanian tiger of Jurassic World,' this unique superhybrid is one of Alive's few monotremes, or egg-laying mammals! It is believed this is a result of its fusion of mammal and reptile DNA.

This looks like a possible hybrid of Moros Intrepidus. Maybe with Thylaconyx or Thylacotator? We'll have to see. 

New Raids

In the Community Update, Ludia mentioned that we would be getting 3 new raids this quarter. 1 Rare, 1 Unique, and 1 Apex. The Apex came in update 2.17 and we are pretty sure we found what we will see in terms of the Rare and Unique Raid. 


- Troodoboa

We're pretty excited to see some new raid creatures on the map, especially for things like Troodoboa where DNA can be difficult to hunt. We hope these are the raids we'll be seeing in 2.18!

Parting Words

Many thanks to jimbohi and ColoMtn for sharing this information with us! Datamine updates usually come out every Tuesday and we post anything we find in our discord server so make sure to join us in there as not all information goes into an article. What do you think about the new creatures that might be coming? 

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