JWA Weekly Events Aug 12 - Aug 18: Debuff & Fierce

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Explorers! The weekly events have been announced and once again we've got your coverage. This week's theme is Debuff as the featured creatures, and Fierce as the strike theme. We'll break down what to dart and what to expect from the strike events. So let's get to it!

weekly events

Featured Creatures - Common

Monday - Wednesday: Commons (27 attempts)

Monolophosaurus Gen2

What to Dart

None of these are particularly exciting but if there is one you really need a lot of DNA for, go for that one. Diplocaulus is a resident of Local 3, Monolophosaurus Gen2 can be found in Local 4, and Stegosaurus is a daily dino on Saturday. If we had to choose one to dart, we would say Stegosaurus is a great option since it only appears one day a week (you also can't scent for it) and it is a component of the very strong legendary dino, Monostegotops. 

Featured Creatures - Rare

Wednesday - Friday: Rares (30 attempts)

Diplocaulus Gen2
Koolasuchus Gen2

What to Dart

Depending on where you are and what hybrid you are currently working on, a case can be made for any of them.

  • Diplocaulus Gen2 resides in Local 4 and is an ingredient for the legendary hybrid Diplovenator. 

  • Koolasuchus Gen2 is also in Local 4 and a component of the hybrid Koolabourgiana (which make up the Tyrant Geminititan). With Diplodocus (the other half of Geminititan) being the daily dinosaur you might want to stock up on some Koola 2 if you haven't already started on the unique dinosaur.
  • Proceratosaurus is incubator exclusive and can't be found in the wild. Since all of the other options can be hunted, we always suggest going for the one that isn't easy to get. It is also an ingredient for Procerathomimus and they have been giving us a lot of that DNA lately further fueling the hybrid speculations.
  • Tuojiangosaurus moved to Local 1 last patch and is needed for the 2 unique dinos, Tuoramoloch and Diorajasaur. Dio is Tyrant but usually Ankylosaurus is the one holding people up, not the purple stego.
  • Finally we have Wuerhosaurus, which can be found in Local 2. It recently got an Apex worthy hybrid, Carnotarkus. Carnotarkus considered a super hybrid and isn't eligible to get a hybrid so unless you are planning to run it on your team, Wuerho may not be your best option. 

Featured Creatures - Epic

Saturday - Sunday: Epics (6 attempts)


What to Dart

This one seems like a obvious choice since so many people need Kentrosaurus to fuse for the unique Tyrant Trykosaurus. It can be found in Local 4 but we have heard it's a bit of a unicorn even for them. Koolasuchus is a new resident to Local 3 and had a legendary hybrid, Skoolasaurus. If you are running this dino and still have plenty of Scolosaurus to spare, Koolasuchus might be a good option for you. Or if you already have a level 30 Tryko, you might decide to stock up on Koola in case of a future Skoola hybrid. Kentro is still the better option, though. 

Strike Events

The strike event theme this week is Fierce. They took recently removed Irritator from the Fierce theme so don't expect to see that in any of your incubators. The following dinos are all possible from the strike events: 

Commons: Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus,  Dimetrodon Gen2,  Irritator Gen2

Rares: Gorgosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Gen2. Kaprosuchus

Epics: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Secodontosaurus, Baryonix

We are excited that there are 3 epic strikes this week! There is a one step on Wednesday and a Baryonx themed on on Friday. Then there is a Fierce themed 3 step epic strike on Sunday. We will keep you up to date with strike guides as those come out and we know the adversaries you will be facing! 

Treasure Chase, Themed Scent & Boost Strike

Just like last week, the red treasure chests will be out and about again this week. They will spawn every 15 min so collect as many as you can while they are out! There is a themed scent strike on Tuesday that we believe is a raptor scent, and it looks like the boost strike event will be speed. All in all, it looks like a lot to look forward to this week. Wednesday in particular will have a lot going on so hopefully the special drops will be abundant enough to complete everything. 

In Conclusion

We know a lot of people are very excited about both themes this week even though we won't see Irritator from the strike events. With the addition of one more epic strike event and the continuation of the special treasure chase, you should be able to really rake in the coins this week! We will make sure to keep you updated on any other events or changes that we see and make sure to join our discussion on our discord! 

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