2.18 Datamine: Creature and Player Level Increase?

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Explorers! Patch 2.18 is Live! We dug into the code as soon as we were able and boy did we find some interesting things. Thanks to our expert dataminers jimbohi and ColoMtn! We got some more information about the possible feature that won as well as information on players and dino levels. So let's get into it. 

Important Disclaimer: Nothing listed in this article is guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment. This is not officially from Ludia so if you share this information, please share it responsibly.

Tracking Update

In the same poll that we voted for the next fusible Apex (which went live in 2.18) we also voted on what feature we wanted in the game. There were several to choose from:

Feature Poll

Based on what we found in the previous datamine, we are pretty sure "Creature Tracker" won this poll and we have some more information to back up that assumption. This is the text we found directly in the code about this possible new feature

  • Want to collect more of a certain creature's DNA but can't find it on the Map? Use the Creature Tracker to track it down!
  • The creatures shown above have migrated off the Map and can no longer be tracked. They have been removed from your Tracker. Watch out for them in future special events!
  • Now that you’ve unlocked the Tracker, you can Track 1 creature for free! Keep Levelling up for the opportunity to Max out your Tracker Slots, and be able to track up to 8 creatures at once!
  • Each slot shows the level required to unlock it. Once you’ve reached this level, the slot will either be able to purchase and use forever, or Rent for a 24 hour period!
  • Creatures eligible for tracking will appear in the Eligibile creatures list. To be eligible, the creature must be discovered, and must be available to collect via the Map.
  • Each creature in Jurassic World Alive is most active at a particular time of day. Some are diurnal—mening they are most active in the day time. Some are nocturnal, meaning they’re most active at night. And some are crepuscular, meaning they’re most active at dawn and dusk. Use the 'Active Time' sorting option to view these creature’s time of Day preferences with an icon. But remember, even though each creature prefers one time of day, you might still see it active in another!
  • Want to temporarily turn your Tracker off and focus on something else on the Map? Use the Tracker toggle in the Tracker menu. You can also tap and hold the Tracker button on the Map to power it down!
  • Once you’ve added a creature to an open Tracker slot, head to the Map. If that creature is available anywhere in your Tracker’s range on the Map, a beacon will appear leading you right to it!
  • Select which creatures you want to track by adding them to an open slot in your Tracker menu.
  • Would you like to Unlock this Tracker Slot now?
  • Eligible Creatures
  • Recently Tracked
  • Creatures Removed from Tracker
  • Unlock Tracker Slot?
  • This creature is now hidden from your Tracker.
  • This creature is now being Tracked.
  • You must reach the required Player Level before purchasing this Slot.
  • All times: this creature is active on the Map throughout the 24 hour cycle!
  • Crepuscular: this creature is most active on the Map at dawn and dusk!
  • Diurnal: this creature is most active on the Map during the day!
  • Nocturnal: this creature is most active on the Map at night!

It looks like they are going to be more specific about when you can find certain creatures on the map. This tracker looks like it will also alert you if a creature you are tracking is near and a beacon will appear exactly where the creature is. It also looks like there will be several tracker slots you can unlock and you must be a specific player level to use this feature or purchasing more slots. Based on the image from the survey, slots will be available to unlock with either coins or Hard Cash. 

We are pretty excited about this feature and think it will be an improvement to the game. We can't wait to see how it works and hopefully this will help us hunt better and more efficiently. 

Player and creatureLevels

Similar to the new feature, we also found hints of possible higher player and creature levels in previous datamines. We found several achievements that make us think we are, in fact, going to to have an increase in Player and Creature Levels 

  • Reach player level 21
  • Reach player level 22
  • Reach player level 23
  • Reach player level 24
  • Reach player level 25
  • Reach player level 26
  • Reach player level 27
  • Reach player level 28
  • Reach player level 29
  • Reach player level 30
  • Evolve Achievements
  • Evolve 3 common creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 3 common creatures to level 40
  • Evolve 3 rare creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 3 rare creatures to level 40
  • Evolve 3 epic creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 3 epic creatures to level 40
  • Evolve 3 legend creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 3 legend creatures to level 40
  • Evolve 3 unique creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 3 unique creatures to level 40
  • Evolve 3 apex creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 3 apex creatures to level 40
  • Evolve 15 creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 5 creatures to level 35
  • Evolve 15 creatures to level 40
  • Evolve 5 creatures to level 40

Last time this was reported in the datamine, we heard a LOT of feedback about the creature levels in particular. Many players expressed their concern over having to fuse and level creatures up to level 40. The cost in coins and DNA would be astronomical under the current fusing system, especially at the lower raritie. We would like to reiterate that we do not know if these increased creature levels will be under the current fusing system. It is very possible the system changes and there will be other ways to level creatures. We will try and give more information as we know/find more but this will be a big change in the game if it actually comes to fruition.  

Parting Words

Many thanks to jimbohi and ColoMtn for sharing this information with us! Datamine updates usually come out every Tuesday and we post anything we find in our discord server so make sure to join us in there as not all information goes into an article. What do you think about the possible new feature and changes to creature and player levels? Join us and let us know in our discord! 

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