JWA News Update: New Tournament, Themed Scent, New Daily Mission Dino, and 1.9 Tier List!

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Welcome back, Explorers! We've had an exciting week so far and we have even more to look forward to this weekend! We have a tournament that started today, a Themed Scent in the store, the New Daily Mission Dino was announced, and 1.9 Tier List is officially done!  Make sure to check out our article below on the event dinos so you know what to dart this weekend. 

Epic and Rare Tournament

We have a tournament going on right now and it's a skill-based tournament so everyone should have a chance at that top prize! It features epic and rare dinos at even levels so it should be a fun one! If you missed it, we actually broke down the top 25 dinos based on sim results. Check out our article on that below. 

Daily Mission Reward

Ludia announced the Daily Mission Dino and it looks like we will have Pteranadon next month. 

Daily Dino

While not everyone is 100% happy about this choice, their are many others that are very happy with it. With park scents still not working properly, it is literally impossible to target this creature right now. So those that run Quetzorion on their team should be very happy with this announcement. 

Themed Scent - Charger Scent

We have another themed scent in the store today and it is the Charger Scent. Here is what you can expect to get from it. 

Charger Scent

This isn't a bad scent to invest in if you have the HC to spare. While Einosaurus isn't the best dino of the bunch, the rest are components of some very strong hybrds. Stygimoloch Gen 2 is an exclusive dino and while it's hybrid, Stygidaryx, isn't the strongest unique out there, it woundn't hurt to have some scents on hand for when Daryx gets that much deserved buff (hint hint). 

1.9 Tier List Update

We are extremely excited to announce that our 1.9 Tier List is DONE! We worked so hard on this list to make it as accurate as possible and with 23 different people debating on it, you can imagine why these things can often take a while. There were some surprises in placements but we feel very confident this time around. We plan on doing another community tier list as well so keep an eye out for that coming out soon! Check out the article and full list below 

Wrap Up

We've had another exciting week and will make sure to update you on Sunday as soon as next week's event dinos are announced. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we will keep you up to date with information, and join our discussion on discord. 

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