Jurassic World Alive Patch Notes 1.10 – Sanctuary Changes, Increased Realism, Stat Boosts Overhaul

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Patch 1.10

Patch 1.10 is coming soon, and it appears to be a patch between patches, one that focuses on some great quality of life features that were needed in the game, and some fun new stuff as well. We’ve got changes to realism (bring on the bloody reality of dinosaurs slashing each other), some changes that were previously mentioned to stat boosts (be sure to check out our stat boost tool to calculate yours), some changes to Dodge and minor balancing for creatures based on those changes, and some cool changes to how long sanctuaries get shared with alliances.

We’ve got you covered on all of it! Let’s dive into what we’re seeing and what we think it’ll mean for Jurassic World Alive!

Bring On The Blood

One of the interesting things that Ludia implemented with this patch is an increase in the realism of the various bloody aspects of doing battle in the arena. We saw a preview video of that in this tweet –

Bloody Teaser

At the time the tweet was met with some confusion as the community never expected a patch to come this early. But now we know all bets are off and teasers are teasers apparently!

This increased realism should be an interesting one to see and we can tell you it looks pretty cool.

Stat Boost Overhaul

Patch notes reference the stat boost overhaul that we knew was coming, but don’t say too much else about them. We saw from the below forum post (also linked in the patch notes) that the stat boost changes would be coming and specifically what they would look like.

Really the only thing we don’t know is the ratio of Schrute Bucks to Stanley Nickels. Does one old boost equal one new boost in the 2.0 world?

Our best guess right now is probably, but we can’t be certain. It took 2080 stat boosts in the stat boost 1.0 world to get something to tier 10, and now with 20 tiers and 100 per tier, that’s 2000 stat boosts. But somehow only being able to buy a half a stat boost for 500 hard cash when they pop up on sale feels weird.

Regardless, we would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND you calculate your stat boosts before reset. We built a calculator on GamePress just for that very reason> So be sure to use it so you know (assuming a 1 to 1 ratio) how many stat boosts you should have after reset and can open a ticket if its wrong.

Dino Boost Calculator Tool

And please for all that is good in this world, take a peek at our stat breakdown on how to reuse these boosts on creatures based on the sim data. OrigamiRobot and Matt at the JWA Field Guide did some wonderful things with that data and it deserves some serious recognition.

Video Ad Changes and AI Changes

Two other minor points in the notes were the changes to video ads and the changes to AI. The AI changes are pretty straightforward. AI had a tendency (at the end of a battle) to swap back and forth between the last two creatures. They’ve solved that. So no more free wins on that front. We’ll have to face smarter AI and overcome them.

On the video ad front, we can now watch up to 6 videos per day to remove 15-minute increments from our incubators. That means we can remove an hour and a half off a timer just by watching ads. That’ll help when you need to clear 6 incubators and are getting close to the wire for a daily!

Sanctuary Sharing

But the other aspect we’re really excited about in this patch is the implications of shared sanctuaries. Most people reference our shared sanctuary article (link below) when considering how to partner with other alliances to share a sanctuary. And part of that strategy is dependent on people repeatedly “resharing” to keep those sanctuaries live in their alliances.

Changing sanctuary shares to a 3-day share instead of a 24-hour share reduces greatly some of the complications of getting and keeping a shared sanctuary up and running. A combination of the GamePress Alliance, Sand Dunes, Ubetjurassican, and Kelliance actually got a shared sanctuary to level 20 in 3 days – so that makes life a lot easier.

One caveat that comes with this change, it now may be easier to actually see 100 shared sanctuaries in an alliance, and once you hit 100 you can’t get any more until one expires. With the duration expanding, it might come up more often.

Concluding Thoughts

Honestly, this patch was a surprise and seems to be primarily focused on updates that improve quality of life. We’re excited to see how these changes improve the game, and we can’t wait to try them out.

Oh, and daily dinosaurs were reduced so we won’t see them flood the market like we normally do. Pretty awesome!

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