JWA News Update: New Alliance Mission rewards, Next Hybrid Pursuit, and Bug Fixes

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Hello Again Explorers! If you didn't miss the hype from last week, our 1.12 Tier List is done! Make sure you check out the article below. We are still working on getting the website updated to include the new tiers (spoiler alert, Tyrant Tier is now split). We also have an exciting tournament this weekend that includes rare, epic, and legendary creatures with Boosts as prizes! Also this week, the new alliance mission rewards were announced, the next hybrid pursuit was announced, and there was a soft update that brought some much-needed bug fixes. So let's get to it! 

New Alliance Mission Rewards

The next set of alliance rewards has been announced and they are pretty exciting! Especially the Defense Rewards:

FEBRUARY / MARCH 2020 | 24th to 08th

  • Exploration Missions

    • Common: Dracorex GEN2
    • Common: Parasaurolophus
    • Rare: Edmontosaurus
    • Rare: Scaphognathus
    • Epic: Maiasaura
  • Defense Missions

    • Common: Apatosaurus
    • Common: Brontotherium
    • Rare: Amargasaurus
    • Rare: Argentinosaurus
    • Epic: Brachiosaurus

These are really good rewards especially for those working on Ardentismaxima! I know Argentinosaurus is one of the most requested dinos in my alliance so we will definitely be motivated to go for those top-level rewards! 

Next Hybrid Pursuit - Alloraptor

The graphic in the game says that Phorusaura is the next hybrid pursuit, but the image shows Delta and Allosaurus Gen 2 so we are pretty sure the next hybrid pursuit is Alloraptor. Usually, they do the lower rarity first, so we are thinking Delta will be next week and Allosaurus Gen 2 will be the week after that. This is a very exciting pursuit since Allosaurus Gen 2 is sanctuary exclusive and hasn't been in any events. So make sure you stock up on the DNA while it is live! Alloraptor doesn't have a hybrid yet and has the potential to make a very strong super-hybrid! 

Soft Update and Bug Fixes

There was a soft update this week that had some minor bug fixes in it. It looks like the dinosaur shadows are back so everything looks normal in the lab now. They also fixed the alliance leaderboard. Previously, you would see yourself at the bottom of your alliance no matter how many trophies you had. Now you should see your correct position in your alliance. There were probably other bug fixes and we made sure to dig through the code but didn't find anything new. 

Wrap Up

A quieter week so far, but that just leaves us to wonder what else we have coming soon! We should have a St.Patrick's event and we can't wait to see what next month's daily reward will be.  Make sure to join our discord for all the latest news and information! 

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