JWA News Update: New Alliance Mission Rewards, Smilonemys Nerf, and 1.9 Tier List Update

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Welcome back Explorers! We've got another exciting week in the world of Jurassic World Alive. We just finished the first tournament of 1.9 and congratulations to all the winners! We also have an exciting week of Featured creatures so make sure to check out our article on that below. Also this week, we have new alliance mission rewards, a Smilonemys nerf, and an update on our 1.9 Tier List! So let's get started. 

Alliance Mission Rewards

Alliance Mission Rewards have been a bit of a  touchy subject lately as people have received incorrect rewards a couple of times. If you do ever receive the incorrect rewards, make sure you contact support so they can send you the correct ones. The rewards you should have collected today (September 23rd) were:

  • Exploration Missions

    • Common: Apatosaurus
    • Rare: Amargasaurus
    • Epic: Brachiosaurus
  • Defense Missions

    • Common: Gallimimus
    • Rare: Ornithomimus
    • Epic: Blue

The rewards for the next 2 weeks have been announced as well and we are expected to receive the following DNA for the Exploration and Defense Missions for the next 2 weeks. You will collect these rewards next week when everything resets on Monday next week (September 30th)

  • Exploration Missions

    • Common: Einiosaurus
    • Rare: Triceratops
    • Epic: Stygimoloch
  • Defense Missions

    • Common: Sarcosuchus
    • Rare: Argentinosaurus
    • Epic: Sarcorixis

We are definitely excited to see some Argentinosaurus as that is a key component in Ardentismaxima (which got a huge buff this patch). And Stygimoloch is arena exclusive so that can be useful for people who are working on those hybrids though. Nothing extremely exciting (like the Blue we got the last 2 weeks), however. But the missions rotations are refreshing and a good way to stockpile some DNA we may not otherwise have a lot of access to. We are still waiting on that Irritator reward as well. 

Smilonemys nerf

We reported last week that Smilonemys was on the list of "Bug Fixes" that Ludia put out. We didn't hear anything else official about it, but it looks like it's stats did in fact get nerfed. Using the level 72 misison for reference, the AI had the following stats changed. Remember that the AI was boosted to tier 8 in all categories (HP, Attack, and Speed) but from that we were able to work out the change in stats. 

Smilonemys stats

Here's what those stats break down to at lvl 26 unboosted:

At 1.9 Launch After "Re-Work"
Health 4350 3990
Damage 1500 1200
Speed 127 127
Armor 50% 50%
Crit Chance 5% 5%

Did it deserve a nerf?

Honestly, I think a nerf this early was a little too preemptive. No one had even created it yet when they decided it was too strong. And most people made that decision from the tier 8 boosted monster you play in the level 72 campaign. While it was a very strong dino on release, they should have waited until someone actually had it to see how it actually performed in the arena. 

1.9 Tier List Update

We've had a lot of people ask about the tier list lately. And we can report that we are hard at work on it right now. No seriously. We are completing the surveys right now and will start discussions ASAP.

If you aren't familiar with our tier list process we get about 15-20 people together and do an initial vote (using surveys we developed) to get an idea of where everyone thinks dinos should be on the list. Then we compile those results and anything that doesn't have at least a 65% vote will fall onto our "contested list". And then we discuss, revote and hopefully come to a final decision as a group. It's a process and something that usually takes up to a week to complete so hopefully we can have more information about it next week so stay tuned! 

Wrap Up

We've got a another exciting week ahead of us and will keep you up to date as we get more information about potential tournaments and events. And if we seem extra quiet on the discord, it's because we are working hard on that tier list for you! As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information,and join our discussion on discord. 

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