JWA Datamine 2.6 Part 2: New Raids, New Creatures, Boost Shuffle, and More!

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Explorers! We have more new information for you thanks to dataminers extraordinaire, MattE, ColoMtn & Jimbohi. They've shared more new things they found in the code with us. Our friend, Praisebigboy, translated the code in to better understandable descriptions (you've maybe seen this document shared already). In it are some very interesting things  that might be coming in Update 2.7! Let’s see what's been unveiled!

DISCLAIMER: By clicking on this article you are risking yourself to get JWA spoiled for you. The things we will share are possibly future additions to JWA. Just because the things we are going to mention are in the code does not mean that they will all be implemented in a future update. GamePress shares this information based on the fact that we found something news-worthy, but does not guarantee that these findings will be in the next update. Please do not assume this datamine article as a guarantee that the following things will be in a future update, as Ludia has put creature code and other features in the code before without ever releasing them. As such, this article is no proof that anything is coming to JWA guaranteed in the future.

New Creatures

If you are in our Discord server or if you read our previous 2.6 Datamine article, you might have seen some of this already (we post regular Datamine updates there if you're interested!). However, this datamine has included more information on the matter which we are dying to share with you all. The following creatures were found in the code, but this doesn't automatically say that they will be in the next update:

  • Compsognathus (Epic) (Flock)
  • Compsognathus G2 (Rare) (Flock)
  • Compsocaulus (Legendary) (Flock)
  • Dodo (Epic) - now guaranteed!
  • Megistocurus (Legendary)
  • Scutophicyon (Legendary)
  • Tsintamoth (Legendary)
  • Deinotherium (Rare)
  • Andrewtherium (Epic)
  • Bumpy (Rarity Unknown)
  • Dodocevia (Legendary) (Flock)

Flocks, we say? What in the world are flocks!? Flocks will be a new addition to the game and are described as tiny creatures who appear in groups of 3 who work as one in battle! Each flock counts as one member of your team. Flock creatures have some special attributes that make them valuable in battle. These include:

  • Absorb: Flocks can withstand powerful attacks and keep fighting, only losing one flock member at a time! But watch out for group attacks, these can take out an entire flock at once!
  • Rally: Flocks can call a new member into the fray after one is defeated! But remember, regular healing abilities cannot trigger a Rally!

Looks like we're finally getting the Dodo! After being teased with it on this year's April Fools event, it seems like Ludia has plans to put the Dodo into JWA. It also seems like it is receiving a hybrid! We have found the name Dodocevia among the game code, with a description mentioning how it has a hybrid parent of Inostrancevia! This would mean that Inostrancevia is the second creature with three hybrids after Nodopatosaurus!  We're also getting one of Jurassic Park's movie staple creatures: The Compsognathus or Compy! These creatures will finally be entering the game, and it immediately looks like one of them is getting a hybrid called Compsocaulus. We can only assume that this is with either Diplocaulus or Diplocaulus G2, but we're excited to have them in the game!

New Raids

As if Monday through Thursday raids aren't enough, we will soon have a FRIDAY raid! The new creature Refrenantem (a Dilophosaur) will appear on the maps on Fridays, starting on May 28th. Other new Raid creatures found:

  • Meiolania (Starts May 19th)
  • Blue (Replaces Woolly Mammoth May 11th)
  • Haast Maximus
  • Hydraboa

We have to emphasize that this doesn't automatically mean that all these creatures will be a new Raid boss this update. Lastly, Smilonemys is receiving a level decrease from 24 to 22, making that Raid a bit easier. 

Ability & Creature Changes

You've maybe already seen the text change in game (though the move itself has not yet been changed) for Swap in Stunning Strike. Once changed, it will have 100% chance to land a stun on swap in. Based on the move name in the code, "SWAPINSTUNSTRIKE2", we expect the strike aspect will remain. Of course, this will not be a guaranteed stun against those with resistances or immunities. This is a very powerful thing and will only make Woolly Rhino & Ceramagnus stronger.

A corner of the community has been heard, and Monolometrodon and Sarcorixis are getting a long awaited nerf. The following creature changes were found:

  • Skoonasaurus: Gains Medium Resilient Counter, +150 health
  • Dracoceratosaurus: Gains deceleration immunity, +3 speed, Cunning Impact becomes Cunning Rampage
  • Sarcorixis: +300 health, -25% slow immunity, - 200 attack, -5 speed
  • Monolomentrodon: Fierce Rampage becomes Fierce Impact, no crit resistance, -25% slow resistance, -25% distract resistance

With the changes made to Dracocerato, it may find its way on to more arena teams. We also wouldn't be surprised to see a rise in Skoona. While the hits to Rixis & "Monolo" are pretty hard, until there is a boost shuffle, we'd expect them to linger. What? Did we say boost shuffle....

Boost Shuffle! And New Achievements

The code very well indicates we are in for a very long awaited BOOST SHUFFLE! Our last shuffle event was near the end of 2020, and much has changed in the arena with the unlocking of Apex creatures. With regards to actual code, the following text was found: "Players have noticed the win rates for Monolometrodon and Sarcorixis have been exceeding others in their rarities, devaluing comparable creatures. We’ve taken a look and confirmed this is true, so both have been adjusted. If you’ve played strategically and invested boosts on either of these creatures, don’t worry-- a free Stat Boost Shuffle event is on its way!"

This is very exciting news for the bulk of the player base, though some will not be pleased about it. It's very important they allow for this when major creature changes & balancing happen, so we may be in store for even more than just what's listed above. 

They'll also be adding several new achievements to keep that aspect of the game alive and interesting. These are as follows:

  • Epic Gratitude: Receive 200 Epic DNA Donations
  • Exploring West - Evolve Stegoceras to level 15
  • Exploring Europe - Evolve Struthiomimus to level 15
  • Exploring East - Evolve Rinchenia to level 15
  • Size Doesn't Matter - Create 4 Flock Creatures
  • Strength In Numbers - Win 50 PVP Battles using Flock Creatures
  • Bite-Size Brute - Evolve the Compsognathus to level 15
  • Building Courage - Use the ability Courageous Alert 30 times
  • On Point- Get 30 Direct Hits on Epic Flock Creatures

Parting Words

These are exciting possible new additions to JWA, and we're looking forward to them! Based on the date for the Meio raid deployment, we can speculate our next update will happen on or prior to Tuesday, May 11th. We are most looking forward to the long awaited BOOST SHUFFLE, giving us a chance to redesign our arena and tournament teams. What changes will you make to your teams once this happens? Let us know in the comments or on our Discord server!

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