The Big 7000!

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7000! English majors may know it as Seven Thousand, Football Fans may recognize it as (V)MM… but on our JWA @ GamePress Discord, we know it as OUR MEMBERS! This weekend we hit an amazing 7000 members and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

A huge THANK YOU to all our discord members, our article readers, our tier list lovers (and haters!), our partnered alliances, and all our friends (new and old) who have helped us reach this amazing milestone!

And if you are not already on our discord with us… Why Not? Come join a place where over 7000 members discuss your favorite game, without all the toxicity and ugliness that you may see elsewhere. Come get team building advice and boost advice! Come recruit new alliance members or find yourself a new alliance! Come talk tournament strategies, show off your JWA artwork, and share your good (and bad) luck with us!  Share your stories, your frustrations, and bring all your questions... We are here to help!


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Nursing Professor By Day, JWA Extraordinaire By Night! 

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