JWA Datamine - Higher Creature Levels Coming?

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It's Tuesday and that means Datamine day! We didn't find a lot of new information today, but it could have a HUGE impact on the game so we felt an article was appropriate this week. Huge shout out to our expert dataminers jimbohi and ColoMtn! Jimbo would also like for us to point out that while he was the one that found this information he has no responsibility on the impact it could have in the game and don't get mad at him for it! With that being said, let's get to it. 

Important Disclaimer: Nothing listed in this article is guaranteed to come into the game. Ludia can scrap any of this at any given moment. If you share this information, share it responsibly.

Possible Next AC and Seasonal Rewards

First, for the good news. It's almost the end of the month, so that means the end of the current Alliance Championship and Seasonal Arena Rewards. In the datamine, we found mention of a Championship and Seasonal Reward that could be coming next month. 

Allodrigues Alliance Championship

Lystrosaurus Season Rewards

Ludia usually gives GamePress a teaser for the next month's reward and daily dino so we are hoping to get official confirmation on at least one of these this week. Stay tuned for more information as we get it. 

Increased Creature Levels?

This one is a question mark because what we found didn't exactly say creature levels are increasing, but it was heavily implied based on new achievements that were found.

Achievements for hitting levels

General evolve/level

level 35: Super Evolution Continues

level 40: Maximum Evolution Continues

level 35: Super Evolution Begins

level 40: Maximum Evolution Begins

Rarity levelling achievements

35: Apex Super Evolution

40: Apex Maxim

35: Common Super Evolution

40: Common Maxim

35: Epic Super Evolution

40: Epic Maxim

35: Legendary Super Evolution

40: Legendary Maxim

35: Rare Super Evolution

40: Rare Maxim

Okay, so what does this all mean? We think it means that creatures are going to be able to be fused/leveled past level 30 and up to level 40. Considering the wording of this, it makes the most sense. But since these are in the achievements, technically it could also mean you fuse a specific rarity of creature a certain number of times. Ludia isn't always the best at making it clear what an achievement actually means. And we're honestly trying to be optimistic about this all.

IF it means we might have creatures up to level 40 we also wonder if that means an increase in boost availability and this could be a huge impact on the game. Leveling an epic to 30 already requires so much DNA, we can't even imagine trying to get it to 40. On the positive side, it could give players more to work towards, but that also means we need that DNA in the wild to actually be able to hunt it. 

We would like to reiterate that we do not know if this actually means creature levels are increasing and this is just a guess based on information we found. We know people won't exactly be thrilled about this possibility, but we don't know for sure it's happening so please make sure you keep that in mind. Hopefully we'll get some more clarification in the coming weeks with future datamines so make sure to keep an eye out. 

Parting Words

Many thanks to jimbohi and ColoMtn for sharing this information with us! Datamine updates usually come out every Tuesday and we post anything we find in our discord server so make sure to join us in there as not all information goes into an article. What do you think about these possible changes? Let us know in our discord! 

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