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Explorers! Patch 1.13 is here and we have all the information about the changes we will see coming soon! This is a pretty big update with some exciting changes to Alliances, Tournament, Moves and Creatures! There is a lot of information so make sure you check out all of our articles on the Patch Notes:

In this article, we are going to talk about a new feature called Alliance Championships! It’s a new way for alliances to work together towards a common goal and even bragging rights against other alliances!

Alliance Championships

Alliance Championships are an exciting new feature that builds on top of the existing tournaments. Each month will bring a new Championship along with the potential for exclusive rewards. Alongside your Alliance members, earn Alliance Points by participating in Tournaments. The more Alliance Points collected at the end of the Championship, the better the reward the Alliance receives! 

Championships Schedule

Championships start on the first Monday of every month. When a Championship ends, players have 1 week to collect their Championship Reward. The first Alliance Championship will start on the first Monday of April: April 6. To help players plan their Championships, the game will now display a list of Upcoming and Past Tournaments when tapping the Tournament button in the Battle screen.

Since the championships will last the whole month, this will give alliance members a chance to participate in multiple tournaments to gain alliance points. Since there is usually a variety of skilled and advantage tournaments all within a given month, everyone should have the opportunity to participate!

Earning Alliance Points in Tournaments

Alliance members can earn Alliance Points by improving their Tournament Medals High Score. Every time a player’s High Score increases, their Alliance Points will increase by that same amount. For example, if a player’s best Medal score was 100 and then they increased it to 130, they will be rewarded with 30 Alliance Points at the end of that Tournament battle. Alliance Points are awarded to the player’s current alliance at the time they are earned. All active Tournaments during a Championship will be an opportunity to earn Alliance Points. Months with more weeks than usual are an opportunity for Alliances to receive more Alliance Points than usual and therefore better rewards! Entry Medals do count towards earning Alliance Points, but players must complete at least 1 Tournament battle for them to do so. 

This points system allows for a player of any level to contribute to the high score. Someone going from 100 - 130 trophies will be contributing the same as someone in first place going from 970-1000 trophies. 

Alliance Points are shared with your Alliance

Alliance Points (APs) accumulated are shared with Alliance Members. Players can see how many APs they have earned in the Championship Screen (which is accessed from the Tournaments button), along with the contribution of every other member of their Alliance. Every player’s contribution counts! 

This is a great way to see who is contributing to the alliance! While not everyone participates in all tournaments, there should be enough variety for everyone to find one they enjoy. The higher points you gain, the better rewards so it is beneficial for the entire alliance to participate! 

Participation Bonus

Every takedown players perform in a Tournament battle, regardless of if they won or not, will increase a meter visible in the Tournament screen. When the meter is full, they will receive a base amount of Alliance Points. The participation bonus can be earned once for each Tournament. Each Tournament will require a different number of takedowns to complete and will, in turn, provide a different amount of Alliance Points. Note that if players are not in an Alliance when they fill their meter, their participation Alliance Points reward is not lost. If they join an Alliance and then complete 1 Tournament battle, the Alliance Points participation bonus will be provided and shared with the Alliance. Creatures defeated in other areas of the game (such as Strike Events, regular PvP, Campaign Missions etc.) are not counted for the Participation Bonus. Only creatures defeated in Tournament battles. 

Along with the frozen high score in tournaments, this is another way they are encouraging players to continue to battle in the tournaments. Even if you lose a match, you are still contributing to alliance points! 

Tournament Multiplier

Certain Tournaments will count for more Alliance Points than normal. These Tournaments are identifiable in the List of Tournaments with a “X2” or “X3” in the top left corner. So, for example, if players finish a “X2” Tournament and their highest score is 500 Medals, they will have contributed 1000 APs to their Alliance. This multiplier will affect all Alliance Points earned in this Tournament, including the Participation Bonus. When a multiplier is in effect, players will notice the Participation Bonus AP reward is in a different color. Entry Medals given in a Tournament that has a multiplier will also be multiplied.

We hope this included both skilled and advantage tournaments. Not as many people participate in advantage tourneys (as they don't have the creatures for it). Skilled tournaments seem to be more favored among the community as it is equal level all around. 


When a Championship ends, the Alliance receives a Championship Incubator. The quality of the reward depends on how many APs the Alliance earned during that month’s Championship. Every member of the Alliance can collect the reward individually (like Alliance Mission rewards). It is not “split” among members. Each Championship will feature different Creatures as a guaranteed reward. Note that Championship Incubator rewards do scale by player level.

Hopefully, these championships will give some decent rewards as an incentive. We would love to see something similar to the Campaign missions where legendary and maybe even unique DNA can be rewarded. 

Alliance Championship Leaderboards

Each Alliance Championship will also have a Leaderboard showing the ranking and number of Alliance Points earned during the championship. This information is provided to help players evaluate their Alliance’s performance. There is no reward associated with that Leaderboard.

While there aren’t any official rewards for being on the top of the Alliance Championship Leaderboard, you can still compete for bragging rights! Expect to see several of the top alliances duking it out for that top spot just to say they did!

Parting Words

It seems like with the changes to tournaments and the new alliance missions, they are really wanting people to participate in the weekly tournaments and we are here for it. For many people, this is a needed break from the arena and additional rewards just for participating are an added bonus. We hope they add additional ways to accumulate alliance points (outside of tournaments), so those that don't like to battle can feel like that are contributing. Don’t forget to check out the other articles on the Patch Notes, and be sure to join our Discord server to discuss the Update 1.13 with us! We hope to see you on there!

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