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Welcome Explorers! Today we wanted to take a moment and allow you to meet our staff! Curious to know who is moderating our discord, writing your guides, bringing you up-to-date content and battling it out with each other on those tier lists... Now is your chance! Our staff is comprised of top rated players, casual players, and everything in-between! We all bring a little something special to the team and we hope you enjoy learning a little something about us!

Administrators - Tyrant Tier

BrianMNBrian: MNBrian is considered in-house as the brains behind the JWA GamePress operation, leading the “business” side of this   adventure. He is owner and administrator of the JWA Discord and continues to make great connections with great people/platforms to get more content to you in different ways, every day. He is a sauropod fan who wishes all sauropods had 50% armor, 80% crit rate, 2000 base damage and 9000 health!

ReebDr.Reebecca: Dr.Reebecca, the “mom” of the group is also an administrator of JWA GamePress, leading the “people” side of this adventure, and keeping MNBrian at his best! Saving lives by day (as she truly is a Doctor… of Nursing Education) and hunting dinosaurs by night. She has been playing since release, is an Einiasuchus Enthusiast Extraordinaire, and boosts without regret! Rumor has it that she booted her own husband from the GamePress alliance because he “just wasn’t helping the team enough!”

Lead Moderators - High Apex Tier

PierePiere87: Piere87, our High Apex – Lead Moderator and one of the most valuable assets of our crew! If you are using any of our social media outlets or dinosaur tools, chances are she had a hand in getting it to you! As an amazing wife and mother of two precious little ones, there is a small chance that Piere87 doesn’t ever sleep. The only thing she loves in JWA more than Monostego is her Sand Dunes alliance family and hoping her game doesn’t freeze up during a battle!

BartBart: Bart is the other half of the Lead Mod duo and one of the primary writers here at GamePress. You can thank him for all those strike guides on the tough ones you just couldn’t quite get on your own! He began playing last summer and understands strategy like few others. Although his love for Spinotasuchus and Trykosaurus is strong, his desire is to unlock Quetzorion! He is quick on the draw to recognize things in the forums, online and in discord… with nothing much getting past him!

Moderators - Apex Tier

CastalCastal: Castal has been a moderator on GamePress since mid-March. Her username is a combination of her dogs' names (which are NOT Brian's guess of Cassie and Brutal). She hails from Canada's smallest province and is one of our most nocturnal moderators (which is much appreciated!) She has worked as a journalist, a baker, and a game developer... and now we get to use all her skills!

EthanEthan (Fur): Ethan has been playing JWA since last July and has the cherished honor of being our youngest moderator! He is the “baby” of our crew and has everyone watching out for him (especially Reeb)! Don’t let his age fool you though, this kid has strategy beyond belief and can whip you in the arena. If you see him out darting Utasino please don’t let him curse, just like us!

HeatherHeather: Heather has been on staff at GamePress since December, writing and moderating. She is well known for her sense of humor and fighting to the death for higher tier placement of her favorite dinosaur, Touramoloch. Her fellow moderators praise her for her constant help in writing and modding, and she will become your instant friend if you show her pictures of your food!

Nathan NathanH96: Nathan has been one of our moderators since before the game was released, and is well-known for his heavy hammer... The ban hammer, that is! He doesn’t talk as much as some of our other moderators, but rest assured, he is always watching. When he is not playing PoGo or JWA you can find him working with bows and preparing to be the next Daryl Dixon during the impending zombie apocalypse.

RtRTCinema: RT has been with GamePress for a long, long time and is well known for his strategic playstyle and tremendous input on the tier list. As one of the top battlers in the GamePress Alliance, chances are if you’re close to the end game, you have battled him once or twice. When he is not eating cheesecake, you can find him hunting Utarinex and Monosteg components, and kicking your butt in the arena with them!

OneSparkTheOneSpark: TheOneSpark has been moderating for GamePress since the beginning of the year and has become a valuable asset to our team. He took a short hiatus to have fun in “real life” for a bit, but now he is back and better than ever! He is a proud member of Mesozoic Monstrosities, and as humble as you can get. He thinks there is nothing “special” about him as a moderator, other than he likes to help people play their best JWA game… (We think that’s pretty special).

Junior Moderators - Alpha Tier

aquademonAquaDemon: AquaDemon has been playing the game since the beginning and has now joined our team of moderators! By day he is a Trainer for a theme park attraction (he won’t tell us which one!) and by night he helps others in discord by furthering their teams and strategies, using his knowledge to help others get better. If you hang around discord long enough, he may show you his Dance Dance Revolution skills or write you a great story!

chrisChrispyChris: is one of our junior mods and we are so glad to have him on our team! This Suchotator enthusiast is currently pursuing a degree in mathematics, which makes for an extreme knowledge base of dino stats and win rates! He has strong, sound rationales for placement of Dinos on the tier list and is amazing at not letting bias get in the way. He bears a slight resemblance to superstar Chris Pratt as you can see, so we think we will keep him around!

cincydaveCincyDave: If you haven’t yet fought CincyDave in the arena, you just don’t know what you are missing! On second thought… If you haven’t fought CincyDave in the arena… are you playing JWA? Anyone who is above 5k has likely battled this guy, and you know who he is! Now he is on our staff! He is providing a tremendous amount of input on battles and strategies, because he has likely battled them all! With his unique team of Edmontoguanodon and Einias powerhouses that will likely throw you off guard… don’t underestimate him!

JimbohiJimbohi: Jimbohi is one of our junior mods that we have been wanting to bring on board for a while! Working towards the end game, Jimbohi battles an average of about 100 battles a day, and EVERYONE wants to tempt him into their alliance! Alas, Kelliance has their grips on him tight and won’t let go! Much to his dismay however, all the battles in the world can’t help him with his “Jimbo Stuns” which has now affectionately become one of our coined phrases in discord when anyone misses a stun (Like Jimbohi always does).

SRPSomeRandomPoke: SRP is a dedicated JWA player who believes in grinding hard. In his free time he likes to dive into game code and datamine stuff – and we are ever so grateful for his skills! He is not shy about criticizing or showing displeasure at certain game mechanics, however he is a firm believer that as a community we can make Ludia hear our voice and continually make changes for the better.

StephSteph: Steph’s moderating style comes with a hug or in our case a big purple heart emoji. With a truly original JWA name, Steph is one of our mod softies – but we are training her fast! Suchotator was her first JWA love but her heart was taken when she unlocked Utasino, a tyrant dino in her eyes. You’ll see her on the discord often and she is always up for a conversation but watch out… she is quick to distract the discussion with a nice weather related or spreadsheet chat.

DQKTheDQK: TheDQK is one of our newer moderators who can bring a smile to anyone’s face! She is easy to talk to and is quick to catch things when they happen in discord. Hailing from the Carolinas, she is a proud member of “Just Needed an Alliance” alliance! Her favorite dinos are Pyrritator, Sarcorixis, and Megalosuchus – all of which are on her arena team!

In Conclusion

So there you have it, your Gamepress Discord staff in all our glory. We are just average players like yourself and would love to talk strategy, frustrations and everything in between with you! Join us on Discord by clicking the link below! 

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